Varian                Jared Martin

Dr Fred Walters        Carl Franklin

Scott Jordan                    Ike Eisenmann

Liana                                    Katie Saylor

Dr Jonathan Willoway                Roddy McDowall


Episode 1 - Vortex

Seaman Ben Wallace sails his ship the Yonder on a scientific expedition around the caribbean, carrying a team of scientists led by Paul Jordan, together with his son Scott, Eve Costigan, Dr Fred Walters, Jill Sands and two helpers. As they enter the Bermuda Triangle the Yonder is enveloped in a green mist, the sky darkens and amid the sound of ringing bells the engine goes dead. The crew are washed ashore on a large, mysterious island where they encounter a lost World War II aircraft, privateers from the Sixteenth Century, and Varian, a man from the year 2230. The island is a "Time Lock" where past, present and future meet, and in one of the zones the source, ruler of the city of Atlanteum, has identified one of the party as a suitable supply of life energy with which to renew itself.

Writers : Michael Michaelian, Kathryn Michealian Powers, Merwin Gerard

Special Guest Stars : Paul Jordan (Scott Thomas), Ben Wallace (Leif Erickson), Sir James Camden (Ian McShane), Carl Johanson (Scott Brady), Eve (Susan Howard)



Episode 2 - Atlanteum

With the rest of the team either dead or returned home by the Source, Varian, Scott and Fred enjoy the luxuries of Atlanteum, reassured by the promise that they too will be sent back. Growing steadily weaker, the Source tricks Scott and prepares to steal his life energy, but deep below the city the half-alien Liana and her protector Ltar prepare to fight back against the deadly dictator. Meanwhile, the Source has created a duplicate of Scott, which is programmed to kill Varian and Fred.

Writers : Kathryn Michaelian Powers

Special Guest Stars : Dar-L (Gary Collins), Rhea (Ann Mobley), Atar (Jason Evers), Ltar (Albert Stratton), Under (Ian John Tanza), Maron (Lawrence Bame), Voice of the Source (Mike Road)



Episode 3 - Beyond the Mountain

With Linda and her cat Sil-L as new additions to their group, the travellers arrive in another zone. A red cloud moves in from the horizon, and they are engulfed and find themselves in another strange land.

Liana is in an exotic paradise, where Jonathan Willoway rules a community of androids, and intends that she will be his bride. Beyond the mountain, Varian, Scott and Fred wake up in a foggy marshland, and meet green-skinned humanoids who have been driver from their home by Willoway, a scientist from the year 1963.

Writers : Harold Livingstone

Special Guest Stars : Cyrus (John David Carson), Rachel (Marj Dusay), Chef (Lester Fletcher), Taren (Frank Corsentino), Aren (Joseph Della Sorte).


Episode 4 - The Children of the Gods

In a war-torn city the travellers find a community of children with unusual powers, who have been mistreated by their elders and formed their own society. When Willoway unwittingly defiles a holy place, Scott is forced to fight with their leader.

Writers : Leonard Katzman

Special Guest Stars : Alpha (Mark Lamber), Sigma (Bobby Eibacher), Delta (Cosie Costa), Beta (Stanley Clay)



Episode 5 - A Dream of Conquest

The travellers stumble upon a squad of alien soldiers hunting an ape-like creature called the Neffring. They are captured and taken to their city, where Consul Lara asks for medical help for Major Consil Luthor. But Consul Tarant is planning to become leader upon Luther's death, and intends marching his warriors into the other time zones to fulfil his dream of conquest.

Writer : Michael Michaelian

Special Guest Stars : Tarant (John Saxon), Argon (Morgan Paull), Lara (Lenore Stevens), Luthor (Robert Patten), Nicki (Johnny Doran), Neffring (Bobby Porter)



Episode 6 - An Act of Love

Arriving in a volcanic land, the travellers seek sanctuary in a cave. Varian suffers vivid nightmares of a young woman falling into a pit of lava, and in the morning he finds her outside. The girl, Gwenith, is expecting Varian, and they find love at first sight. Later, Varian announces to his friends that he will stay in this zone and marry Gwenith, unaware that in this community's marriage ceremony the man is sacrificed to appease the volcano.

Writers : Richard Fielder

Special Guest Stars : Maera (Ellen Weston), Gwenith (Christina Hart), Zaros (Jonathan Goldsmith), Baras (Vic Mohica), Arla (Belinda Balaski), Heras (Jeffrey Byron)


Episode 7 - Funhouse

On the sire of a vast, deserted carnival the travellers meet Marcus Appolonius, the great magician of antiquity, and his companions, Roxanne and Barker. Appolonius was banished to the zone many centuries before by the Gods, but has since expanded his powers and intends to escape, but he must possess Willoway's body to replace his own hideous, mutated form.

Writers : Michael Michaelian

Special Guest Stars : Appolonius (Mel Ferrer), Roxanne (Mary Frann), Barker (Richard Lawson), Gwenith (Christina Hart)



Episode 8 - Turnabout

The Travellers are captured by warriors and taken to a city where sexual discrimination is a way of life, That is until the women decide to revolt, and sabotage the computer control system known as the Complex. Instantly the men are dematerialized, and Queen Halyana decides to keep Varian, Willoway and Fred as breeding stock. Unfortunately the Complex is out of control, its robotic Watchers have become hostile, and Willoway diagnoses the burnt-out components are irreparable.

Writers : DC Fontana, Ken Kolb

Special Guest Stars : Halyana (Joan Collins), Morgan (Paul Mantee), Adrea (Julie Cobb), Connell (Beverley Todd), Obril (Charles Walker II), Masel (Amy Joyce)

Episode 9 - Riddles

While Liana remains in the previous zone to help, intending to rendezvous with her friends later, Varian, Fred, Willoway and Scott are met by a man on horseback. The Rider speaks in riddles offering clues to the route home - they must follow Kendryn to a house, and seek out the Hall of Echoes. However, they discover that their key to freedom will rob three alien outcasts of their most prized possession, youth.

Writer : Katharyn Michaelian Powers

Special Guest Stars : Kedryn (Dale Robinette), Krysta (Carole Demas), Simkin (William O'Connell), Rider (Dax Xanos), Enid Jordan (Lynn Borden)



Episode 10 - The Innocent Prey

A prison transport ship from the 21st century crashlands in the zone. York, a psychotic murderer, kills the crew and escapes with his fellow prisoner - to be found by Varian, Fred , Scott and Willoway. They come upon an idyllic settlement which has achieved perfect harmony, harnessing mental powers using an object known as the Orb. The community has no concept of crime, and as York commits his first murder, they are incapable of preventing him from taking the Orb for himself, but the criminal has reckoned without the orb's ability to maintain peace.

Writer : Robert Hamilton

Special Guest Stars : York (Richard Jaeckel), Tye (Nicholas Hammond), Natica (Cheryl Ladd), Rayat (Lew Ayres), Co-Pilot (Gerald McRaney), Pilot (Burt Douglas), Roland (Jim Poyner)