Colonel Jack O'Neill - Richard Dean Anderson Daniel Jackson - Michael Shanks Teal'c - Christopher Judge Captain Samantha Carter - Amanda Tapping
General Hammond - Don S Davis


Season One

Episode 1 - Children of the Gods

When a group of aliens emerge from the Earth-based Stargate. Colonel O'Neill is called back into service. Returning to Abydos, he is reunited with Daniel Jackson, who has discovered a network of Stargates across the galaxy. The possibilities of exploration seem boundless, but Humanity is about to discover that the Goa'uld will not be thwarted.

Writers : Jonathan Glassner & Brad Wright

Director : Mario Azzopardi

Special Guest Stars : Sha're (Vaitiare Bandera). Apophis (Peter Williams), Skaara (Alexis Cruz), Major Charles Kawalsky (Jay Acovone), Major Samuels (Robert Wisden), Major Ferretti (Brent Stait)



Episode 2 - The Enemy Within

Discovering a Goa'uld larva has attached itself to Kawalsky's brain, doctors operate to remove it. But has it been removed in time, or is Kawalsky still under alien control ?

Writer : Brad Wright

Director : Dennis Berry

Special Guest Stars : Major Charles Kawalsky (Jay Acovone), Dr Warner (Kevn McNulty), Colonel Kennedy (Alan Rachins), Young Doctor (Warren Takeuchi)



Episode 3 - Emancipation

On Simarka, Samantha Carter is forced to fight the chief of a tribe to prove to him that women are just as good as men.

Writer : Katharyn Powers

Director : Jeff  Woolnough

Special Guest Stars : Abu (Jorge Vargas), Turghan (Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa), Mughal (Soon Tek Oh), Nya (Crystal Lo)



Episode 4 - The Broca Divide

After visiting a planet with two species: the civilized `The Touched` and the neanderthal `The Untouched`, the SG-` team begin to revert to stone-age men and women.

Writer : Jonathan Glassner

Director : William Gereghty

Special Guest Stars : Dr Fraiser (Teryl Rothery), Makepeace (Steve Makaj), High Counselor Tuplo (Gerard Plunkett), Leedora (Nicole Oliver), Technician (Gary Jones), Johnson (Danny Wattley), Melosha (Roxana Phillip)



Episode 5 - First Commandment

Team SG-9 is missing, and O'Neill`s team is sent to find out what happened. They discover that SG-9's leader is now ruling the planet like a god.

Writer : Robert C Cooper

Director : Denis Berry

Special Guest Stars : Captain Jonas Hansen (William Russ), Lieutenant Connor (Roger R Cross), Lieutenant Baker (Adrian Hughes), Jamala (Zahf Hajee), Frakes (D Neil Mark)



Episode 6 - Cold Lazarus

O'Neill is knocked unconscious and a double of him is created that returns through the Stargate with the team.

Writer : Jeffery F King

Director : Kenneth J Girotti

Special Guest Stars : Sara O'Neill (Harley Jane Kozak), Dr Fraiser (Teryl Rothery), Sara's Father (Wally Dalton), Charlie O'Neill (Kyle Graham), Technician (Gary Jones)


Episode 7 - The Nox

Asked to search out advanced technologies, the SG-1 team visit a planet with invisible inhabitants. However, on trying to ambush a Goa'uld hunting party, the team are killed, and then they meet the Nox.

Writer : Hart Hanson

Director : Charles Correll

Special Guest Stars : Anteaus (Armin Shimerman), Apophis (Peter Williams), Ohper (Ray Xifo), Nafrayu (Addison Ridge), Lya (Frida Betrani), Shak'l (Michasa Armstrong), Secretary of Defence David Swift (Terry David Mulligan), Technician (Gary Jones)



Episode 8 - Brief Candle

Visiting the Argosians and helping deliver a baby, the team are shocked to discover themselves ageing rapidly when they return to earth.

Teleplay : Katharyn Powers

Story : Steven Barnes

Director : Mario Azzopardi

Special Guest Stars : Dr Fraiser (Teryl Rothery), Thetys (Gabrielle Miller), Alekos (Harrison Coe), Kynthia (Bobbie Phillips), Technician (Gary Jones)



Episode 9 - Thor's Hammer

Daniel believes there may be benevolent aliens who used the Stargate to visit earth, and have entered mythology as gods. The search leads to the Norse `gods` and Thor

Writer : Katharyn Powers

Director : Brad Turner

Special Guest Stars : Kendra (Galyn Gorg), Gairwyn (Tasmin Kelsey), Unas (Vince Hammond), Thor (Mark Gibbon), Voice of Unas (James Earl Jones), Technician (Gary Jones)



Episode 10 - The Torment of Tantalus

The SG-1 team go in search of a professor who first travelled through the Stargate over 50 years ago.

Writer : Robert C Cooper

Director : Jonathan Glassner

Special Guest Stars : Catherine Langford (Elizabeth Hoffman), Ernest Littlefield (Keene Curtis), Young Catherine (Nancy McClure).



Episode 11 - Bloodlines

Tema team return to Chulak to try and stop Teal'c`s son being given a Gou'ald larva, and hopefully bring one back for study.

Teleplay : Jeff King

Story : Mark Saaceni

Director : Mario Azzopardi

Special Guest Stars : Dr Fraiser (Teryl Rothery), Bra'tac (Tony Amendola), Drey-Auc (Sali Richardson), Rya'c (Neill Denis)



Episode 12 - Fire and Water

Team team return, minus one member, Daniel. As the team mourns his loss, memories start to bubble to the surface.

Teleplay : Katharyn Powers

Story : Brad Wright & Katharyn Powers

Director : Allan Eastman

Special Guest Stars : Nem (Gerard Plinkett), McKenzie (Eric Schneider), Dr Fraiser (Teryl Rothery), Sergeant/Techician (Gary Jones)



Episode 13 - Hathor

Accidentally released from a Mayan pyramid in Mexico, a powerful Gou'ald named Hathor, banished to Earth 2,000 years ago, tries to impregnate O'Neill with a Gou'ald larva.

Writer : Jonathan Glassner

Story : David Bennett Carren & J Larry Carroll

Director : Brad Turner

Special Guest Star : Dr Fraiser (Teryl Rothery), Hathor (Suanne Braun), Dr Kleinhouse (Dave Hurtubside), Dr Cole (Amanda O'Leary)



Episode 14 - Singularity

Discovering the sole survivor of a planetwide Gou'ald massacre. Jackson takes her back to earth. Once there, however, he discovers that she is a walking time bomb designed to destroy Earth's stargate.

Writer : Robert C Cooper

Director : Mario Azzopardi

Special Guest Stars : Dr Fraiser (Teryl Rothery), Cassandra (Katie Stuart), Dr Warner (Kevin McNulty), Technician (Gary Jones)


Episode 15 - Cor-Al

Teal'c recognises the team's latest destination as a planet where the Gou'alds harvested humans. Accused of killing the father of one of the locals, Teal'c is sentenced to death.

Writer : Tom J Astle

Director : Mario Azzopardi

Special Guest Stars : Apophis (Peter Williams), Hanno (David McNally), Shak'l (Michasa Armstrong), Brysa Woman (Paulina Gillis), Elder (Christina Jastrzembska)



Episode 16 - Enigma

Rescuing the Tollans from their dying world, the SG-1 team discover that giving the alien technology to Earth's military could result in the destruction of the planet.

Writer : Katharyn Powers

Director : William Gereghty

Special Guest Stars : Omoc (Tobin Bell), Narim (Garwin Sanford), Colonel Maybourne (Tom McBeath), Tuplo (Gerard Plunkett), Lya (Frida Betrani), Technician (Gary Jones)



Episode 17 - Solitudes

A malfunction in the Stargate leaves O'Neill and Carter snuggling up on an icy planet while Jackson and Teal'c try to locate them

Writer : Brad Wright

Director : Martin Wood

Special Guest Stars : Sergeant Siler (Dan Shea), Technician (Gary Jones)



Episode 18 - Tin Man

Arriving on a new planet, the SG-1 team are zapped by an electrical trap. Waking in a lab, they are told by a native that they have been healed and improved. The team soon realize that he has turned them into robots with the consciousnesses of the humans they once were.

Writer : Jeff King

Director : Jimmy Kaufman

Special Guest Stars : Harlan (Jay Brazeau), Dr Fraiser (Teryl Rothery), O'Neill Alternate (Dan Shea)


Episode 19 - There But for the Grace of God

After exploring an alien world, Jackson returns through the Stargate to find himself on a parallel Earth where the Gou'ald have already invaded.

Teleplay : Robert C Cooper

Story : David Kemper

Director : David Warry Smith

Special Guest Stars : Catherine Langford (Elizabeth Hoffman), Technician (Gary Jones), News Anchor (Michael Kopsa), Marine (Stuart O'Connell)



Episode 20 - Within the Serpent's Grasp - 1 of 3

The Stargate is to be shut down, so the SG-1 team go through it in a last-ditch attempt to foil the Gou'ald invasion.

Writer : Jonathan Glassner

Director : David Warry Smith

Special Guest Stars : Skaara/Klorel (Alexis Cruz), Apophis (Peter Williams), Major Ferretti (Brent Stait), Technician (Gary Jones)