USS Enterprise NCC-1701

In 225, Captain Pike lead one of the earlier missions of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701. Among his crew is Mr Spock but there are few of the familiar faces that would be around during the James T Kirk era.

Captain Christopher Pike spends 10 years comprising two five-year missions, in command of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701. In 2254, his crew numbers 203. He is at times wearied by the strain of command and feels personally responsible for the safety of everyone on board, having suffered a sense of guilt after a mission that sees the loss of several crew members at Rigel VII. But this doesn`t stop him from fulfilling the responsibilities of his captaincy.

Pike can confide in the ship`s physician Dr Boyce, but he has no other real friends aboard ship. This may come with the territory of being a commander, but at least he has consolation in the fact that he has a willing and able c crew.  His most significant mission comes when he leads a landing party at Talos IV. After this mission the planet becomes off limits to Federation ships for years to come, but it will one day become his home.

Dr Phillip Boyce

Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Enterprise during Captain Pike`s tenure as commander. Boyce is rather world-weary, but knowledgeable. He is sometimes summoned to the captain`s quarters to dish out his own special brand of medicine, such as a good Martini. The doctor is one of the few people to have a personal relationship with the captain, and can remind him that his destiny is as a starship commander. Dr Boyce is the elder statesman of the crew, and his advice is valued. He attends meetings with other bridge crew and offers his considered opinions when needed. His medical expertise is also present on most landing parties. He is a member of the landing party on Talos IV in 2254, and sees his captain abducted by the Talosians, He returns to the ship to help solve the crisis.

Chief Petty Officer Garrison

Officer Garrison is a non-commissioned officer and bridge crew member. He is frequently included in landing parties, including the six-man away team searching for survivors of the SS Columbia on Talos IV. ON the bridge, Garrison mainly handles communications and computer printout reports.

>Yeoman J M Colt

Colt is a young, beautiful petite redhead with unusually strong female drives. As yeoman to the captain she is still rather new, having just taken over from the yeoman killed on Rigel VII. Although a little inexperienced, she is eager to please her captain; Pike, however, finds it somewhat disconcerting having a woman other than Number One on the bridge. Colt attends staff meetings, particularly when they concern the captain. Already, in her short time as yeoman, she has developed strong feelings towards Captain Pike and, although she finds him remote, she is very protective of him. Her emotions do not affect her ability to carry out her duties.

Geological Technician Fisher

Fisher is frequently seen on the bridge of the USS Enterprise, reporting specifically on geological matters. In his work duties he will report to Captain Pike on the status of unexplored planets such as Talos IV. He is also ammeter of the first six-man away team to this planet. Once there, Fisher is the first to observe the illusory settlement of the SS Columbia survivors on Talos IV, and brings it to the attention  of the others.

Number One

Female first officer aboard the USS Enterprise who tries to present a cool, detached demeanour. Occasionally, her stoic manner can slip, especially when she is left behind to command the ship while the captain leads a landing party. As Executive Officer, Number One holds the rank of lieutenant. Her position on the bridge is at the left hand side of the captain and to the immediate left of the navigator. As the ship`s most experienced officer when the captain is away. Number One has the  commander`s implicit trust. She is blessed with a superior mind and, like any good officer, is highly principled. Number One is not afraid of bluffing; while on Talos VI she threatens to overload a phaser pistol rather than succumb to the wishes of the Talosians.

Captain Christopher Pike

Captain Pike, the second captain of the USS Enterprise, is a space pioneer whose career in Starfleet is the stuff of legend. He has chiselled good looks and piercing blue eyes. Although he leads from the front by going on landing parties, the weight of command sometimes takes it toll on him, When it does, only his chief medical officer, Dr Boyce seems able to influence him, Pike`s relationship with the doctor can be likened to that of a lonely man at a car confiding in his bartender. He casually refers to the doctor as `Phil`, and feels comfortable with the older officer. After a particularly bad incident at Rigel VII where three people died, including his yeoman, and seven others were injured, he even comtemplates resigning his commission. He is tried of the responsibility his job brings, feeling that he alone is responsible for the lives of all 203 crew. A determined, fair, principled, and resourceful captain, Pike sets a high standard for future Enterprise commanders.

Chief Science Officer Mr Spock

The younger Spock holds the rank of lieutenant while serving under Captain Pike. He is, when compared to his later Starfleet career, a curious creature who hasn`t yet learned to totally control his human emotional side; at this stage in his life, Spock can still exhibit signs of enchantment and pleasure and is at times rather loud and excited while delivering his reports. He is, however, always accurate in the presentation of his information. He has considerable scientific knowledge and, as the first Vulcan in Starfleet, distinguishes himself through his phenomenal abilities. With his great strength and mental powers, Spock stands out from the other humans aboard the USS Enterprise in his early years.

Transporter Chief Pitcairn

Pitcairn is a big, burly man in charge of the two-man transporter room crew. He directs the beam out of the six-man landing party to Talos IV. When beaming the team away, Pitcairn initiates the transport and signals the other transporter operator to initiate the next stage; then the chief completes the final beam out, Pitcairn has enough experience to realize the strategic importance of placing a landing party. When he beams out Pike`s team, he makes sure to locate them in a canyon so that they will be completely unobserved by the planet`s inhabitants. Later, when beaming out a follow-up landing party, only the two women, Number One and Yeoman Colt, are transported down to the planet.

Navigator Jose Tyler

Commonly referred to as Joe, Jose Tyler complements Number One at the helm of the USS Enterprise. As navigator, Tyler is an important member of the ship who features in strategic crew meetings. Tyler is also sometimes called to landing party duty, in which he participates eagerly. Although his head is easily turned by a beautiful woman, Tyler is still dedicated to his captain and looks up to him when the proper respect of a junior officer. Eager, quick to offer information, and dedicated to his job and crew, Tyler defines what makes up a good Starfleet officer. This is exhibited by his firm belief that the captain should be rescued from the Talosians at all costs; he knows they are powerful, but the crew must try.