Dr Harrison Blackwood - Jared Martin Dr Suzanne McCullough - Lynda Mason Green Lt Colonel Paul Ironhorse - Richard Chaves Norton Drake - Philip Akin
Debi McCullough - Rachel Blanchard Advocate #1 - Richard Comar Advocate #2 - Ilsa Van Glatz  

Season One

Episode 1 - The Resurrection

Terrorists attack a nuclear waste facility and accidently revive aliens that are stored there in suspended animation. The aliens begin to re-wage the war of the worlds they started in 1953. The US government set up a secret team to counteract the menace.

Writer : Greg Strangis, Director - Colin Chilver

Special Guest Stars : Moussoud (Frank Pellegrino), General Wilson (John Vernon), Charlotte (Gwynth Walsh), Orel (Desmond Elis), Finney (Martin Neufeld), Teal (Ric Sarabia)


Episode 2 - The Walls of Jericho

The aliens take over a factory production liquid nitrogen. They need it to act as a coolant for suits which stop their assumed human bodies decaying in the areas of high radiation where they must live.

Writer - Forrest Van Buren, Director - Colin Chilvers

Special Guest Stars : General Wilson (John Vernon), Mrs Pennyworth (Corrine Conley), Kensington (Larry Reynolds)


Episode 3 - The Kingdom Come

The aliens take over members of a prison hockey team and head towards Canada. Once there, they try to revive hundreds of their sleeping brethren from beneath a lake.

Writer - Herbert Wright, Director - Winrich Kolbe

Special Guest Stars : Sylvia Van Buren (Ann Robinson), Alien Hunter (Alar Aedma)


Episode 4 - A Multitude of idols

A reporter catches a glimpse of an alien attack and gets a lot more than she bargained for when she tries to investigate further.

Writer - Tom Lazarus, Director - Neill Fearnley

Special Guest Stars : Elyse Conway (Michelle Scarabelli)


Episode 5 - Eye For An Eye

The team are sent to Grover`s Mill to discover whether Orson Welle`s famous radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds was, in fact, a government cover-up to hide a real invasion.

Writer - Tom Lazarus, Director - Mark Sobel

Special Guest Stars : Flannery (Jeff Corey), Harvey (John Ireland)


Episode 6 - The Second Seal

The team gain access to an underground storage facility used by the military. They discover paperwork concerning the 1953 invasion and dangerous alien artifacts.

Writer - Patrick Barry, Director - Neill Fearnley

Special Guest Stars : Lt Amanda Burke (Lynne Griffin), General Masters (Greg Morris)


Episode 7 - Goliath Is My Name

Aliens infiltrate Ohio Polytech and attempt to steal a deadly bacteria which is being genetically engineered on the campus. When students begin to die in macabre ways, the team investigates.

Writer - Tom Lazarus, Director - George Bloomfield

Special Guest Stars : Roberts Parkins (James Kee), Jefferson (Eric Bruskotter)


Episode 8 - To heal The Leper

The aliens begin to steal human brains to manufacture a medicine to heal one of their leaders. The team close in on a power station where they find the aliens distilling the brains.

Writer - David Tynan, Director - William Fruett

Special Guest Stars : Sylvia Van Buren (Ann Robinson), Scott (Kim Coates), Beth (Guylaine St Onge), Leo (Paul Boretski)


Episode 9 - The Good Samaritan

The team discover an alien plot to poison mankind by infecting wheat with a deadly spore. They discover that a wealthy and influential businessman is, in fact, an alien imposter.

Writer - Sylvia Clayton, Director - Warren Davis

Special Guest Stars : Alien Commander (Michael Kramer), Marcus Mason (Alex Cord), Terri (Lori Hallier), Franklin (Warren Davis)


Episode 10 - Epiphany

The alien manufacture a thermonuclear bomb and aim to detonate it so that it destroys a US/Russian peace conference. Meanwhile, one of the Russian delegation approaches the team and wants to defect.

Writer - Sylvia Van Buren, Director - Neill Fearnley

Special Guest Stars : Katia (Deborah Wakeman), Valery Kerov (Patrick Macnee), Policeman (David Ferry)


Episode 11 - Among The Philistines

A language expert claims to have partially decoded the alien language and is sent to join the team. Once at their headquarters, however, he is swiftly revealed to be an alien himself.

Writer - Patrick Barry, Director - William Fruet

Special Guest Stars : Dr Adrian Bouchard (Cedric Smith), Kensington (Larry Reynolds)


Episode 12 - Choirs of Angels

Aliens plant subliminal messages in a piece of music by composer Billy Carlos. It causes the people who hear it to sympathize and support the aliens. Unfortunately, team leader, Harrison Blackwood is a Billy Carlos fan.

Writer - Durnford King, Director - Herbert Wright

Special Guest Stars : Dr Eric Von Deer (Jan Rubes), Alien Soldiers (John Novak), Alex Carter (Heidi Von Palleski), Billy Carlos (Billy Thorpe)


Episode 13 - Dust To Dust

An ancient Indian artefact actually contains an alien crystal. The aliens need it to recover one of their old war machines from an Indian reservation and will stop at nothing to get it.

Writer - Richard Krzemien, Director - George Bloomfield

Special Guest Stars : Grace Lonetree (Robin Sewell), Joseph Lonetree (Ivan Naranjo), Bureau of Indian Affairs Officer (Eric Schweig)


Episode 14 - He Feedeth Among The Lillies

The aliens are conducting experiments in which they implant devices in humans, send them back to civilization and then `harvest` them six months later. Harrison realizes the woman he loves has been experimented on by the aliens

Writer - Tom Lazarus, Director - George Bloomfield

Special Guest Star : Karen McKinney (Cynthia Belliveau)


Episode 15 - The Prodigal Son

The alien supreme commander from the 1953 invasion is alive and living in a body immune to Earth bacteria. Harrison is kidnapped by the alien, Quinn, and learns that millions more invaders are on their way.

Teleplay - Herbery Wright, Story - Patrick Barry, Director - Goerge McGowan

Special Guest Star : Quinn (John Colicos)


Episode 16 - The Meek Shall Inherit

Harrison`s adoptive mother escapes from a nursing home to warn him because she feels that the aliens are on the move. She joins up with a homeless person called Molly and goes on the run.

Writer - DC Fontana, Director - William Fruett

Special Guest Stars : Molly Shane (Diana Reis), Sylvia Van Buren (Ann Robinson), Sgt Coleman (Norah Grant)


Episode 17 - Unto Us A Child Is Born

An alien possesses the body of a woman about to give birth. When the child is born it is revealed to be a hideous mutation that goes on the rampage throughout the hospital.

Writer - David Braff, Director - George Bloomfield

Special Guest Stars : First Alien (Brent Carver), Nancy Salvo (Amber-Lea Watson), Alien Baby (Jonathan & Brandyn Ursini), Alien Child (Mark Parr, John Ferguson)


Episode 18 - The Last Supper

Representatives from the various countries of the world meet to plan a defence strategy against the aliens. Unfortunately, the aliens have infiltrated the meeting and plan to sabotage it.

Writer - Tom lazarus, Director - George McCowan

Special Guest Stars : Dr Argochev (Colm Feore), Gabriel Morales (Efrain Figeurola), Dr Soo Tak (James Hong)


Episode 19 - Vengeance Is Mine

Ironhorse is sent on a rest and recuperation leaves after he accidentally kills a person whilst shooting at aliens. The dead woman`s husband captures Ironhorse and seeks revenge.

Writer - Arnold Margolin, Director - George Bloomfield

Special Guest Stars : Sarah Cole (Carolyn Dunn), Martin Cole (Denis Forest), Alien #1 (Peter Millard), Alien #2 (Paul Jolicoeur), Alien Woman (Julie Khaner)


Episode 20 - My Soul To Keep

The aliens try to hatch baby aliens by keeping the eggs in an icehouse. Meanwhile, Suzanne is blackmailed by her ex-husband who wants information about the alien taskforce she works for.

Writer - Jon Kubichan, Director - William Fruett

Special Guest Stars : Cash McCollough (Michael Parks), Quinn (John Colinson)


Episode 21 - So Shall Ye Reap

Aliens are trying to develop a drug that will drive humans to murder one another. The team track down their laboratories and prepare to move in.

Writer - Michael McCormack, Director - George Bloomfield

Special Guest Stars : Lt Novack (Dixie Seattle), Detective Jack Sawyer (Jonathan Walsh), Envoy (Jill Jacobson), Alien Scientist (Angelo Rizacos)


Episode 22 - The Raising of Lazarus

An alien shuttle craft is captured and taken to a secret airforce base. The alien escapes from the ship and hides in the ventillation system. The team must flush him out.

Writer - Durnford King, Director - Neill Fearnley

Special Guest Stars : Col Frederick Alexander (Nicholas Coster), Lt Perry (Janet Bailey)


Episode 23 - Angel of Death

An android arrives on Earth and, in only four days, kills dozens of aliens. The team investigate, thinking she is an ally. They do not know she is only scouting the human race for use as a food source.

Writer & Director - Herbert Wright

Special Guest Stars : Q`tara (Elaine Giftos), Alien Jake (John Evans)