In Jem`Hadar attack groups, the leader is referred to as the First; he is responsible for the actions of his men. There is also a Second and a Third in the team. Each of these three is charged with specific duties. Operating in this kind of triad makes the Jem`Hadar a most dangerous opponent.

The normal procedure when operating in a team of three is to spread out and attack simultaneously from different angles. The speed of the Jem`Hadars movements and the force of their attack can render even a numerically superiors enemy defenseless in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, the Jem`Hadar have a personal cloaking device, similar to the technology used for Romulan starship cloaking. Using this technology they can penetrate into the heart of an enemy stronghold virtually undetected and strike a fatal blow.

The Jem`Hadar believe that they begin the battle as dead men and that through victory they win back their lives. This ensures that they fear nothing, they enter the battle with nothing to lose.

Jem`Hadar teams often join into larger groups, still in numbers divisible by three. Each of these larger groups is commanded by a Vorta, who will give orders but will not join in the attack. If one compares the structure to the armies of Earth`s past, the Vorta are the officers and the Jem`Hadar is the platoon`s sergeant; the Vorta gives the orders, but is it the First who leads his men into battle.

The Jem`Hadar have a variety of weapons in their personal arsenal and are proficient at using them. Where a choice of settings exists they will always set a weapon on kill rather than stun. They do not appear to carry bladed weapons, relying upon the strength of their hands to do as much damage as a knife.

Jem`Hadar are highly intelligent and very attentive. They pick up everything that is said around them, gaining knowledge all the time. Is is an ability that allows them to absorb the tactics of their enemies during a fight, and to use the strengths of their opponents against them.

The Jem`Hadar value their own lives very little, a reflection of the attitude of the Founders and the Vorta, their social superiors in the Dominion hierarchy. If a Jem`Hadar is injured in battle, he must be killed by his companions so that he will not hinder the others. This is true even if his injuries are not life threatening. This willingness to die in order to serve the Dominion is what makes the Jem`Hadar such frightening opponents.

The Jem`Hadar affinity for battle is nature rather than nurture; separate a Jem`Hadar child from his people and he will still thirst for battle, as illustrated by the case of the Jem`Hadar infant which is found aboard Deep Space Nine. The child grows into a teenager within a few days, and even though he has no contact with others of his race, he is filled with such a rage to kill that only the intervention of Odo, the Changeling security chief, prevents chaos. The Jem`Hadar cannot escape their destiny - their overwhelming urge to fight.

The Jem`Hadar are physically strong, mentally alert, and ruthless. They place little value on their own lives and think nothing of killing others, although they do respect honor in opponents.

The Jem`Hadar use a combination of boxing and wrestling tactics in hand-to-hand combat. They are not subtle in their movements, preferring a straight ahead, in-your-face approach. Weaker opponents can be paralyzed with fear by their quickness.

The Jem`Hadar are bred to fight for the Founders, and loyalty to their creators comes before everything - even loyalty to their own kind. The Jem`hadar will stop renegades of their own race just as they would any other enemy of the Dominion.

The immense strength of the Jem`Hadar makes them extremely formidable in hand-to-hand combat. One of their most worthy adversaries is a Klingon warrior ; such a battle is a real contest between two of the physically strongest races of the known galaxy.

The Jem`Hadar often use sheer force of numbers to physically overpower an opponent. Their tactics rely more on brute force than subtlety; espionage is left to the Changelings.

The wrestling skills honed a Jem`Hadar practice rings are put to good use in the field. Although a Jem`Hadar strength allows him to kill with his bare hands, the warriors often take prisoners.

  Jem`Hadar teams most often operate in teams divisible by three. This is true of their warships as well as individual warriors. Teams tend to split up and surround the enemy, then attack them from all sides.

  Jem`Hadar have access to technology that allows them to transport onto other vessels even when those ships are shielded. This allows enemy crews to be overcome in hand-to-hand combat.