Koloth is a proud Klingon warrior, a master of the bat`leth and a formidable negotiator. Despite his glorious deeds, he survives into old age, and remains a formidable enemy.

As a young man, Koloth rises to the command of the Klingon battle cruiser Gr`oth.

In 2267, his ship arrives at Deep Space Station K-7 to invoke shore leave rights under the provisions of the Organian Peace Treaty.

He and Captain James T Kirk, commander of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 which is already at the station, know each other. The two officers enjoy sparring.

Koloth protests to Kirk about the treatment of his men aboard the station. His complaints fall flat when Kirk discovers that a Klingon agent has attempted to sabotage the Federation plan to grow grain on the disputed Sherman`s Planet.

Shortly afterward, Koloth has to deal with a ship full of tribbles, a difficult situation for even the most accomplished Klingon warrior.

Years later, Koloth tells stories about his encounter with the Enterprise and tells Jadzia Dax that he regrets never meeting the famous Captain Kirk in battle.

After the Khitomer conference, Koloth becomes part of the Klingon negotiating team and helps to lay the foundations of peace with the Federation. During treaty negotiations, he forges a lifelong friendship with one of the Federation diplomats, Curzon Dax. Dax calls Koloth "D`akturak" (the ice man), because no proposal - no matter how reasonable, or how favorable it is for the Klingon Empire - seems to be enough for him. Jadzia Dax admits that Koloth is the most difficult man that Dax has faced across a negotiating table in any of her many lives.

In 2288, Koloth is involved in a series of events that eventually end in personal tragedy. He and two other Klingon commanders, Kor and Kang, are sent to deal with a group of pirates who have been raiding Klingon colonies. They defeat the pirates but their leader, the Albino, escapes.

The Albino swears vengeance on the Klingons who defeated him, and, a few years later, he manages to use a genetic virus to kill the firstborn of each commander. Koloth joins with Kang, Kor, and Dax to swear a blood oath for vengeance on their enemy.

Over the years, Dax and the three Klingons make several attempts to take the Albino down, but he constitently stays one step ahead of his pursuers. The vengeful Klingons do get close to him at Galdonterre, but once again he escapes. As Koloth gets older, he comes to fear that the Albino will die of old age before they have a chance to kill him.

Then, in 2370, Kang eventually receives information that leads him to the Albino, and he summons his companions to Deep Space Nine.

Even in old age, Koloth maintains his military bearing. He disapproves of his fellow Klingon Kor`s drinking, and maintains a cold and disciplined demeanor. Though his eyes are not as good as they were, he is still a Klingon to be reckoned with. He can bypass sophisticated security devices with ease, and can move on quietly that he can even surprise someone as alert as Constable Odo.

Kor accuses Koloth of practicing his knife skills on his food, like a child, and it is true that Koloth makes sure that he is always ready for battle. He regularly practices with his bat`leth in the holosuites, and is still capable of pinpoint accuracy; he can defeat as able an opponent as Jadzia Dax.

On Deep Space Nine, Koloth is shocked to discover that Curzon Dax is now a young female, Jadzia Dax. He is an instinctive sexist, and automatically assumes she will be unable to fight by his side. However, when she proves otherwise, Koloth embraces her as a fellow warrior.

Together, the three old Klingons and Dax go to Secarus IV, where the Albino has been hiding for more than 25 years. Of the four, Koloth is the best equipped for stealthy maneuvers, and he uses his skills with a bat`leth to convince one of the guards to inform them that the Albino really is inside his compound.

The elderly Klingons overcome the Albino`s vastly superior forces in hand-to-hand combat, but Koloth`s failing eyesight betrays him and he is struck down from behind. He dies in his old friend Kor`s arms, and Kor promises him that the story of his courage will be sung forever.

Koloth is such an able fighter that he survives into old age. His eyes may be a little weaker than they were, but he is still a fearsome warrior. Koloth`s greatest fear is that his foes will die before he can kill them.

  In the late 2260s, the Organian Peace Treaty prevents the Klingons from making open war on the Federation. As a result, they are forced to adopt a more covert approach. On K-7, Koloth`s men poison vital grain supplies intended for Sherman`s Planet.

  Koloth`s assignment brings him and his men into contact with one of the Klingon Empire`s greatest enemies - tribbles. These small, furry creatures detest Klingons, eat enormous amounts, and breed at an unbelievable rate.

   Few Klingons survive into old age, and those that do so often worry that they will die in their sleep. Koloth`s only fear is that his enemies will die first.

   Koloth moves silently through the forest on Secarus IV. He surprises the Albino`s guards with ease, and soon enters into his last fight.

  Kang, Koloth and Kor, have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of the Albino. They have sworn to kill him in revenge for the deaths of their children.

Profile on Koloth

NAME : Koloth

LIFE FORM : Klingon male

CAREER : As a young man, Koloth commands the Klingon battle cruiser Gr`oth. Later in life he maintains his fighting skills, hoping to kill the Albino in revenge for the death of his firstborn.

MEDICAL CONDITION : Koloth is in good health; he can still use his bat`leth with devastating effect. However, his eyesight has begun to fail.

CLOSE FRIENDS : Kor, Dax, Kang

SKILLS : Koloth is extremely skilled with the bat`leth, and he is capable of bypassing sophisticated security devices. He is stealthy enough to walk up to even the most alert guard without them noticing him.

FIRST SEEN : The Trouble with Tribbles [TOS]