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You probably didn`t know that the person responsible for creating Smallville was Arnold Schwarzenegger, Yes, that`s right, the Governor of California. Remember his movie Eraser? It`s the one with Vanessa Williams and that ridiculously big gun. Well, back in the summer of 2000 we`d just written a pilot for a TV series based on the movie. It was a high-octane piece, full of big budget set pieces and macho heroics. having cut our teeth working for Joel Silver, it was the sort of project we could write with our hands nail-gunned behind our backs.

It was developed under an overall deal we had at Warner Brothers Television. The script was tight and we thought it had a good shot if we found the right actor. We sold it to ABC and were looking forward to producing the pilot. But making a pilot is a little like unsafe sex - its fun until the sow gets picked up, Come on, would you want to spend five years of your life figuring out ways to "erase people?

Anyway, the upside was that while we were scrambling to find someone to fill Arnie`s oversized shoes (we looked at everybody from Ving Rhames to Patrick Swayze) Peter Roth, the President of Warner bros. TV, called and said he liked Eraser so much he wanted us to develop a second pilot. Our minds raced - what lame-ass action movie does he want us to rip off now?. The he told us the idea - "Superman in high school". We looked at the speakerphone, then at each other. Wow. Cool.

Considering that we had never written a script featuring teenagers, and neither of us had grown up reading comic books, it was a true leap of faith. So the irony is that if we`d never written Eraser, we would never had gotten Smallville. So, thanks Arnie, we owe you one.

When we started working on the pilot, we said to ourselves that if this show didn`t work we would abandon TV and concentrate on writing movies. It was liberating because we had nothing to lose. If we went down, we were going to go fighting. We haven`t stopped fighting since. Of course, we didn`t go into battle alone. We want to take this chance to thank some of the unsung heroes who have been in the trenches alongside us.



Litvack (nobody calls him John) - the true wizard behind the curtain. Steve P - for always staying at our end of the tank even when the sharks were closing in. Jenette and Paul - for giving us DC`s crown jewel. Len and Andrew - for helping us create this incredible world.  "Crazy" Joe Davola - for manning the front lines in the early days. Chris and Shelly - for all those Friday night brainstorming sessions. Mike and Brian - for being smart enough to leave us alone. Andy Ackerman - for that lunch at the "Smoke House", you know which one. Bernard, Doug, Graham, David - for making Smallville come to life. Rob M - the last man standing, your dedication has been a rock. Greg B - for your friendship, vision and insane, caffeine - induced enthusiasm. Ken H - for just being you. DeeDee, Coreen, Kathleen - for finding our spectacular cast. Dana and Matt - for putting up with us. Rene - for being the jewish mother we never had. Greg Mc and david L - for allowing us to put our feature career on hold. Michael G - for your mega-counsel advice. And, of course, to the fans of the series - thanks for not letting us get complacent. Your passion and wisdom is a constant source of inspiration.

Extracts from the book - Smallville - Season 1 - The Official Companion

Updated 18/08/2005