Father Stanley Unwin - Stanley Unwin Matthew Harding - Gary Files The Bishop - Jeremy Wilkin
Mrs Appleby - Sylvia Anderson Other Voices - Keith Alexander, David Healy  


A1 - A Case for the Bishop

The prototype of the new XK20 mini computer is stolen from Healy Automation in England by agents operating for the Ambassador of Dreisenberg. The only organization which stands a chance of penetrating the protection of diplomatic immunity and stopping the XK20 leaving England is BISHOP: British Intelligence Service Headquarters Operation Priest. The Bishop puts his top man, Father Unwin, on the case. Father Unwin miniaturizes his gardener Matthew (A trained agent) and gets him secreted on board the Ambassador`s aeroplane.

Writers : Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, Director : Alan Perry

First ATV transmission : 21st September 1969


A2 - A Question of Miracles

Mysterious explosions occur at desalination plants in Nabira and Burgossa after 250 hours operation. The plants are of British design, and an American order is placed in jeopardy. Attention is turned to a third plant at Port Trennick  which is reaching 250 hours of operation. Father Unwin stands by to administer the last rites when the Bishop places an agent inside the plant.

Writer : Donald James, Director : Leo Eaton

First ATV transmission : 28th September 1969


A3 - To Catch a Spy

Grey, a spy who knows the nation`s antimissile defence system, is sprung from North Exmanston jail in a helicopter raid, and a homing device in his uniform is at last detected over the estate of Sir Humphrey Burton. Father Unwin makes a social call to Burton, leaving behind a miniaturized Matthew who discovers Grey hiding in an underground chamber.

Writer : Pat Dunlop, Director : Brian Heard

First ATV transmission : 5th October 1969


A4 - The Feathered Spirits

Photographs emerge on the espionage market of Britain`s new XK4 fighter plane, clearly taken from only a few hundred feet over Crayfield Experimental Flight Establishment. Father Unwin and Matthew keep an eye on the international spy de Groot, and see that he s visited by business man John Masden. The miniaturized Matthew finds that Masden is an animal lover, and is pursued by a ferocious Great Dane.

Writer : Tony Barwick, Director : Ian Spurrier

First ATV transmission : 12th October 1969


A5 - Last Train to Bufflers Halt

A security van carrying a million pounds of used bank notes narrowly escapes an ambush, and it is decided that the money will continue its journey from Cranford to London on a non-stop express train, accompanied by Father Unwin. Old railwayman Albert Hobson, who lives at the disused station of Bufflers Halt, finds that his station is about to be re-opened.

Writers : Tony Barwick, Director : Alan Perry

First ATV transmission : 19th October 1969


A6 - Hole in One

Attempts to correct the orbit of the G9 surveillance satellite are sabotaged by somebody jamming the frequency at the precise time. With 72 hours to burn-up, the Bishop determines that General Brompton`s security leak must be occurring while he plays golf at the Leyland Golf Club. The General finds he has a new partner for a round - Father Unwin

Writer : Shane Rimmer, Director : Brian Heard

First ATV transmission - 26th October 1969


A7 - Recall to Service

When there are control failures with the World Army`s Aquatank, Father Unwin is asked to resume his reservist rank of Captain and attend the next demonstration as an army chaplain. Matthew is smuggled on board the vehicle for Colonel Blair`s test the next day of the tank`s remote control facility - and it is soon clear that a saboteur is at work.

Writer : Pat Dunlop, Director : Peter Anderson

First ATV transmission : 2nd November 1969


A8 - Errand of Mercy

Father Unwin collapses in the summer sun, and is sent to bed with a strong dose of medicine, Soon Father Unwin is dreaming that he and Matthews are flying to Central Africa in Gabriel, his Model T Ford, with vital medical supplies that must reach Dr Purple in Bishopsville

Writer : Tony Barwick, Director : Leo Eaton

First ATV transmission ; 9th November 1969


A9 - The Deadly Whisper

Father Unwin`s suspicions are aroused when Professor Soames says he is now rearing dahlias instead of roses. Investigating with the Bishiop`s permission, he finds that Soames house is close to European Civil Aviation Flight Research Establishment and that Soames and his daughter are held prisoner by a gang determined to destroy a new plane with a sonic rifle.

Writer : Donald James, Director : Leo Eaton

First ATV transmission : 16th November 1969


A10 - The Cure

The Bishop asks Father Unwin to investigate why the international spy Sakov is in residence at the Greenways Nursing Home, a health centre run by Dr EH Klam. By the time Father Unwin learns that Sakov`s plan is to sabotage tests of the new GK2 fuel formula, he has been fastened into a piece of apparatus known as the Klam recliner , from which he cannot escape.

Writer : Pat Dunlop, Director : Leo Eaton

First ATV transmission : 23rd November 1969


A11 - School for Spies

When sabotage strikes at the World Army Experimental Vehicles Division, it is the latest in a series of attacks where members of the clergy have been seen by witnesses. Father Unwin visits an injured priest from the incident in hospital and deduces that the man is an imposter. Posting as Brother Jesse, an explosives expert, he sets out to expose the mercenaries who are using a seminary as their cover.

Writer : Donald James, Director : Ken Turner

First ATV transmission : 30th November 1969


A12 - May-Day, May-Day!

An arab King from Muldovia is visiting England to sign an oil concession is the target for several murder attempts, Father Unwin and a miniature Matthew join the King`s retinue as the monarch prepares to fly from London to New York. Once airborne, Father Unwin is informed by the Bishop that a bomb has been planted on board the craft.

Writer : Bob Keston, Director : Alan Perry

First ATV transmission : 7th December 1969


A13 - More Haste, Less Speed

A miniaturized father Unwin, Matthew and Gabriel take to the roads to keep track of Lord Hazelwell, Lady Martha, the criminal Spiker and a forger named Mullins. The quartet are all determined to double-cross each other and be the first to reach a hidden counterfeiting plate for $1 bank notes, Soon a crazy chase over land and through the air is in progress.

Writer : Tony Barwick, Director : Ken Turner

First ATV transmission : 14th December 1969