Lt Patrick Brogan - Ted Shackelford Officer Jack Haldane - Rob Youngblood Officer Jane Castle - Simone Benedix Sally Brogan - Nancy Paul
Captain Podly - Jerome Willis Officer Took - Mary Woodvine Orrin - Richard James Fredo - David Quilter
Romek - Lou Hirsch Matt Brogan - Nic Klein Liz Brogan - Megan Olive Voice of Slomo - Gary Martin

Created by : Gerry Anderson

Executive Producer : Tom Gutteridge


Episode 1 - Protect and Survive

Brogan and Haldane are assigned to investigate illegal immigration into Demeter City. When their informant is murdered, the pair vow to protect the one witness who can identify the killer - a slimy alien named Loyster - and put an end to the smuggling ring. Back at the Precinct, Took is exposed to Xyron Fever by two alien immigrants.

Teleplay : Paul Mayhew-Archer

Director : John Glen

Special Guest Stars : Silk (Bert Kwouk), Germshm (Oliver Cotton), Lawyer (David Shaw-Parker), Loyster (Rob Thirtle)



Episode 2 - The Snake

A reptilian extortionist known as The Snake threatens to destroy the Talon Princess, an intergalactic tanker carrying two hundred million gallons of liquid hydrogen, unless the Talon Corporation transfer 60 million credits to the Bank of Danae. Whilst searching the Princess for The Snake's explosive devices, Brogan and Haldane accidentally arm them and become trapped aboard.

Teleplay : J Larry Carroll & David Bennett Carren

Director : John Glen

Special Guest Stars : Gray (David Baxt), Kane (Joseph Mydell), Azusa (Ken Drury), Dallas (Paul Humpoletz), Captain Telora (Leigh Tinkler)



Episode 3 - Time to Kill

A successful raid on a counterfeit operation goes horribly wrong when a deadly Cyborg goes on the rampage. During the shoot-out, Took is seriously injured and Brogan accidentally shoots an innocent by-stander, who is flung into an acid bath and left horribly disfigured. As the Police hunt for the Cyborg, it embarks on a killing spree which claims the lives of Took, Haldane and Podly. If only Brogan had the time to save them.

Teleplay : Hans Beimler & Richard Manning

Director : Alan Birkinshaw

Special Guest Stars : Ross (Stephen Billington), Tamsin (Nigel Gregory), Dr Grant (Alison Rose), Cyborg (Glenn Marks), Zipload (Rob Thirtle), Drako (Will Barton)



Episode 4 - Body and Soul

Whilst studying Merlin`s asteroid, a magnificent multi-coloured ball of ice surrounded by a spectacular shimmering halo of radiation, Brogan and his son Matt discover a derelict spaceship floating amongst the smaller chunks of ice. The pair promptly board the ship and discover a long-forgotten murder mystery involving Hulmes Interspace and its reclusive founder, Alden Hulmes.

Story : Matt Harris

Teleplay : Marc Scott Zicree

Director : Sidney Hayers

Special Guest Stars : Alden Hulmes (Bob Sherman), Forensic (Leigh Tinkler), Jomore (Rob Thirtle), Underling (Will Barton)



Episode 5 - Deadline

Someone is murdering the citizens of Demeter City and selling the victims vital organs to a physician, Dr Paul Jorry, for transplant. Brogan attempts to find the killer, unaware that he is about to become the next donor.

Teleplay : David Bennett Carren & J Larry Carroll

Director : John Glen

Special Guest Stars : Dr Paul Jorry (Steven Berkoff), Speedy (Truan Munro), Rik (Ken Whitfield), Nurse (Leigh Tinkler), Patient (Joanna Berns), Wirt (Rob Thirtle), Prosperous Creon (Will Barton)



Episode 6 - Enforcer

Trask, a Tarn with criminal convictions on four planets, offers to end violence on the streets of Demeter City and demonstrates his powers by killing the Hydra gang, a group of the most brutal punks in town. The enforcers' mysterious young companion, Vala, becomes Brogan and Haldane's only hope of bringing Trask to justice.

Teleplay : Marc Scott Zicree

Director : Sidney Hayers

Special Guest Stars : Andy Sturgeon (Andrew Tiernan), Vala (Jade Punt), Nick (Tom Radcliffe), Madam (Kazia Palka), Lurzan (Leigh Tinkler), Trask (Rob Thirtle), Skeevar (Andy Dawson)



Episode 7 - Two Against the Rock

Haldane and Castle are assigned to transport a prisoner to Asteroid A-5, also known as "The Rock". However, "The Rock" has been taken over by a cadre of ruthless prisoners who throw the trio into a cell upon arrival and expose them to a deadly virus which killed all of the prison's guards and wardens, as well as the majority of its inmates.

Story : Paul Robert Coyle

Teleplay : Sam Graham & Philip Morrow

Director : Peter Duffell

Special Guest Stars : Volker (Stephen Greif), Houdini (Danny Webb), Dr Ellis (Richard Huw), Warden Bronkov (Ken Whitfield),



Episode 8 - Predator & Prey

A serial killer is on the loose in Demeter City. When he claims his third victim, undercover cop Chloe Vincent, Brogan and Haldane team-up with her distraught partner, Verro Walker. A picture of the killer matches the description of Enil Kmada, an alien suspected of a string of murders nearly one hundred years earlier.

Teleplay : Nicholas Sagan

Director : Sidney hayers

Special Guest Stars : Verro Walker (Rolf Saxon), Chloe Vincent (Natalie Roles), Carson (Joe Mydell), Enil Kmada (Richard James), Bouncer (Ken Whitfield), Zwellin (Rob Thirtle)



Episode 9 - Seek and Destroy

A murder investigation leads brogan and Haldane to an alien who claims that a nomadic race of thieves and killers known as the Omera plan to invade Altor, using devious and subtle methods to overtake the population. What are these methods? How are the Omera infiltrating the population of Demeter City? And how are the murders linked to Demeter Dogs Incorporated?

Teleplay : J Larry Carroll & David Bennett Carren

Director : Jim Goddard

Special Guest Stars : Vachel (David Burke), Slan Nuri (Paul Brennan), Noah Ingram (John Warnaby), Mr Douglas (Sidney Livingstone), Garbage Man (Ken Whitfield), Creon Hooker (Leigh Tinkler), Zipload (Rob Thirtle)



Episode 10 - Illegal

Whilst conducting a routine sobriety test on a reckless driver, Brogan and Haldane encounter Tildon, an illegal immigrant from the planet Sagania. When Tildon saves Brogan's life, the Lieutenant vows to learn more about the alien boxer and discovers a crooked fight promoter who uses a powerful drug to turn his fighters into savage killers.

Teleplay : Marc Scott Zicree

Director : John Glen

Special Guest Stars : Tildon (Tony Haygarth), Nillim (Tim Matthews), Ogree (Pat Roach), Drunk Tarn (Will Barton), Zaydek (Wayne Forrester)



Episode 11 - Double Duty

When a predatory aliens kills Nissim, a notorious drug dealer, and two of his henchmen, Brogan and Haldane enlist the help of the only eyewitness - Nissim's girlfriend, Aleesha. Meanwhile, Castle encounters a bag lady who claims to be a queen from a distant planet.

Teleplay : J Larry Carroll & David Bennett Carren

Director : Colin Bucksey

Special Guest Stars : Nissim (Nickolas Grace), Aleesha (Lana Citron), Bag Lady (Matyelok Gibbs), Delivery Man (Idris Elba), Inazy (Nitzan Sharron) Torrance (Rob Thirtle), Piru (Andy Dawson)


Episode 12 - The Power

A massive power-generating station orbiting Altor contains a new form of energy, Luxorian Ice, which is capable of producing enough sunlight to light up the entire planet. When Sylvain, an alien woman, steals the station's central device, the Luxorian Ice Crystal, Brogan becomes Altor's only hope for survival.

Story : Mark Harris

Teleplay : Sam Graham

Director : Sidney Hayers

Special Guest Stars : Numar (Sheila Riuskin), Sylvain (Alison Fielding), Max Zeller (Tom Chadron), Vella (Ken Whitfield), Rodan (Rob Thirtle)



Episode 13 - Takeover

Brogan and Haldane are accused of murdering an innocent civilian. During a police investigation, each key witness testifies, against the officers - including their former colleagues Castle and Slomo. Then, to make matters even worse, an attorney is murdered and Haldane becomes convinced that brogan is responsible.

Teleplay : J Larry Carroll & David Bennett Carren

Director : John Glen

Special Guest Stars : Cambria (Maryam D`Abo), Reseda (Clive Merrison), Carson (Joe Mydell), Tev (Rob Thirtle), Yorba (Andy Dawson)



Episode 14 - Hate Street

Burl Flak, a racist hatemonger wanted on Danae for a number of hate crimes, begins a series of racist attacks in Demeter City. Whilst searching for the murderer, Brogan and Haldane find themselves competing with Erika Bradt, an interstellar bounty hunter who just happens to be an old flame of Brogan's from his days on the NYPD.

Teleplay : Steve Brown

Director : Piers Haggard

Special Guest Stars : Erika (Frances Barber), Burl Flak (Christopher Fiarbank), Sandoff (David Quilter), Dr Eastman (Jeff Harding),Tate (Robert Hamilton), Maya (Kate Harper), Tanni (Kiran Shah), Carson (Joe Mydell), Tropele (Rob Thirtle), Barco (Andy Dawson)



Episode 15 - The Witness

Fredo's daughter Estes is possessed by a nightmarish vision and experiences a brutal murder through the eyes of the killer. Brogan and Haldane go undercover to find Mas Mahrag, the alien they believe to be the murderer.

Teleplay : Eric Gethers

Director : Peter Duffell

Special Guest Stars : Morgan (Todd Boyce), Datch (Kate Harper), Carson (Joe Mydell), Maharg (Peter Hugo Daly), Estes (Kiran Shah), Lam (Ken Whitfield), Yolander (Alexa Rosewood), Zipload (Rob Thirtle)



Episode 16 - Flash

A curious blue liquid known on the streets as Flash, becomes Demeter City's new drug of choice. Unfotunately, as a mild side-effect, Flash causes its user to explode and vaporise. When chemical analysis reveals that one of the key components of Flash is imported by Interchem, Brogan and Haldane uncover a sinister plot to take the drug to Earth.

Teleplay : James Hendrie

Director : Alan Birkinshaw

Special Guest Stars : Dr Jansen (Michael J Shannon), Carmel (Pippa Guard), Morgo (Anthony Venditti), Droon (Rob Thirtle)


Epsiode 17 - Friends

Reeve Pitaki, Tong Coop and Lynn Dilfer develop a device which gives them access to Demeter City`s most confidential computer files and intend to sell it to the highest bidder. However, their first potential buyer is actually an undercover police officer, Jane Castle, who arrests Pitaki. Angered by the deception, Coop and Dilfer hatch a daring escape plan for their friend and attempt to seize control of Space Precinct 88

Story : Carl Jahnsen

Teleplay : Chris Hubbell, Phillip Morrow & Carl Jahnsen

Director : Peter Duffell

Special Guest Stars : Lynn/Sprite (Jacqueline Defferary), Glen (Christopher Thomas), Reeve Pitaki (Ben Walden), Carson (Joe Mydell), Gushen (Rob Thirtle), Tong (Wayne Forester), WPC (Joanna Berns), Creon Guard (Andy Dawson)



Episode 18 - Smelter Skelter

As a source of precious metals, asteroids have no comparison, When exposed to furnace-like temperatures as part of a process known as "smelting", asteroids can yield enough precious metals to make miners rich beyond their wildest dreams. Brogan and Haldane learn just how far some people will go to fulfil their wildest dreams when they discover that precious metals are being sold and laundered through an asteroid mining operation.

Writer : Arthur Sellers

Director : Peter Duffell

Special Guest Stars : Zann (Bradley Lavelle), Carson (Joe Mydell), Bank Assistant (Leigh Tinkler), Creon Driver (Wayne Forester), Roece (Rob Thirtle), Dar (Andy Dawson)


Episode 19 - The Fire Within, Part 1

The Pyrists are a seemingly benign spiritual sect devoted to the worship of fire and the "Eternal Flame" which burns in Demeter City. When several members of the cult die in mysterious circumstances, Haldane and Captain Podly`s daughter, Samina, pose as new Pyrist initiates to infiltrate the movement.

Writer : Steve Brow & Burt Prelutsky

Director : John Glen

Special Guest Stars : Icar (Jack Hedley), Brok (Lisa Orgolini), Carson (Joe Mydell), Kalamandro (David Quilter), Fama Podly (Kate Harper), Flexen (Rob Thirtle), Kaliki (Andy Dawson)



Episode 20 - The Fire Within, Part 2

As the search for Samina continues, Haldane resigns from the police force to dedicate his life to Pyrism. When an eyewitness claims that he saw the Creon murdered, and identifies Haldane as the killer, Captain Podly issues a warrant for Haldane`s arrest.

Writer : Steve Brown & Burt Prelutsky

Director : John Glen

Special Guest Stars : Icar (Jack Hedley), Brok (Lisa Orgolini), Carson (Joe Mydell), Kalamandro (David Quilter), Fama Podly (Kate Haprer), Kyster (Wayne Forester), Samina Podly (Alexa Rosewood), Flexen (Rob Thirtle)



Episode 21 - The Forever Beetle

Brogan investigates the theft of the Forever Beetle, the most coveted of all the extinct species on Planet Altor. When the finger of suspicion points to his life-long pal Tommy Murphy, the Lieutenant finds himself torn between friendship and duty.

Writer : Peter Dunne

Director : Peter Duffell

Special Guest Stars : Amory Wolfe (Constatine Gregory), Drover Pike & Rupp (Rob Thirtle), Tommy Murphy (Sam Douglas), Dr Long (Andy Dawson), Bartender (Alexa Rosewood)


Episode 22 - Divided We Stand

Brogan and Haldane are assigned to protect Vinny Artak, a political candidate formerly convicted of numerous crimes, including murder, cyberpiracy and illegal immigration. As far as the public is concerned, Artak has now gone straight. In reality, however, Artak will stop at nothing to win the election and is prepared to "die" as part of a plot to frame the two police officers.

Writer : Arthur Sellers

Director : Alan Birkinshaw

Special Guest Stars : Vinny Artak (David Quilter), Regina Baylek & Mrs Dodvek (Suzanne Bertish), Reporter (Kate Beckett), Dr Kyte (Christopher Barnes), Drak (Rebecca Steele), Hospital Administration (DOminic Letts), Vacus (Alexa Rosewood)



Episode 23 - Deathwatch - Part 1

A giant meteor explodes over Altor and scatters its glowing sparks across the planet before crashing on a nearby world belonging to Randall Butler. Upon touching the meteor, Butler is engulfed by a strange bright light and becomes a killer. Shortly after, Brogan and Haldane are sent to a fire in Roetem Towers where they find themselves in a deadly struggle with Butler

Writer : Michael Berlin

Director : Piers Haggard

Special Guest Stars : Bertha (Anne Kristen), Captain Weldon (Cecilia Noble), Borden (Ken Farrington), Carson (Joe Mydell), Skid (Rob Thirtle), Gullis (Wayne Forester).


Episode 24 - Deathwatch - Part 2

Brogan learns the truth about the meteor and agrees to help Military Intelligence transport it from Roetem Towers. However, the plan goes wrong and Major Graffa is possessed by the meteroic power. In a desperate bid to save Altor, Brogan joins forces with Captain Weldon and son finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

Writer : Arthur Seller

Director : Piers Haggard

Special Guest Stars : Captain Weldon (Cecila Noble), Carson (Joe Mydell), Commander (Burnell Tucker), Duty Officer (Andy Dawson), Nox (Wayne Forester), Major Graffa (Rob Thirtle)