Season 4

D1 - The Hour of the Wolf

With Sheridan presumed dead and Garibaldi missing, the whole B5 alliance has broken down with the League worlds leaving to defend their own planets. Ivanova is taking things hard. Londo, recalled to Centauri Prime, discovers that Morden still lives, and that the Shadows have begun to set up a base on the planet. The Vorlons have shut tehmselves off from the rest of the alliance. Delenn, Ivanova and Lyta decide to go to Z`ha`dum to find Sheridan.

D2 - Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi ?

Sheridan, still on Z`ha`dum, confronts his own fears. With the help of the mysterious Lorien, he discovers what he must do to escape. G`Kar has started his search for Garibaldi with a little help from Marcus. However, he is captured by the Centauri. Delenn decides that the remaining B5 alliance members must strike a blow against the Shadows, Garibaldi finds himself in an interrogation room, but what do his nterrogators want ?

D3 - The Summoning

Ivanova searches for more First Ones, and finds something very disturbing. Delenn and Lyta realize that the Vorlons are not interested in the alliance and are plotting somethng. Zach follows a lead that he hopes will lead him to Garibaldi. Delenn is informed of a rally by other races opposed to the forthcoming attack on Z`ha`dum, and everyone on B5 is shocked to see a man back from the dead.

D4 - Falling Towards Apotheosis

Panic spreads as news of the Vorlon fleet`s destruction of all planets with Shadow bases. Garibaldi, still bery suspicious of Lorien, Sheridan`s new best friend, continues to keep an eye on him.  On Centauri Prime, Londo is increasing disturbed by Emperor Cartagia`s insane plans, and Sheridan decides that Kosh must go.

D5 - The Long Night

With the help of loyal Centauri and G`Kar, Londo puts into motion his plans for Emperor Cartagia. Back on B5, the crew receive news that the Shadows have reacted to the Vorlon`s planet killer ship and started to destroy planets with Vorlon bases. Sheridan decides that the Shadows and Vorlons must be abited into fighting each other directly - and puts into motion a plan that calls for sacrifices.

D6 - Into The Fire

The Shadow war comes to an end, with thousands of ships under the command of Sheridan caught in the crossfire between Shadows and Vorlons. On Centauri Prime, Londo, as he prepares for the oncoming Vorlon attack fleet, is informed of Morden`s manipulation, which he deals with. Meanwhile the Vorlon/Shadow battle intensifies with the arrival of other First Ones.

D7 - Epiphanies

Bester arrives with news of President Clark`s renewed action against Mars and B5. In return for the information, the B5 crew agree to assist him get Shadow technology from Z`ha`dum, in the hopes that it will help free his cryogentically frozen lover and other Psi Corps people from the Shadow technology implanted in them. Meanwhile Garibaldi shocks the crew by resigning.

D8 - The Illusion of Truth

An ISN reporter convinces the B5 crew that it would be in their best interests to have their say about their situation with President Clark and Earth, but with editing and an unhelpful interview from Garibaldi, words are twisted, resulting on a hatchet job on B5`s crew.

D9 - Atonement

Delenn is recalled to Minbar to tell her clan why she is to marry outside of her race. She must enter `The Dreaming`, but if she fails to provide a good reason for the marriage she will bot be allowed to leave Minbar. Meanwhile Franklin and Marcus are sent on a mission by Sheridan to contact and co-ordinate with B5`s Mars allies. It is time to strike back at Clark`s propaganda.

D10 - Racing Mars

Marcus and Franklin arrive on Mars, to find an infiltrator amongst the rebels. The situation between Sheridan and Garibaldi worsens.

D11  Lines of Communication

Franklin and Marcus continue to try to enlist the help of the martian resistance. delenn is taken to meet possible new allies as Minbar slides towards civil war.

D12  Conflicts of Interest

Garibaldi takes on a new job. The resistance starts broadcasting the truch to Earth and Sheridan has a plan to help the allies.

D13  Rumors, Bargains and Lies

Neroon seems to see Delenn`s point of view, and Sheridan`s plans move forward.

D14  Moments of Transition

Delenn surrenders to the Warrior Caste and Bester makes an offer to Lyta she can hardly refuse.

D15  No Surrender, No Retreat

Sheridan`s forces go on the offensive, Londo struggles to seek G`Kar`s help.

D16  The Exercise of Vital Powers

Garibaldi finally meets William Edgars. Franklin attempts to revive the frozen telephaths have some unexpected help.

D17  The Face of the Enemy

Garibaldi lures Sheridan to Mars. Lyta warns Franklin of an impending clash between telepaths and mundanes and Bester reveals some of his plans.

D18  Intersections in Real Time

Earthdome tries to break Sheridan.

D19  Between the Darkness and the Light

The Martian Resistance catches up with garibaldi. Clark`s fleet of advanced ships come into direct conflict with the Alliance and the rescue of Sheridan`s starts.

D20  Endgame

The Alliance heads for Earth, while Marcus decides to save Ivanova.

D21  Rising Star

Sheridan becomes a politcal embarrassment for the new Earthgov, but events continue to change as a solution comes from the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.

D22  The Deconstruction of Falling Stars

The recent events on Babylon 5 are examined from the perspective of 100, 500, 1,000 and 1,000,000 years later.

Some of the guest stars in the above episodes

Morden (Ed Wasser)
Emperor Cartagia (Wortham Krimmer)
Lorien (Wayne Alexander)
Minister (Damian London)
Ericsson (Bryan Cranston)
G`Lon (Kim Strauss)
Durano (Julian Barnes)
Morden (Ed Wasser)
Bester (Walter Koenig)
Callenn (Brian Carpenter)
Dukhat (Reiner Shone)
Number One (Marjorie Monaghan)
Forell (GW Stevens)
Emissary (Jean-Luc Martin)
Zathras (Tim Choate)
Lise Hampton (Deniese Gentile)
Neroon (John Vickery)
Corwin (Joshua Cox)
Captain Edward MacDougan (Richard Grant)
William Edgars (Efrem Zimbalist Jr)
Wade - (Mark Schneider)
General Lefcourt (J Patrick McCormack)
David Sheridan (Rance Howard)