The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 immediately begins a five-year mission of exploration under the command of Robert April. Following the safe return of the ship, it is taken out for another five-year mission in 2251 under the command of Christopher Pike.

Pike makes first contact with the natives of Talos V. because of their ability to project illusions, Starfleet ships are forbidden to ever again visit that planet. Under General Order 7, such a visit is grounds for the only death penalty left on the Starfleet books.

During Pike`s mission, the Enterprise is known as a starship-class spaceship, but by the time James T Kirk takes command in 2263 the nomenclature has changed somewhat. The Enterprise is now one of 12 Constitution-class starships.

On Stardate 1512.2 (Earth year 2266) Kirk manages to prevent the captain of the alien ship Fesarius from destroying the Enterprise, Kirk claims, falsely, that the Enterprise`s hull is impregnated with corbomite, a substance that reflects destructive energies back on their originator. He uses a similar ploy when escaping the Romulan Neutral Zone (Stardate 2478.2, Earth year 2267).

The Starship Enterprise nearly loses its entire crew (Stardate 3417.3. Earth year 2267) when they are exposed to Berthold rays on Omicron Ceti III.

Stardate 42202.9 (Earth year 2267) sees the Enterprise nearly demolished when it is attacked by a planet killer - an enormous alien machine shaped like a horn and designed to destroy everything in its path.

On Stardate 3219.8, Earth year 2267, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are drawn to Gamma Canaris N along with Assistant Federation Commissioner Nancy Hedford. They are all surprised to meet someone long thought dead - Zefram Cochrane, the man who invented the warp drive.

With the help of Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, the refit of the Enterprise is completed in 2271 (Stardate 7412.6). The refitted ship is sleeker, with entirely redesigned warp nacelles, Kirk, promoted to admiral, is chief of Starfleet operations. The Enterprise comes under command of Will Decker, son of Commodore Matt Decker.

Following the Enterprise`s meeting with V`ger in 2271, Starfleet sends Kirk and his crew out on a second five-year mission. After this Kirk tangles for the second time with Khan, a genetically engineered superman. Kirk wins because Khan, though supremely intelligent, has no experience fighting space battles, and therefore neglects to think three-dimensionally.

On Stardate 8201.3 (Earth year 2286) Admiral Kirk orders the Enterprise to self-destruct rather than allow it to fall into the hands of the Klingons. This is a sad moment, and Kirk is particularly despondent. "You did what you always do", Chief Surgeon McCoy remarks to Kirk "turn death into a chance for life".

Following the Enterprise`s escape from the Romulan Empire (Stardate 3478.2, Earth year 2267) Captain Kirk remarks to Commodore Stocker, "There are very few things a starbase can do that a starship cannot".

Diplomatic Missions under Captain Kirk

As late as the 2260`s, vast areas of our Galaxy still remain unexplored, and the Starfleet exploration vessels which travel deep into uncharted territory can expect to meet many races previously unencountered by the United Federation of Planets. Some of these will prove to be friendly, others more hostile; some may one day become valued members of the Federation. But one thing is sure; every day is an adventure, and Starfleet officers such as Captain James T Kirk are making history with each new encounter.

Between 2264 and 2269, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 undertakes many missions that will find either way into the Starfleet history books - some of which require the utmost diplomacy.

First Contact with the first Federation

In the year 2266, the USS E enterprise NCC-1701 makes first contact with the gargantuan spacecraft Fesarius of the First Federation, under the command of Balok. Initially suspicious of Kirk`s offer of friendship, Balok threatens to destroy the Enterprise; only a clever bluff by Kirk enables him to make face-to-face contact with Balok aboard the Fesarius. Afterward, over a cup of the alien beverage tranya, formal diplomatic relations begin. At Kirk`s request, Lt David Bailey of the Enterprise remains on board the Fesarius as Starfleet`s first cultural envoy to the First Federation.

Bringing peace to Eminar VII and Vendikar

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 carries Federation Ambassador Robert Fox to the planet Eminar VII, where diplomatic relations are to be opened. When they arrive, they discover that the planet has been art `war` with its neighbours, Vendikar, for 500 years. Casualties are  chosen via computer, and voluntary report for extermination. The computer determines that the Enterprise has been `hit`; its crew are ordered to beam down and report for destruction and, as collateral, the landing party are held hostage pending the arrival of the `casualties`. However, they escape and destroy the war computer, forcing the governments of Eminar and Vendikar to decide whether or not they wish to face the prospect of bloody, actual combat. Ambassador Fox stays behind to help persuade them to make peace.

Organia under threat

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 travels to the neutral planet, Organia, located between Federation and Klingon space. Their mission is to peruse the peaceful and relatively primitive Organians to allow Starfleet to build a strategic base on their homeworld. The request is turned down, but soon the Klingons arrive to invade the planet. War between the Federation and Klingons seems imminent until the Organians step in, revealing themselves to be highly advanced energy beings. They neutralize all weapons and force the Klingons and the Federation into a peace treaty.

In this case, Captain Kirk fails in his initial diplomatic mission, but, through the intervention of the near-omnipotent Organians, peace is established in any case.

Inauguaration on Altair IV

Captain Kirk disobeys direct orders by diverting the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 off its intended course to Altair VI, where their attendance at inauguration ceremonies is crucial. His reason is to save the life of Mr Spock, who has entered Pon Farr, the Vulcan mating cycle. Only Vulcan political figure T`Pau`s official request to Starfleet that the Enterprise be allowed to divert to Vulcan saves Kirk from serious disciplinary repercussions. Although the ship is behind schedule, it leaves Vulcan in time to reach Altair VI.

Capella IV and the Klingons

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 is dispatched to Capella IV in order to secure the mining rights for a rare element. A Klingon, Kras, is also on Capella IV to negotiate for the mining rights. During the talks, there is a coup and Kirk accidentally violates Capellan law by preventing the slaughter of the pregnant wife of the deposed Capellan leader, Teer Aakaar. McCoy then delivers Teer Akaar`s son. After Krad and the leader of the coup, Maar, are killed, the infant is declared the new Teer. Kirk subsequently gains the mining rights with the agreement of the child`s regent - his mother - and open full diplomatic relations with the Capellans.

The Halkans

Captain Kirk initiates negotiations with the peaceful Halkans in the hope of obtaining rights to mine dilithium on the planet. The Halkans are reluctant to agree on the grounds that the dilithium may be used to carry out acts of aggression, and despite Kirk`s attempts to convince them of Starfleet`s good intentions, the request is refused.

In the course of the mission, the landing party are given a brief glimpses of a Mirror Universe, in which their evil counterparts are prepared to destroy the Halkans in order to obtain the dilithium.

The Babel Conference

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 transports a disparate group of ambassadors along with their entourages to the Babel Conference, at which several extremely volatile political issues will be discussed. En route, a Tellarite ambassador is murdered, and Kirk is injured by an Orion spy disguised as an Andorian. An Orion ship, disabled by the Enterprise, self-destructs, and soon after the spy commits suicide. The Babel Conference is able to take place as planned.

The Melkotians

The crew of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 make first contact with the Melkotians, a noncorporeal, telepathic race. The Melkotians are suspicious of the Starfleet crew; they spurn their attempts at communication and are hostile towards them. Kirk and his crew are able to avoid the Melkotians` attempts to cause their death using images of Wild West gunfights from their minds, and eventually relations improve.

By the time the Enterprise leaves the planet, the Melkotians agree to open diplomatic relations with the United Federation of Planets.

Elas and Troyius

Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 transport Elaan, the beautiful Dohlman of Elas, to the neighbouring planet of Troyius in the Tellun Star System. On Troyius, she is to wed the Troyian leader, thereby sealing a peace pact between the two planets which will end many years of war. Intrigue involving the Klingons who are keen to protect their dilithium mining rights on Troyius, as well as the strange effect Elaan`s tears have on males, nearly derail the delicate diplomatic mission, but Kirk`s steadfast devotion to duty allows him to bring the assignment to a successful conclusion.

Ekos and Zeon

Federation cultural observer John Gill introduces the idea of Nazism to the people of the planet Ekos. They begin a war against their neighbouring planet Zeon, utilizing nuclear weapons developed with Gill`s assistance. The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 intervenes, and is able to restore order. With Kirk`s help, Gill who has become a puppet of the true Ekosian leader, Melakon, makes a public speech denouncing the leadership, after which Gill is shot and killed by Melakon, who is in turn shot by a Zeon. The Enterprise departs on a hopeful note, with the two planets promising to establish peaceful relations and to reform Ekosian society.

The Medusan Ambassador

The Medusan Ambassador, Kollos, whose appearance is so alien that it causes insanity in any humanoid that sees him, is being transported by the USS Enterprise along with Federation telepath Dr Miranda Jones, and instrument specialist Lawrence Marvick, to Kollos, through which she is to obtain information on Medusian technology, Mavrick can then adapt Medusan technology   for Federation use, and vice versa, Jones mind-links with Kollos, and the two depart for the Medusan ship.

Kidnapped by Gideon

Kirk is tasked with making diplomatic contact with the planet Gideon, a reportedly perfect germ-free world which has long resisted membership of the Federation. The captain beams down, and is immediately kidnapped by the Gideonites. A sample of his blood is taken and is injected into a young Gideonite woman named Odana in the hopes that she will contract Vegan Choriomeningitis, a disease Kirk had when he was younger, and traces of which still exist in his blood. The Gideonites hope that Kirk will fall in love with odona and stay on Gideon to infect more people and thereby relieve the planet`s terrible overpopulation.

Odona is cured, but her blood still carries the highly infectious disease. She happily begins the process of depopulation.


The USS Enterprise had 14 scientific labs amongst its 23 decks.

The original Starship Enterprise had a total of five captains : Robert April, Christopher Pike, James T Kirk, William Decker and Spock.

The look of the original Enterprise changed completely in 2270 when new nacelles, a new bridge and a complete systems overhaul were completed.

Other Starfleet-commissioned Constitution-class starships include Costelllation, Constitution, Defiant, Eagle, Endeavour, Essex, Excalibur, Exeter, Hood, Intrepid, Lexington, Potemkin, Republic and Yorktown.

The original USS Enterprise was destroyed by Kirk in 2285 in a `no-win` scenario against the Klingons.

The Enterprise is larger than a 20th century battleship. Getting around would be difficult if not for turbolifts - cars that can run horizontally as well as vertically. The bridge, or command center, of the ship is located at the top of the saucer or `main` hull. At the stern of the `engineering` hull, behind clamshell doors, is a shuttlecraft deck.

The bridge of Pike`s Enterprise is equipped with goosebneck viewers ar helm and navigation. At this time, the crew numbers 203, among them a young half-vulcan science officer named Spock.

By the time Kirk takes command, the gooseneck viewers are gone and the crew has increased to 428. Other minor engineering and design changes take place between the missions of the two captains.

Constitution-class ships are powered by matter/antimatter engines focused through dilithium crystals. Two warp engine nacalles supported by pylons extend from the engineering hull. At the stern of the saucer are impulse engines that propel the ship at sublight speeds.

The warp drive generated by the matter/antimatter engines allow ships such as the Enterprise to travel faster than the speed of light by generating a warp field that changes the characteristics of matter inside it.

Because the changes in velocity involved when navigating a starship are so great, everyone aboard would be smashed into `strawberry jam` on the first maneuver, certainly on the first jump to warp speed. Therefore, important parts of the starship are the internal damping fields - devices that absorb and lessen the normal forces of inertia. Out of the way circuits and equipment may be reached by Jefferies tubes, access conduits that penetrate throughout the ship.

Ships are protected by deflector shields, stable energy fields that can repel weapons fire. Tractor beams are the opposite of deflectors, being able to pull rather than push. They are used to take smaller ships in tow, or to yank space debris out of the way of the ship.

Transportation between the Enterprise and the surface of a planet or nearby ship is managed by transporter, a machine that is able to break down any object from a rock to an intelligent being into its component parts and correctly reassemble those parts elsewhere. It has a maximum of 16,000 kilometers, but cannot project through deflector shields.

When use of the transporter is inconvenient or impossible, shuttlecraft are used, they can carry upto 24 passengers for limited journeys.