Season Two

Points of Departure

Captain John Sheridan arrives on B5 to assume a command, and to complicate matters the Minbari do not agree with the appointment of a man known to them as `The Starkiller`. Sheridan also has to deal with a renegade Minbari warship, the Trigati, which has been sighted in the area, and when a Minbari is captured whilst attempting to assassinate Delenn, the Trigati appears and threatens B5. Commander Sinclair reaches an important destiny and the secret of his missing 24 hours at the Battle of the Line is revealed.


Londo continues to plot his rise to power. G`Kar arrives back on B5 with news of a powerful and terrible enemy. Sheridan deals with the loss of his wife with a little help from his sister, and Delenn emerges from her chrysalis. Garibaldi is revived from his coma and, with help from Talia Winters, confronts the traitor who shot him, but this only brings up some more sinister news.

The Geometry of Shadows

Ivanova is promoted to commander. her first test is to deal with the Drazi who have split into two groups and are fighting it out to find which group will rule the other.  Over 100 powerful Technomages arrive and Londo tries to seek an audience with them. Garibaldi, still recovering, considers his future.

A Distant Star

Sheridan`s first commanding officer, Captain Maynard, shows up on B5. When Maynard`s ship is trapped in hyper space the B5 crew must find as way to rescue the ship ... and they discover that something may be living in hyper space. meanwhile the Minbari are unsure of the Delenn`s new appearance.

The Long Dark

A ship over 100 years old floating towards B5 is brought onboard and found to contain a cryogenically-frozen young lady and her murdered husband. Reviving the lady, Dr Franklin develops a relationship with her. meanwhile Garibaldi arrests a lurker who can sense a coming doom. An alien entity stalks B5 and Garibaldi sets out to stop it.

Spider in the Web

What seems like an assassination by the Free Mars movement turns out to be something much more deadly, and a shaken Talia finds that she is the murderer`s next target ! However the murderer is not all he seems and as the crew investigate, things get deeper and deeper  ... the killer is supposed to be dead and someone else is pulling the strings.

A Race Through Dark Places

Psi Cop Bester returns to B5 and enlists Talia`s help investigating the underground railroad of escaping unregistered telepaths, who kidnap Talia. Deleen asks Sheridan to help her understand humans better which culminates with a night out, with Sheridan in for a surprise. Meanwhile, Ivanova and Sheridan find themselves locked out of their quarters for not paying extra rent.

Soul Mates

Stoner, a man who has left Psi-Corp and is Talia`s ex-husband, comes to B5 and offers Talia a way out of the organisation. Garibaldi keeps a close eye on him. Londo`s three wives come aboard, and find that the plans to divorce all but one of his wife. He ends up poisoned, but is it one of his wives` doing ? Deleen has problems with her human-like characteristics and Ivanova agrees to help her out.

The Coming of Shadows

The ageing Centauri Emperor arrives on B5, something which G`Kar feels strongly against. He decides that assassination is the only option, but things do not go accordingly to plan. While G`kar ends up offering the hand of friendship, Londo makes a decision which can only mean no turning back from the path he has chosen  An arrest by Garibaldi brings an important message from an old friend.


The station is overrun by 25,000 earth Alliance Marines, GROPOS (GROund PounderS). Commanded by Dr Franklin`s father, General Richard Franklin, the marines are using B5 as a staging area before going off to battle. While Sheridan and General Franklin work on a battle strategy, the marines are disrupting life on B5. Meanwhile Ivanova gives Dr Franklin some advice on getting on with his father.

All Alone in the Night

While Ivanova deals with a surprise visit from General hague, Sheridan is captured by aliens. While the crew try to rescue him, he has to fight his way to freedom. Delenn, summoned to before the Grey Council is rebuked because of her new appearance and the path she has chosen. With the appointment to her successor se realizes that things have taken an ominous direction.

Acts of Sacrifice

Tension is escalating on B5 between the Narns and the Centauri thanks to the murder of over 5,000 Narn civilians, and fights between the two races beak out on B5. G`Kar, trying to get help from the other races, finds he must fight his own people in the battle for peace. Sheridan can only help the Narns by unofficial means, and Ivanova must negotiate with the Lumati, a strange new race, in the hope they will side with the Earth Alliance in this conflict.

Hunter, Prey

B5 receives a fugitive alert from Earthforce - the crew must assist Agent Cranston in tracking down Dr Jacobs, President Clark`s former physician, who has information which could bring down Earth Alliance. Sheridan receives a message that the doctor is not a traitor, and that it would be in Earth`s interest to get the doctor off the station. The mystery of the Vorlons deepens as Sheridan has a very strange meeting with Ambassador Kosh.

There All The Honor Lies

Chasing a thief, Sheridan is attacked by a Minbari warrior who he kills in self defence, but a Minbari witness claims that Sheridan attacked and killed without provocation. Ivanova is assigned to keep an eye on Earth Alliance`s new idea to raise funds for B5 by merchandise, which causes some surprises and upsets. Vir has his own problems when he finds out that he is to be replaced as Londo`s attaché to the station.

And Now For a Word

Presented as a newscast complete with commercials. ISN does a special `36 Hours on Babylon 5` feature. They catch the eruption of an armed space conflict between the Narns and Centauri, interview Londo and G`Kar on the war between the two races, talk to the senior crew of B5 and Delenn, getting them to reveal their personal thoughts. Sheridan is forced to send out fighters to protect B5, while earth is concerned about B5`s effectiveness.


Sheridan decides to investigate the grey Sector, rumoured to be haunted. He encounters the corpse of a trader which transfers an alien spirit into him. He is left with many strange and disturbing visions, and the disappearance of Babylon 4 may hold the key. Things do not go well for Londo either when Urza, a lifelong friend, arrives, asking help in restoring his family`s honour. Londo, unwilling to help publicly, leaves Urza no choice but to challenge him to a duel to the death.

In The Shadow of Z`ha`dum

Garibaldi recognises Morden as one of the missing crew members on Sheridan`s late wife`s lost expedition. Against all advice and regulations, Sheridan interrogates Morden. Desperate for answers, he tricks Talia Winters into helping him. When Delenn and Kosh reveal what is really going on, Sheridan is forced to make one of the most important and agonizing decisions of his life.

Confessions and Lamentations

When members of the Markab race begin to die and a Markab ship is found with all her crew dead, Dr Franklin places the entire Markab population under quarantine as he searches for a cure. When a Pak`Ma`Ra dies of the same disease, indicating it can infect other races, panic spreads. Franklin races to find a cure but the death toll rises and a civilization balances on the brink of annihilation.

Divided Loyalties

Telepath Lyta Alexander returns. Now part of a revolutionary movement against Psi Corp, she is convinced that there is a `sleeper` spy on board B5. To make matters more complicated, the spy does not know he or she is a spy as the person would have been programmed by a new Psi Corp technique. When someone attempts to kill Lyta, Sheridan allows her to scan the crew, but Ivanova resists the idea ... then s startling discovery is made.

The Long, Twilight Struggle

The Narns, losing the war against the Centauri, decide on a last ditch strike against a heavily guarded Centauri supply world, but the Centauri discover the plans and, with the help of the Shadows, launch an attack on the Narn homeworld. The Narn eventually surrender, and Sheridan gives G`Kar sanctuary. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Delenn are contacted by Draal on the planet below, who offers them access to vast amounts of information and resources, and Delenn introduces Sheridan to the Rangers.

Comes the Inquisitor

G`Kar tries to rally the Narns on B5, continuing his resistance against the Centauri who have cut off the Narn homeworld. Garibaldi puts G`Kar in touch with an arms smuggler. Kosh tests Delenn`s allegiance by summoning Sebastian, a human who claims to have lived in the 19th Century. Sebastian instigates a series of intense and torturous tests of willpower on Delenn, and she begins to falter ... Even Sheridan may not be able to save her.

The Fall of Night

As the Centauri Republic `expands` into Drazi and Pak`Ma`Ra territories, Sheridan confronts Mollari, but is warned to stay out. Earth sends a representative to investigate the situation, but he gives Sheridan some unexpected news about Earth`s position. When B5 is found to be protecting a Narn cruiser a Centauri cruiser arrives and a fire fight ensues between the Centauri cruiser and B5. Keffer makes a terrifying discovery, Sheridan`s life comes into danger and Kosh finally leaves his protective suit.

Season Two guest stars

Elizabeth Sheridan - Beverly Leech
Anna Sheridan - Beth Toussaint
Refa - William Forward
Bester - Walter Koenig
General Richard Franklin - Paul Winfield
Neroon - John Vickery
Derek Cranston - Bernie Casey
Urza Jaddo - Carmen Argenziano
Morden - Ed Wasser
Draal - John Schuck
Sebastian - Wayne Alexander
Frederick Lantz - Roy Dotrice