Sheridan and Delenn are shocked by the arrival of a woman claiming to be Sheridan`s dead wife Anna. She`s been living on Z`ha`dum, home planet of the Shadows, and invites Sheridan to return with her, asking, `Don`t you want to know what it`s really al about ?`

While G`Kar shows Ivanova their newly acquired arsenal of nuclear weapons, Dr Franklin declares Anna normal, except for some unusual scarring on the back of her neck. Sheridan asks him to check - `I have to know, Steven`.

Anna again offers an invitation to hear the Shadow`s side of the story, and Sheridan agrees, after giving Garibaldi a confidential task, which the Security Chief carries out reluctantly. Before Sheridan leaves, he sees an image of Kosh who tells him `If you fo to Z`ha`dum, you will die`.

Sheridan and Anna take the White Star to Z`ha`dum, where they`re greeted by an elderly man calling himself Justin; and Morden, Justin tells Sheridan there were forces prowling around the galaxy a million years ago. Most moved on, but two stayed behind to help the younger races. The Vorlons are lords of order, while the Shadows believe strength comes from conflict.

As Shadow ships surround Babylon 5, back on Z`ha`dum, Sheridan is told he`s a `nexus`; the universe has a tendency to turn the same way he turns.  Sheridan announces that he knows Anna is no longer the woman he knew. The scars on her neck are proof she has piloted a Shadow vessel, and a person who has done that is never the same. His fears confirmed, Sheridan pulls a concealed weapon blasting one of the Shadows as it enters the room.

Sheridan staggers onto a balcony overlooking a bottomless pit, he signals the ship to descend. Anna invites him back inside; she and the Shadows approach, and Sheridan hears the voice of Kosh telling him to jump. He leaps over the railing into the pit, as the approaching White Star detonates overhead.

The Shadow ships surrounding B5 vanish, and the Star Furies return to base. As the station mourns the loss of Sheridan, Ivanova is told Mr Garibaldi`s fighter is missing. Unknown to them, the chief`s ship is last seen trapped in the bowels of a departing Shadow vessel.