Adam - Kristian Schmid Lisa - Kristen Ariza (A1) Kevin - Adam Pearce (A1-B1)
Megabyte - Christian Tessier Ami - Naomie Harris (B1-C2)  

A1 - The Tomorrow People

Adam, Lisa, Kevin and Megabyte all discover that they represent the next stage of human development and are able to teleport and communicate telepathically. Megabyte`s father, General Damon is keen to learn more about the children`s abilities but the ruthless Colonel Masters is in the employ of the eccentric Lady Mulvaney who is willing to take brutal measures to capture the new Tomorrow People.

First UK transmission : 5 episodes, 18th November -> 16th December 1992

Writer : Roger Damon Price, Director : Ron Oliver

Special Guest Stars : Colonel Master (Manning Redwood), Professor Galt (Hugh Quarshie), General Damon (Jeff Hardin), Mrs Davis (Shezwae Powell), Jones (Lou Hirsch), Gloria (Romilly Nolan), Lady Mulvaney (Gabrielle Hamilton), Sgt Young (Ricco Ross), Sgt Holloway (Fidelma Meehan), Smith (Charles Balfour)


B1 - The Culex Experiment

Kevin is bitten by an insect, falls into a coma, and is kidnapped. The other Tomorrow People learn that the insane Doctor Culex is responsible and has developed a mosquito with a new and deadly bite. Stealing a duplicating machine developed by Doctor Connor, Culex intends to replicate her creation and release a swarm of the poisonous creatures into the world.

First UK transmission : 5 episodes, 4th January -> 1st February 1994

Writers : Lee Pressman & Grant Cathro, Directors : Alan Horrox & Viviane Albertine

Special Guest Stars : Dr Culex (Jean Marsh), Aunt Ruth (Denis Coffey), Insp Platt (Roger Sloman), Dr Poole (Adam Blackwood), Mrs Jackson (Sally Sagoe), The Twins (Deborah Vale, Tessa Vale), General Damon (Jeff Harding), Jade (Alexandra Milman), Jim (Brazil Otoin), Dr Connor (Connie Booth), Dr Leong (Richard Rees), Commander Scott (Janted Amsden), Richie (Nicky Twining)


B2 - Monsoon Man

Adam, Megabyte and Ami investigate the disappearance of Lucy, an inquisitive young journalist who has discovered that Wilkie and Middlemass are experimenting with a machine that can cause violet changes in the weather. Fast food tycoon Colonel Cobb intends to have the weather device installed in the space shuttle to allow hi to destroy the crops of is competitors.

First UK transmission : 5 Episodes, 8th February -> 8th March 1994

Writers : Lee Pressman & Grant Cathro, Director : Niall Leonard

Special Guest Stars : Lucy (Laurence Bouvard), Wilkie (Kerry Shale), Middlemass (Christopher Benjamin), Les Bishop (John Judd), Mrs Jackson (Sally Sagoe), Annette (Faith Edwards), Dr Roberts (Alwyne Taylor), Colin (Peter Aubrey), Betty (Paula Jacobs), Salesman (Steve Knowles), Policeman (Stuart Fox), Col Cobb (William Hootkins), Mrs Butterworth (Peggy Mount), Quentin D`Arcy (Ian McNeice), Tammy (Nonie Kent), Vinny (Michael Benz), Twitch (Mac McDonald), Beef (Anthony Venditti), TV Reporter (Bob Sessions), Policeman (Jonathan Markwood)


C1 - The Rameses Connection

The Tomorrow People are contacted across time by Tutankhamun who was one of the very first Tomorrow People. Adam, Ami and Megabyte soon discover that the Egyptian ruler Rameses is still alive after four thousand years and is preparing to rule the world by harnessing the power of the stars in a modern-day pyramid.

First UK transmission : 5 episodes, 4th January -> 1st February 1995

Writer : Grant Cathro, Director : Roger Gartland

Special Guest Star : Sam Rees (Christopher Lee), Millicent |Rutherford (Elizabeth Spriggs), Hubert Tate (Robert Lang), Scully (Andrew Powell), Amanda James (Adjoa Andoh), CID Officer (Martin Biltcliffe), WPC (Fidelma Meehan), Tutankhamun (Adam Dean), Mrs Jackson (Sally Sago), Roach (Rolf Saxon), Red Rainwear (Anthony O`Donnell), Lynzie Motherwell (Sarah Flind), Rupert Short (Christopher Brand), Hotel Receptionist (Akbar Kurtha), Felix Fry (Harry Jones)


C2 - The Living Stones

Adam and Megabyte are reunited with their friend Jade when a quiet country village becomes the landing site for showers of meteors. Each of the meteorites contain an alien life force which rapidly takes over the humans that find one,. Unless the Tomorrow People can stop them, the aliens will take over the entire human race.

First UK transmission : 5 episodes, 8th February -> 8th March 1995

Writer : Lee Pressman, Director : Crispin Reece

Special Guest Stars : Jade (Alexandra Milman), Mrs Jackson (Sally Sagoe), General Damon (Jeff Harding), Gladys Toms (Rosemary leach), Felicity Triplett (Patrica Hayes), Penny Weston (Sharon Duce), Gen Beaumont-Savage (Clive Merrison), Bryon Lucifer (Danny John-Jules), Frank (Ron Berglas), Chester Toms (George Raistrick), Sergeant Manx (Duncan Faber), Greg Golden (Jim Sweeney), Jessie the Dog (Jester), Beth Halliday (Briony Glassco), Dr Bradley (Akim Mogaji), Henderson (Ciara Onyemere), Murdo (Trevor Steedman)