Season One

Pilot - The Gathering

The Vorlon ambassador Kosh arrives on Babylon 5 and an attempt is immediately made on his life. Lyta Alexander probes Kosh`s mind, and the assassin seems to be Commander Sinclair, but all is not what it seems

A1 Midnight on the Firing Line

Londo discovers that an attack on the Centauri putpost Ragesh 3 was instigated by the Narn, and he makes Narn Ambassador G`Kar the object of his revenge. Sinclair calls a council meeting to start sanctions against the Narn

A2 Soul Hunter

Ambassador Delenn rightly fears the arrival of a renegade Soul Hunter on babylon 5.

A3 Born to the Purple

Londo becomes deeply attached to the Centauri dancer Adira, who is a slave on a mission to steal Londo`s secret `purple files`. Garibaldi detects some unauthorised transmissions on the restricted Gold channel.

A4 Infection

An alien organic artefact transforms Dr Hendrick`s assistant, Drake, into an alien killing machine covered by a living armour compound. Meanwhile, Sinclair tries to avoid a reporter.

A5 The Parliament of Dreams

To aid understanding, each race holds a religious event where other races may attend. G`Kar receives a death threat from an old enemy, and is unsure of his new aide, Na`Toth. Catherine Sakai, an old flame of Sinclair`s, arrives.

A6 Mind War

Rogue telepath Jason Ironheart arrives on Babylon 5, closely pursued by Psi Corps. Jason is no ordinary telepath, and Psi Cop Bester will stop at nothing to secure him. Despite G`Kar`s warnings, Catherine travels to Sigma 957 and meets the unknown.

A7 The War Prayer

A Minbari poet is stabbed by a pro-Earth group, threatening relations between Minbar and Earth. Vir becomes involved with two Centauri lovers seeking to escape arranged marriages, and an old lover of Ivanova arrives.

A8 And The Sky Full of Stars

Sinclair is kidnapped and interrogated about his 24 hour memory lapse during the Battle of the Line. There are those who would kill to make him remember, and those who would kill him if he does.

A9 Deathwalker

When a war criminal arrives at Babylon 5, the League of Non-Aligned Worlds demands that she be brought to justice, and Talia Winter`s services are commissioned by Kosh and a rather unusual colleague.

A10 Believers

Dr Franklin encounters an alien couple whose religion will not allow him to save their child, and Ivanova goes in pursuit of raiders.

A11 Survivors

A bomb explodes on Babylon 5. A dying worker names Garibaldi as the one who planted the device and Earth President`s security adviser, Major Kemmer, arrests Garibaldi. Can Garibaldi clear himself before his destructive drinking problem re-emerges.


A12 By Any Means Necessary

A strike looms on Babylon 5, and the negotiator sent by the Senate is no help. A rare flower used in the Narn religious ceremonies is destroyed and G`Kar discovers that Londo is the only other person who has one.

A13 Signs and Portents

The menace of the raiders grows and nears Babylon 5. Londo obtains an ancient Centauri symbol of power. `The Eye`, which has a strange fate. Mr Morden arrives on Babylon 5 and has a question to ask most of the ambassadors.


Walker Smith plans to become the first human to fight in the Mutai, a fierce boxing event hosted by the minority alien races aboard the station, and Rabbi Koslov arrives on babylon 5 to help Ivanova come to terms with the death of her father.

A15 Grail

Gajic comes to the station in his quest for the Holy Grail, and meets a man who believes that Babylon 5 will explode  if he leaves. Kosh seems to be Down Below, and an alien `Feeder` may be involved.

A16 Eyes

Colonel `Eyes` Zayn arrives with a member of the Psi Corps to evaluate the loyalty of Babylon 5`s command staff, but he has his own agenda ... and Lennier helps Garibaldi build a motorcycle.

A17 Legacies

The corpse of the great Minbari war hero, Brarmer, is brought for display, but it vanishes! The Minbari warrior caste threaten war, while Talia and Ivanova have strong opposing ideas over the fate of an orphan who is also a powerful telepath.

A18 A Voice in the Wilderness part 1

Epsilon 3, the planet Babylon 5 orbits, was assumed deserted, but investigations into seismic activity reveal an automated defence system. Sinclair and Ivanova go down to investigate. Meanwhile Garibaldi attempts to penetrate the security screen surrounding a political revolt on the Mars Colony, and Delenn is visited by former teacher Draal.

A19 A Voice in the Wilderness part 2

The 500-year-old alien is brought to Babylon 5, Earthforce tries to take control of the machine on Epsilon 3, but puts everyone in danger. Then an alien warship arrives, claiming the planet as theirs, and Babylon 5 looks like it will be destroyed, one way or another.

A20 Babylon Squared

Babylon 4 appears, emerging from a Time warp. A rescue force is sent, and the crew are evacuated before it vanishes. Sinclair finds that the station is being taken through Time by `The One`. Delenn meets with the Grey Council, and receives some surprising news.

A21 The Quality of Mercy

Talia must, reluctantly, perform an initial scan on a psychopathic killer sentenced to have a brainwipe. Dr Franklin investigates Dr Laura Rosen who has been treating poor people using an alien machine. Londo takes Lennier on a tour of the station`s nightclubs.

A22 Chrysalis

As 2258 draws to an end, Garibaldi discovers a plot, Morden`s `associates` help Londo in his rise to power and Delenn asks Kosh a question which will bring about some changes.

Special guests stars during Season One

The Soul Hunter - W Morgan Sheppard
Adira Tyree - Fabiana Udenio
Dr Vance Hendricks - David McCallum
Catherine Sakai - Julia Nickson
Bester - Walter Koenig
Jha`dur - Sarah Douglas
Senator Hidoshi - Aki Aleong
Lady Adira - Fredi Olster
The Muta-Do - Soon-Teck- Oh
Aldous Gajic - David Warner
Shai Alit Naroon - John Vickery
Draal - Louis Turenne
Zathras - Tim Choate
Lisa Hampton - Denise Gentile