Season 1

A1/2 - To Be or Not To Be

It is 2018. In the wake of an almost catastrophic global conflict, the United earth/Oceans Organisation (UEO) is formed to administer policy and adjudicate disputes, and the Nor-Pac military submarine SeaQuest Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV), is chosen as the UEO`s flagship.

All that remains is the appointment of a suitable Captain to protect this new world order. Admiral William Noyce attempts to persuade Nathan Bridger, the SeaQuest`s designer, to take the post. While Bridger wrestles with Noyce`s offer and the promise he made to his dead wife not to return to the service, he encounters Marilyn Stark, a former pupil at the naval academy, and the SeaQuest's former Captain. Stark commands a pirate submarine desperate for revenge against his former teacher and his new crew.

Fist US transmission - 12th September 1993

Writers : Rockne S O'Bannon & Tommy Thompson, Director : Irvin Kershner

Special Guest Stars : Captain Marilyn Stark (Shelley Hack), UEO Admiral William Noyce (Richard Herd), George LeChein (Michael Parks), Bobby (Scott Coffey), Maxwell (Eric DaRe), Old Man (W Morgan Shepherd), Aunt Jenny (Rebecca Stanley), Commander Webber (Justine Arlin)


A3 - The Devil's Window

While the SeaQuest attempts to harness the incredible power of hydrothermal vents, Darwin becomes mysteriously ill, forcing Bridger to choose between the mission at hand and the life of one of his crew.

First US transmission : 19th September 1993

Writers : David J Burke & Hans Tobeason, Director : Les Landau

Special Guest Stars : Dr Raleigh Young (Roscoe Lee Brown), Malcolm Landsdowne (Robert Engels), Admiral Noyce (Richard Herd)


A4 - Treasures of the Mind

While on an archaeological mission in the Mediterranean, the crew discover an annex of the lost great Library of Alexandria. However, when many nations lay claim to the priceless artifacts, an international conflict looks inevitable unless Bridger can find a solution at a Mid-East Conference.

First US transmission : 26th September 1993

Writer : David Kemper, Director : Bryan Spicer

Special Guest Stars : Dr Rafik Hassan (Topol), Dimitri Rossovich (Turhan Bey), Savannah Rossocich (Lindsay Frost), Admiral Noyce (Richard Herd)


A5 - Games

Racing to the Antartic polar ice cap, the crew rescue a prison warden and his sole inmate, the brilliant but deranged scientist Zellar. Zellar continues his killing spree aboard the SeaQuest, holding the submarine in a siege of terror.

First US transmission : 3rd October 1993

Writer : David Venable, Director : Joe Napolitano

Special Guest Stars : Zellar (Alan Scarfe), Williams (Jean Barrett)


A6 - Treasures of the Tonga Trench

While Bridger's proficiency is challenged by a visiting Captain, Gold Fever strikes the SeaQuest when Krieg returns from a Sea Crab Test with an exotic underwater gem. However, Hitchcock becomes suspicious when Krieg is less than eager to return to the depths for more.

First US transmission : 10th October 1993

Writers : John J Sakmar & Kerry Lenhart, Director : Les Sheldon

Special Guest Stars : Captain Jack Clayton (Yaphet Kotto), Murray Goldwater (Stephen Kronish), Ensign Fillie (Tom Provost)


A7 - Brothers and Sisters

The SeaQuest reaches a deserted munitions plant that must be entombed before structural weakening unleashes a deadly weapon explosion, but Bridger discovers children in the plant. When Ford is taken prisoner by the armed group, the Captain must convince their leader to escape before they all fall victim to a growing underwater turbulence.

First US transmission : 17th October 1993

Writer : Art Monterastelli, Director : Bill Norton

Special Guest Stars : Cleo (Kellie Martin), Zach (Christopher Pettiet), Matthew (Jonathan Dohring), Brawley (Robert Dohring)


A8 - Give Me Liberte

Boarding a space station lost at sea when it crashed several years before, the launch crew is contaminated with a deadly virus. While Bridger attempts to locate the french scientist Peche, believed to have knowledge of the antidote. Hitchcock must prevent the destruction of the Liberte by a global company hiding a dangerous secret.

First US transmission : 24th October 1993

Writers : John J Sakmar, Kerry Lenhart, Director : Bill Norton

Special Guest Stars : Guy Peche (Udo Kier), Dr Levin (Timothy Omundson)

A9 - Knight of Shadows

Bridger is inexplicably summoned by Professor Martinson, the holographic representation of the ship's computer, to the wreckage of the King George, a luxury liner which mysteriously sank one hundred years before. Aboard the wreckage, the crew slowly uncover clues to the ship's fate, and Bridger begins to look to the paranormal for answers.

Writer : Melinda Snodgrass, Director : Helanie Head

Special Guest Star : Dr Levin (Timothy Omundson), Professor Martinson (W Morgan Sheppard), Captain Wideman (John St Ryan), Lillian (Lesley Hardy)


A10 - Bad Water

The SeaQuest races against time to save a sunken French sigh-seeing submarine off the Coast of Florida. However, when tragedy strikes a rescue launch carrying Krieg, Westphalen, Lucas and Ford, the four crew members are forced to battle the stormy conditions in a life-boat, leaving Bridger to prioritise between the lives of the vacationers and those of the crew.

First US transmission : 7th November 1993

Writer : David Kemper, Director : Bryan Spicer

Special Guest Stars : Dr Levin (Timothy Omundson), Carlton (Dan Hildebrand), Teacher (Karen Racicot), Claire (Elizabeth Strom), Vocal effects (Frank Welker)


A11 - The Regulator

When SeaQuest's air conditioning breaks down, Bridger is forced to call upon The Regulator, a combination of junk man, pawn broker and enforcer, for help. Much to Bridger's concern. The Regulator takes a disturbing interest in Lucas and Darwin.

First US transmission : 21st November 1993

Writer : David J Burke, Director : Les Sheldon

Special Guest Stars : The regulator (John Bedford Lloyd), The Professor (W Morgan Sheppard)


A12 - SeaWest

Responding to a distress call from Broken Ridge, an undersea mining facility off Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the launch party is immediately ordered to leave by the town's sinister leader, Deputy Cobb, Intrigued, Bridger sends Hitchcock, posing a singer, to investigate further, ut when her true identity is revealed, the Captain is forced to return to Broken Ridge for a final showdown against Cobb.

First US transmission : 28th November 1993

Writers : John J Sakmar, Kerry Lenhart, Director : Gabrielle Beaumont

Special Guest Stars : Cobb (David McCallum), Lenny Sutter (David Morse), Gibby (Ethan Glazer), Joan Sutter (Bari Hochwald), The Professor (W Morgan Sheppard)


A13 - Photon Bullet

Bridger is perplexed when the SeaQuest is ordered to report to Node Three, an underwater communications installation, to deliver a routine part. Upon arrival, Lucas teams up with a group of elite computer hackers led by Martin Clemens, a legend in hacking circles, and takes a special interest in another member of the group, Julianna. However, when Lucas realizes the hackers' true objective, he must defeat his former idol in a battle of Gigabytes.

First US transmission : 19th December 1993

Teleplay : David Kemper, Director : Bryan Spicer

Special Guest Stars : Martin Clemes (Tim Russ), Julianna (Sarah Koskoff), Nick (Seth Green)


A14 - Better Than Martians

The entire world waits with bated breath as the first manned mission to mars returns to earth. Everyone, that is, except Nathan Bridger who, despite his scientific interest, is concerned about the political repercussions that the Mars mission will have on the SeaQuest's funding. However, Bridger finds himself unable to ignore the event any longer when The Wayfarer experiences problems re-entering the earth's atmosphere, and uncontrollably crashes into the Andaman sea, making the SeaQuest, the only hope for the four astronaut' survival.

First US transmission : 2nd January 1994

Writer : David Kemper, Dan Brecher, Director : John T Kretchmer

Special Guest Stars : Keller (Kent McCord), Presidnet Hoi Chi (James Shigeta), US President (Steven Williams), Tran (Aki Aleong), Sakata (Una Damon), Admiral Noyce (Richard Herd)


A15 - Nothing But The Truth

While the SeaQuest's hull siphons are tested, Captain Bridger and all but seven members of the crew are sent topside. responding to a distress call from a nearby sea vessel, the SeaQuest is stormed by a group of armed commandoes led by Colonel Steven Schraeder, an environmentalist pushed over the edge. The hull siphons are disabled and the SeaQuest begins to sink.

First US transmission : 9th January 1994

Writer : David Kemper, Director : Les Sheldon

Special Guest Stars : Colonel Steven Philip Shcraeder (John Finn), The Professor (W Morgan Sheppard), Bowman (Tim Kelleher) Jackson (Bradford Tatum)


A16 - Greed for a Pirate's Dream

In an attempt to prevent volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, the SeaQuest inserts a magna buoy into the Thermal Vent Platform. Four months later, a dormant volcano on a tropical island erupts,  in the process spitting out the buoy. Unable to retrieve Bridger from Honolulu Base, Ford takes the SeaQuest to the doomed island where he attempts to persuade a group of treasure hunters to leave. When their launch is destroyed, Ford and Dr Young are left stranded.

First US transmission : 16th January 1994

Writer : David J Burke, Robert Engels, Director : James A Contner.

Special Guest Stars : Bobby (Anthony Denison), Jessie (Rya Kihlstedt), Mack (David Marciano), Grant (Sandy McPeak), The professor (W Morgan Shephard), Admiral Noyce (Richard Herd), Dr Raleigh Young (Roscoe Lee Browne)


A17 - Whale Song

Bridger is ordered by the Pentagon to hunt down radical environmentalists who are out to save the whale, even at the expense of human life. However, when Bridger`s beliefs run counter to his orders, the Captain is faced with the most difficult decision of his career and must learn how to follow distasteful actions without compromising his own values.

First US transmission : 6th February 1994

Writer : Patrick Hasburgh, Director : Bryan Spicer

Special Guest Stars : Scully (Jonathan Banks), Malcolm Landsdowne (Robert Engels), Mike Lutz (Jack McGee), Wiggins (Peter DeLuise), Corbett (Derek Webster), General Thomas (Jesse Doran), Smith (Leo V Gordon), Jones (Frank McCarthy), Bickle (Denis Arndt), Noyce (Richard Herd)


A18 - The Stinger

Fierce competition surrounds the development of a high-speed, single-seat submersible. While testing the Stinger, the SeaQuest`s prototype, Lucas is attacked and the vessel stolen. Learning that the attacker was Martin Tucker, a former engineer at Hydrogear Labs, Bridger orders Lucas and Hitchcock to build another Stinger to compete against Tucker in UEO performance tests.

First US transmission : 20th February 1994

Writers : Johns J Sakmar, David J Burke, Patrick Hasburgh, Director : Jonathan Sanger

Special Guest Stars : Navy Quartermaster Bickle (Denis Arndt), Martin Tucker (Dennis Lipscomb), Edgar Gaye (Jack Blessing), Enzo Dinato (Matt Landers), Noyce (Richard Herd)


A19 - Hide and Seek

Several members of the SeaQuest`s crew, including Bridger, have a recurring dream about Darwin. Meanwhile, Dr Westphalen and scientist Malcolm Landsdowne are taken hostage by an exiled dictator, Milos Tezlof, at the Landsdwone home. Tezlof needs Landsdowne`s expertise and his dolphins as part of an insane plan to control the straits between Italy and Albania, and gains safe passage to the SeaQuest. As Westphalen and Darwin teach Tezlof`s autistic son, Caesar, how to speak, time is running out the boy's father ....

First US Transmission : 27th February 1994

Writer : Robert Engels, Director : Lindsley Parsons III

Special Guest Stars : Milos Tezlof (Willilam Shatner), Malcolm Landsdwone (Robert Engles), Caesar Tezlof (Christopher Miller), Noyce (Richard Herd)


A20 - The Last Lap of Luxury

Bridger is honoured when the SeaQuest is assigned to escort Secretary General Andre Dre to the first UEO Summit in two years. However, when Lucas and all the UEO leaders, except Dre, are taken hostage, Bridger starts to suspect the Secretary General's motives and races against tie to locate the hostages before Dre takes emergency measures that will give her full power.

First US Transmission : 20th March 1994

Writer : Zora Quayton, Director : Bryan Spicer

Special Guest Stars : Secretary General Dre (Bonnie Bartlett), Hoi Chi (James Shigeta), Maxwell (Hank Stratton), Lamm (Carl Lumbly), Admiral Noye (Ricahrd Herd)


A21 - Abalon

Ford encounters a mermaid, but his colleagues believe it was a hallucination. On shore leave, he sees the young girl struggling with two men and is taken hostage by them. Bridger responds to Ford's signal and finds the young girl, Mika, who agrees to help him find his first officer. While Lucas enjoys a party at the Sanger Institute, Mika guides the SeaQuest to her father, Abalon, a scientist determined to develop "a new breed of man", with Ford as his latest subject.

First US Transmission : 1st May 1994

Writer : Patrick Hasburgh, Director : Les Sheldon

Special Guest Stars : Abalon (Charlton Heston), Mika (Felicity Waterman), Julianna (Sarah Koskoff), Kaman (Rob Youngblood), Shapra (Matt Sheehan), Chief William Shan (Dustin Nguyen), The Bartender (Gary Eimiller)


A22 - Such Great Patience

Investigations of a huge undersea earthquake, lead Bridger to discover the tail section of a huge alien spacecraft,. Commander Scott Keller comes aboard o lead the exploration of the alien vessel, and entering the ship, fantasy becomes a reality when the boarding party come face-to-face with an alien. However, when all attempts to communicate fail and Crocker is `killed`, Bridger must confront the visitor aboard the SeaQuest.

First US Transmission : 8th May 1994

Writer : David Kemper, Director : Bryan Spicer

Special Guest Star : Commander Scott Keller (Kent McCord), The Professor (W Morgan Sheppard), General Frank Thomas (Jess Doran), Chief William Shan (Dustin Nguyen), Ensign Shephard (Thom Sherman), Alien (Karyn Malchus)


A23 - The Good Death

The SeaQuest pursues and attacks an unidentified Romeo Class sub believed to be smuggling emeralds. Boarding the disabled craft, Bridger is shocked to learn that its `crew` consisted of a woman, a man and several 12-year-old boys. Westphalen rushes to the woman, her daughter, Cynthia. As Bridger orders everyone back to the SeaQuest, the vessel is attacked by the Amazonian Confederation. During the struggle, Ford`s launch is damaged and forced to head for the surface.

First US Transmission : 15th May 1994

Writer : Hans Tobeason, Douglas Burke, Director :  Hans Tobeason

Special Guest Stars : General Guzmano (Luis Guzman), Cynthia Westphalen (Marianne Hagan), Colonel (Carlos Carrasco), Malique (Garfield Bright), Chief William Shan (Dustin Nguyen), Secretary General Noyce (Richard Herd)


A24 - Higher Power

As the crew celebrate the conclusion of Captain Bridger`s first tour of duty, Dr Lawrence Wolencazk`s dream of bringing free electric power to the entire world through becomes a reality. With the flick of a switch, Wolenczak secures limitless world power forever - and for free.

The dream becomes a nightmare, however, when the power plant creates a crack on the ocean floor, which not only threatens the future of world power but will melt the polar caps! Confronting Dr Wolenczak, Bridger learns that the only option to seal the ocean floor is to bury the SeaQuest in the lava well while simultaneously detonating her nuclear warheads.

First US Transmission : 22nd May 1994

Writer : David J Burke, Patrick Hasburgh, Director : John T Kretchmer

Special Guest Stars : Dr Wolenczak (Kristoffer Tabori), Calvin Shelley (Charles Cyphers), Jordan (Patrick Harty), Rosenthal (Tom Henschell), Secretary General Noyce (Richard Herd), Chief William Shan (Dustin Nguyen)