Season Three

C1 Matters of Honor

Morden and his `associates` agree with Londo to sever their relationship, with conditions. Sheridan receives a powerful new weapon against the Shadows, and an Earthforce intelligence agent conducts an enquiry on how much anyone knows about the Shadows.

C2 Convictions

A string of bombings hits Babylon 5 and Ivanova makes an unusual request to find the bombers. Lennier risks his life to save another, and G`Kar may be in luck when fate throws him and Londo together.

C3 A Day in the Strife

A Centauri-appointed Narn liaison arrives and puts G`Kar in a difficult position. Londo decides to help Vir by making him an official liaison with the Minabri homeworld. An alien probe makes contact and Franklin needs something to help him keep going.

C4 Voices of Authority

Ivanova and Marcus make a return trip to Epsilon 3, where they enlist the help of Draal and Ivanova makes an important discovery. A political officer from the Ministry of Peace is assigned to the station, and Zack finds himself in an increasingly awkward situation.

C5 Passing Through Gethsemane

Lyta Alexander returns, from the Vorlon homeworld, to assist Kosh - but what has happened to her while she has been away ? Brother Edward suffers from visions, which resurrect long-buried memories of a horrific former life.

C6 Dust to Dust

Vir returns from Minbar, and finds he has differences of opinion with Londo. Bester arrives, investigating the drug `Dust` which activates latent telepathic genes in the user. G`Kar uses some to invade Londo`s mind, but gets much more than he expects.

C7 Exogenesis

Ivanova probes Lt Corwin`s suitability to join their group. Marcus and Franklin investigate a series of disappearances on the station, and find that a parasitical race of aliens is infiltrating the population.

C8 Messages from Earth

Life becomes more difficult for Zack as Nightwatch grows in strength. Sheridan discovers that a Shadow ship was unearthed on Mars seven years ago, and that another has been found on Gannymede. The only course is to destroy the ship, but avoid open conflict with Earth.

C9 Point of no Return

Martial law is declared by Earth Alliance, and Nightwatch takes control of Babylon 5. Londo meets the late Emperor Turhan`s third wife, Lady Morella, who makes some surprising prophecies. G`Kar makes a conditional offer of help to Sheridan.

C10 Severed Dreams

President Clark tries to take Babylon 5 by force, while the opposition to Clark from Mars colony is rewarded with harsh action and ISN is closed down. Suddenly Sheridan is forced to take sides.

C11 Ceremonies of Light and Dark

The Nightwatch makes moves against Delenn, trying to undermine her position on the station as she organises a rebirth ceremony. Refa returns to Babylon 5, and Londo presents him with an ultimatum.

C12 Sic Transit Vir

Two Narns are after Vir`s blood, for reasons which leave Ivanova and Londo astonished. But Vir`s problems are only just beginning, as he becomes the subject of an arranged marriage.

C13 A Late Delivery from Avalon

Sheridan strives to have Babylon 5`s independent status recognised by alien governments. A man arrives on the station claiming to be King Arthur and is universally disbelieved, but G`Kar finds him good company.

C14 Ship of Tears

Worried about the Psi Corps, Bester seeks Sheridan`s help, offering vital information about the Shadows. Meanwhile, G`Kar presses for admission to the Conspiracy of Light.

C15 Interludes and Examinations

The Shadows are attacking in force around the Rim, and Sheridan pushes Kosh for Vorlon help - but at what price? Morden is not happy with Londo`s recent actions.

C16 War Without End part 1

Sinclair returns from Minbar on a mission against the Shadows; a mission that takes Sheridan and Delenn back in Time and to another Babylon station.

C17 War Without End part 2

Sinclair has taken Sheridan and Delenn to Babylon 4, to send it into the Past, but an accident pushes it into the Future instead. What secret is Sinclair hiding. and who is The One?

C18 Walkabout

With the help of Lyta, Sheridan probes the Shadows weakness, and Franklin embarks upon a spiritual journey. Meanwhile the crew are baffled by the arrival of the new Vorlon ambassador, who is known as `Kosh`.

C19 Grey 17 is Missing

Delenn must fight for the leadership of the rangers; and investigating disappearances in grey Sector, Garibaldi discovers a whole level of Babylon 5 that has been sealed off.

C20 And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place

Z minus 10 days .... Londo plans to have G`Kar killed in an attempt to strengthen his political position on Centauri Prime. Meanwhile, Sheridan uncovers the strategy to the Shadows activities.

C21 Shadow Dancing

Sheridan sends the White Star on an attack mission against the Shadows, hoping to pre-empt their offensive. Meanwhile Franklin takes a big step towards spiritual enlightenment.

C22 Z`ha`dum

Sheridan meets a face from the past, who takes him on a dangerous mission, revealing the origins and motives of the Shadows. Londo receives important news about his political future, while the Shadows mass a fleet against Babylon 5. Ivanova, left alone in command, begins to wonder wether the station has a hope of survival.

Season Three guest stars

Morden - Ed wasser
Brother Theo - Louis Tureene
Ta`Lon - Marshall Teague
Draal - John Schuck
Brother Edward - Brad Dourif
Lady Morella - Majel Barrett
David Sheridan - Rance Howard
Lord Refa - William Forward
Arthur - Michael York
Bester - Walter Koenig
Zathras - Tim Chaote
Ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair - Michael O`Hare
Rathenn - Time Winters
Jeremiah - Robert Englund
Naroon - John Vickery
Anna Sheridan - Melissa Gilbert
Justin - Jeff Corey