David Vincent : Roy Thinnes            Narrator : William Woodson            Main Title Announcer : Hank Sims


Season One

Episode 1 - Beachhead

'How does a nightmare begin?' For David Vincent, architect, returning home from a business trip, it began a few minutes past four on a lost Tuesday morning, looking for a short cut that he never found. It began with a welcoming sign that gave hope of black coffee. It began with a closed, deserted diner, and a man too long without sleep to continue his journey. In the weeks to come, David Vincent would go back to how it all began many times....

Vincent attempts to convince Lt Holman and his business partner Alan Landers about what he saw, but his story is contradicted by a young couple who have strangely stiff little fingers. Later, Vincent sees that the young man's hands are glowing.

First ABC transmission : 10th January 1967

Special Guest Star : Mrs Kathy Adams (Diane Baker), Det Lt Ben Holman (J D Cannon), Alan Landers (James Daly), Carver (John Milbury)



Episode 2 - The Experiment

'Plot, or paranoia?, There was no doubt in David Vincent's mind. A celebrated astrophysicist, Dr Curtis Lindstrom, had discovered the truth: that alien beings were here on Earth.'

Vincent rushes to the support of Lindstrom who plans to expose the invaders, at a scientific conference in seven days, but finds him hospitalized by his son who fears his father is paranoid.

First ABC transmission : 10th January 1967

Special Guest Stars : Lloyd Lindstorm (Roddy McDowall), Laurence Naismith (Professor Lindstrom), Dr Meuller (Harold Gould), The Minister (Dabbs Greer)



Episode 3 - The Mutation

'Three weeks since the report of a crash and strange glowing lights had bought reporters, the Air Force and David Vincent to the border town of Losario. Betrayed by his own kind and left to die under a blazing sun, he retains a vision of a ship launched by anther kind under another sun'

Monitored by Air Force Intelligence Agent Fellows, Vincent aims to locate the crippled saucer he saw in the Mexican desert, and is lured into a trap by a stripper called Vikki.

First ABC transmission : 24th January 1967

Special Guest Stars : Vikki (Suzanne Pleshette), Evans (Edward Andrews), Fellows (Lin McCarthy)


Episode 4 - The Leeches

'Two men with their eyes on the heavens coming together now in a small South-West city. David Vincent, who seeks the invader, and Warren Doneghan, president of JAE, Jet Age Electronics'

Doneghan calls in Vincent after five of his scientists go missing and Dr Markham turns up insane in New Mexico; Doneghan feels he is next to be kidnapped and agrees to act as bait in Vincent's trap.

First ABC transmission : 31st January 1967

Special Guest Stars : Warren Doneghan (Arthur Hill), Tom Wiley (Mark Richman), Eve Doneghan (Diana van der Vlis), Hastings (Robert H Harris)



Episode 5 - Genesis

'A police officer has seen something so terrifying that he has been driven to hysteria. And from hysteria to the thin edge of madness, his incoherent words describing a creature not of this world'

Vincent's interest in what Hal Corman saw in a station wagon leads him to a Rhode Island town where he and a sceptical Lt Lucather investigate strange work at the Newport Sea Lab.

First ABC transmission : 7th February 1967

Special Guest Stars : Greg Lucather (John Larch), Selene Lowell (Carol Rossen), Dr Grayson (Frank Overton).



Episode 6 - Vikor

'David Vincent had read the story in the newspapers; how, before he died, a telephone lineman had described to his partner a glowing, burning man'

Vincent gets a job as a driver with Vikor Enterprises in Florida, and the company's owner, war hero George Vikor, has been promised power and influence by a mysterious new investor, Mr Nexus.

First ABC transmission : 14th February 1967

Special Guest Stars : Sherri Vikor (Diana Hyland), George Vikor (Jack Lord), Mr Nexus (Alfred Ryder).



Episode 7 - Nightmare

'Thirty miles from the geographical centre of America, at its very heart is the town of Grady. Population; 5312.... resentful of any threat from the world outside'

Intrigued by three locust attacks on Grady, Vincent tries to discover the truth from Ellen Woods, a traumatized school teacher trapped by the swarm. But Ellen now claims she imagined the strange silver box she saw being operated at a local farm just before the attack..

First ABC transmission : 21st February 1967

Special Guest Stars : Ellen Woods (Kathleen Widdoes), Oliver Ames (Robert Emhardt), Miss Havergill (Jeanette Nolan), Ed Gidney (James Callahan)


Episode 8 - Doomsday Minus One

'David Vincent had received an urgent call from a man he'd never met to come to a motel he'd never heard of in a desert he'd never seen..'

Major Graves at the US Army Utah Proving Grounds calls in Vincent after the death of Charlie Spence, a man who claimed that a top engineer on the forthcoming underground atomic tests met a spacecraft in Greylock Crater.

First ABC transmission : 28th February 1967

Special Guest Stars : General Theodore beaumont (Andrew Duggan), Major Rick Graves (William Windom), Tomkins (Wesley Addy)



Episode 9 - Quantity : Unknown

'A small plane crashes, leaving no trace of its victims. A mail truck is attacked, twp security guards killed, a killer disappears in a burst of flame..'

Vincent goes to Sperick Laboratories where scientists are about to study an almost weight-less metal cylinder taken from the crash; he is then accused of being an alien by a security guard whose family was killed after seeing a saucer..

First ABC transmission : 7th March 1967

Special Guest Stars : Diane Oberly (Susan Strasberg), Harry Swain (James Witmore), Colonel Griffith (William Talman), A J Richards (Milton Selzer)



Episode 10 - The Innocent

'In a decaying lobster port in Maine, David Vincent searches for a man who has seen the invaders; a fisherman named Nat Geely who has taken one of their weapons, a strange metallic disc'

Vincent finds himself subpoenaed by Captain Ross of Clement Air Force Base to testify about the existence of the aliens in Washington; he must locate Greely and his evidence in the small waterfront town.

First ABC transmission : 14th March 1967

Special Guest Stars : Magnus (Michael Rennie), Nat greely (Willian Smithers), Edna Greely (Patrica Smith), Helen (Katherine Justice).



Episode 11 - The Ivy Curtain

"This is Mr William Burns: educator, business administrator, here on planet Earth for less than a year, David Vincent first saw Burns at an alien installation in Miami.."

Vincent follows Burns to Camera, New Mexico, where he is captured and taken to the Midlands Academy; the education establishment is teaching newly arrived aliens to simulate emotions and use fear as a weapon to destroy Humanity...

First ABC transmission : 21st March 1967

Special Guest Stars : Barney Cahill (Jack Warden), Stacy (Susan Oliver), Mr Burns (David Sheiner), Dr Reynard (Murray Matheson), Lt Alvarado (Barry Russo)



Episode 12 : The Betrayed

"Three months ago, David Vincent had come to the Carver oilfields in Houston. There had been reports of unexplained light, and that same night two watchmen had been found dead..."

Investigating an oil wagon of the carver Oil Company, Vincent finds an alien installation and manages to steal a computer tape: evidence which, when decrypted, should enable Neal Taft to convince magnate Simon carver of the alien presence...

First ABC transmission : 28th March, 1967

Special Guest Stars : Simon Carver (Ed Begley), Laura Devon (Susan Carver), Evelyn Bowers (Nancy Wickwire), Neal Taft (Norman Fell)



Episode 13 - Storm

"In the nightmare world in which David Vincent moves there is seldom reason or logic, and so a hurricane that occurs out of season, that blankets a 500-mile area yet spares a single town ... brings Vincent to a fishing town near the Florida Keys.."

In St Matthew Beach, Vincent hopes to meet Dr Gantley at the home of father Carelli; after Gantley is found dead in his boat, Vincent investigates the chapel along-side Carelli`s home.

First ABC transmission : 4th April 1967

Special Guest Stars : Father Joe (Joseph Campanella), Barbara Luna (Lisa), Dr MacLeuen (Dean Harens), Luis Perez (Carlos Romero), Dr Malcolm Gantley (Simon Scott).



Episode 14 - Panic

"A truck driver's bizarre death only added to the growing panic in a remote corner of West Virginia, Nine had died in a 48-hour period; all frozen..."

Joining Dr George Grundy at a Board of Health Emergency Headquarters Vincent hears from a witness about the young hiker whose touch froze a truck driver; a young man who is on the run from both the authorities and his own kind.

First ABC transmission : 11th April 1967

Special Guest Stars : Nick Baxter (Robert Walker), Madeleine Flagg (Lynn Loring), Gus Flagg (R G Armstrong), Deputy Wallace (Len Wayland)


Episode 15 : Moonshot

"The Florida Keys, Two astronauts on pass, marlin fishing, eight days before the launching of the United States first Moonshot..."

A boat bearing the astronauts hits a bank of suffocating red for: Vincent arrives to find that investigating security chief Gavin Lewis was also once an astronaut and has possible contact with the aliens.

First ABC transmission : 18th April 1967

Special Guest Stars : Gavin Lewis (Peter Graves), Angela Smith (Joanne Linville), Harry Smith (John Ericson), Stan Arthur (Kent Smith), Tony LaCava (Anthony Eisley)



Episode 16 - Wall of Crystal

"An accident on a deserted highway. A honeymoon couple that dies by suffocation in the open air. A chemical truck traced to a company that doesn't exist..."

At the scene of the collision. Vincent finds a strange crystal buried in the sand by the dying groom and goes to tv news anchorman Theodore Booth with the proof. Then a mysterious fat man warns Vincent off, threatening his brother's family.

First ABC transmission : 2nd may 1967

Special Guest Stars : Theodore Booth (Burgess Meredith), Dr Bob Vincent (Linden Chiles), Grave Vincent (Julie Sommers), Taugus (Edward Asner)



Episode 17 - The Condemned

"A little girl's story of a truck that melted and disappeared eventually reached the newspapers and the eyes of David Vincent .... now a nightmare enlarges as the girl describes a man seen running from the ill-fated truck .... Morgan Tate, head of a nearby communications laboratory.."

Investigating Tate's plant, Vincent narrowly escapes an attack by an invader, only to be arrested and accused of the murder of Tate.

First ABC transmission : 9th May 1967

Special Guest Stars : Morgan Tate (Ralph Bellamy), Carol Tate (Marlyn Mason), Lewis Dunhill (Murray Hamilton), John Finney (John Ragin)



Season Two

David Vincent - Roy Thinnes          Edgar Scoville - Kent Smith (Episodes 14-26)


Episode 1 - Condition : Red

"A physician reports the death of a woman. Two hours later, her husband, a NORAD major, reports her very much alive..."

Vincent believes that NORAD's combat operations centre beneath Shire Mountain is an alien target; infiltrating the establishment as a journalist he tries to convince Major Dan Keller that his new wife of three months may well be an invader.

First ABC transmission : 5th September 1967

Special Guest Stars : Laurie Keller (Antoinette Bower), Dan Keller (Jason Evers), Mr Arius (Mort Mills).



Episode 2 - The Saucer

"A man has seen a flying saucer; an old and familiar story to David Vincent, but John Carter swears he can predict the day and place when another saucer will land ..."

After a night virgil, Vincent and Carter manage to overcome the alien crew of a landed saucer in the desert; however they have not reckoned with the arrival of a couple from a nearby crashed plane, a couple who are on the run ....

First ABC transmission : 12th September 1967

Special Guest Stars : Annie Rhodes (Ann Francis), Robert Morrison (Charles Drake), John Carter (Dabney Coleman), Alien Leader (Sandy Kenyon)



Episode 3 - The Watchers

"The manager of a famed resort hotel has been driven to suicide by the delusion that alien beings had taken over his hotel. Convinced that the man's story was no delusion, David Vincent promptly travelled to this small Virginia airport..."

Vincent discovers finds the hotel preparing for electronics wizard Paul Cook and his blind niece Maggies. Cook is about to solve all the defence problems of the USA, and the aliens have infiltrated the hotel.

First ABC transmission : 19th September 1967

Special Guest Stars : Paul Cook (Kevin McCarthy), Margaret Cook (Shirley Knight), Ramsey (Leonard Stone), Simms (Robert Yuro), Danvers (Walter Brooke)


Episode 4 - Valley of the Shadow

"Carterville, Wyoming. Once a processing centre for local copper mines, now a relic. Population 1216. In its 71 years, Carterville has had only four murder cases. The latest committed by a member of an alien race will never be recorded in the history books.."

Joe Manners, is arrested for murdering Dr Sam La Ruse, and Vincent arrives at the police station claiming Manners is an alien. Manners is shot while escaping and burns up in front of the whole town.

First ABC transmission : 26th September 1967

Special Guest Stars : Maria McKinley (Nan Martin), Will Hale (Harry Townes), Sheriff Clements (Ron Hayes),



Episode 5 - The Enemy

"For two days, planes have crossed and re-crossed the Utah wilderness, searching for some clue to the fiery objects witnesses swear  plunged from the sky. Only one man continues the search, for somewhere in the forbidding mountains may be the remains of an alien spacecraft."

An injured alien from a crashed saucer is found by Gale Frazer, a nurse newly returned from the horrors of Viet Nam who is losing her regard for Humanity.

First ABC transmission : 3rd October 1967

Special Guest Stars : Gale Frazer (Barbara Barrie), Blake (Richard Anderson), Vern Hammond (Paul Mantee)



Episode 6 - The Trial

"David Vincent, brought to Jackson City by a report of alien presence, must now help a friend account for the absence of that alien. At 2'o clock this afternoon, Charles Gilman goes on trial for the murder of Fred Wilk..."

Vincent attempts to find evidence from Wilk`s widow that her husband of one year was an alien. Vincent is sure that Gilman did not murder Wilk, but is unaware that Gilman had a previous romantic involvement with Janet Wilk...

First ABC transmission : 10th October 1967

Special Guest Stars : Charlie Gilman (Don Gordon), Robert Bernard (Ruseell Johnson), Allen Slater (Harold Gould), Janet Wilk (Lynda Day), Fred Wilk (John Rayner)



Episode 7 - The Spores

"Several hours ago, a radio newscast carried a strange report. A deputy sheriff in Philipsburg reported an accident in which the passengers vanished in a burst f flame..."

A van crashes at a police roadblock, but one man escapes with a silver case. Vincent learns that the police sergeant has a history of drinking, and manages to intercept the alien with the case, a case which contains seed that are the latest threat to colonize the earth.

First ABC transmission : 17th October 1967

Special Guest Stars : Tom Jessup (Gene Hackman), Jack Palay (Mark Miller), Sally Palay (Patrica Smith), Ernie Godhaver (John Randolph), Mattson (Wayne Rogers)



Episode 8 - Dark Outpost

"An ambulance wrecked on a California highway, its two attendants dead. Cause of death in both cases; cerebral haemorhhage. To the world, a bizarre coincidence. To David Vincent, much more.."

Eye-witnesses say that Mr Thatcher appeared to have collapsed with chicken-pox before his abducrtion from the ambulance. Investigating a storage company which Thatcher wanted to reach, Vincent is whisked away on board a saucer to a rocky wilderness.

First ABC transmission : 24th October 1967

Special Guest Stars : Vern Corbett (Andrew Prine), Eileen Brown (Dawn Wells), Hal (Tim McIntyre), Steve (Tom Lowell), Thatcher (Sam Edwards)



Episode 9 - Summit Meeting (1 of 2)

"A man toils late into the night. A man whose job is only a necessary delay in performing his won self-assigned mission. But that mission, doing battle with the most dangerous enemy in the history of Earth, may be resumed at any moment."

Vincent meets Michael Tressider, the government's largest defence contractor, who reveals that worldwide levels of radioactivity are increasing, apart from Scandinavia where UFOs are sighted. Tressider and Vincent aim to infiltrate the Baltic demonstration of a new anti-pollution element, AR5.

First ABC transmission : 31st October 1967

Special Guest Stars : Ellie Markham (Diana Hyland), Per Alquist (Michael Rennie), Michael Tressider (WIlliam Windom), Thor Halvorsen (Eduard Franz), General Blaine (Ford Rainey).


Episode 10 - Summit Meeting (2 of 2)

"A summit conference in a mountain stronghold, 18 miles from the Baltic Sea. David Vincent and his ally and friend Michael Tressider step off the helicopter into a moment of History. They share the grim knowledge that this conference was initiated and is being controlled by alien invaders.."

Vincent and Tressider confront the Baltic President with the revelation that Thor Halverson's aide is an invader, but the officials know of the aliens' presence and believe that it is to prevent world panic.

First ABC transmission : 7th November 1967

Special Guest Stars : Ellie Markham (Diana Hyland), Per Alquist (Michael Rennie), Michael Tressider (WIlliam Windom), Thor Halvorsen (Eduard Franz)



Episode 11 - The Prophet

"David Vincent has seen the Phophet, a saintly figure who announces the coming of a heavenly host; whose skin begins to glow at the climax of each service. Evidence that Brother Avery is an alien invader ad reason for Vincent to contact Bill shay of Now magazine.."

Vincent attempts to infiltrate the followers as Brother Denis Victor, certain that Brother Avery's glow is caused by part of the alien regeneration process ..

First ABC transmission : 14th November 1967

Special Guest Stars : Brother Avery (Pat Hingle), Sister Claire (Zina Bethune), Bill Shay (Roger Perry), Brother John (Richard O'Brien), Brother James (Byron Keith)



Episode 12 - Labyrinth

"A small town doctor has died and his patient disappeared. But now David Vincent has evidence, X-rays that can prove the presence of alien beings here. Evidence that he can turn over to a government research project at a prominent Illinous University.."

Vincent secures plates showing the boneless chest of a dead alien, and goes to meet Dr Cromwell and Professor Harrison-- only to be confronted by alien imposters.

First ABC transmission : 21st November 1967

Special Guest Stars : Dr Samuel Crowell (Ed Begley), Laura Crowell (Sally Kellerman), Dr Harry Mills (James Callaghan).



Episode 13 - The Captive

"In a confused and divided world one thing remains certain: a man must earn his daily dread. And so David Vincent takes advantage of a precious lull in his lonely war.."

A burglar at the United Nations headquarters is shot and captured; he does not bleed, Josef Dansk  informs Vincent of this capture, but the architect soon finds himself implicated by the captured alien in a fake conspiracy to provoke war.

First ABC transmission : 28th November 1967

Special Guest Stars : Peter Borke (Fritz Weaver), Dr Katherine Serret (Dana Wynter), Sanders (Don Dubbins), Josef (Lawrence Dane)



Episode 14 - The Believers

"Finally it has happened. A group of people have banded together, believers who have seen, who know what David Vincent knows. A group of believers who by their very nature become the aliens' chief target for extinction.."

Vincent is captured by the aliens and his new comrades killed. Subjected to interrogation, Vincent learns from fellow captives. psychologist Elyse Reynolds, that the aliens will use mass crowd response to turn Los Angeles into a city of panic the next day.

First ABC transmission : 5th December 1967

Special Guest Stars : Elyse Reynolds (Carol Lynley), Bob Torin (Anthony Eisley), Harland (Donald Davis), Prof Hellman (Rhys Williams), Torberg (Than Wyenn)



Episode 15 - The Ransom

"Surprise encounter in a closed ski-lodge; the capture of an alien being whose importance David Vincent cannot know. A leader whose loss jeopardizes the invaders foothold on the planet Earth.."

Vincent and Bob Torin capture an alien leader in Harper County, Vermont. However, the leader says that he must regenerate in seven hours, and claims that his survival is so vital that he will even call off the invasion of Earth in exchange for his freedom.

First ABC transmission : 12th December 1967

Special Guest Stars : Cyrus Stone (Laurence Naismith), The Alien Leader (Alfred Ryder), Claudia Stone (Karen Black), Bob Torin (Anthony Eisley), Garth (Lawrence Montaigne).



Episode 16 - Task Force

"William Mace made the most important decision of his life, and hours later members of an enemy force began to assemble at an alien task force, summoned to an urgent summit meeting ..."

Vincent and Scoville secure the help of publishing magnate William Mace in their struggle, despite Mace`s dislike of Vincent. The aliens aim to control the US news services, exerting pressure on Mace's nephew.

First ABC transmission : 26th December 1967

Special Guest Stars : Heremy (Linden Chiles), June Murray (Nancy Kovak), William Mace (Martin Wolfson), Eric H Lund (Frank Marth)



Episode 17 - The Possessed

"Willard Sanitarium, a place of rest and health. But for David Vincent there will be a terrifying vision of the future waiting at the end of this peaceful road."

Vincent is summoned to former college room-mate Dr Ted Willard, but on arrival finds that Ted cannot remember writing the letter to ask him because of a recent fall. Vincent suspects that Adam Lane who is working with Ted's brother is an alien.

First ABC transmission : 2nd January 1968

Special Guest Stars : Martin Willard (Michael Constantine), Ted Willard (Michael Tolan), Adam Lane (William Smithers), Janet Garner (Katherine Justice), Burt Newcomb (Charles Bateman)



Episode 18 - Counter-Attack

"Astronomer Eliot Kramer is dead, but as a legacy to seven people who know our planet is under attack, he has bequeathed a powerful weapon, a computerized program that will at last enable his seven friends to go from defence to attack.."

An old friend of Scoville's isolates the wavebands controlling the invaders' saucers, allowing the believers to jam the navigational signals. However, Vincent is held regarding Kramer's murder by the aliens.

First ABC transmission : 9th January 1968

Special Guest Stars : Lin McCarthy (Archie Harmon), Donald Davis (Lucian), Joan Surrat (Anna Capri), Jim Bryce (John Milford), Blake (Don Chastain), Elliot Kramer (Ross Elliott)



Episode 19 - The Pit

"Professor Julian Reed, a member of David Vincent's group of believers, has been hospitalized as insane. But is he a victim of the aliens, or of his own mind?.."

Reid falls from a building, apparently seeing aliens all around him and saucers over the Slaton Research Centre. However, when Vincent visits him at Brookside Hospital he claims that a dream machine, the core of his Space race project, is being used to discredit him by inducing him with this psychosis.

First ABC transmission : 16th January 1968

Special Guest Stars : Prof Julian Reed (Charles Aidman), Pat Reed (Joanne Linville), Jeff Brower (Donald Harron), John Slaton (Simon Scott)



Episode 20 - The Organisation

"A search for evidence of an alien spacecraft has led David Vincent into the hands of a ruthless enemy - unaware that the freighter he searched contained not one alien cargo, but two..."

Mike Calvin and Vincent investigate a ship which may contain debris from a UFO crash, but come under attack. Vincent is taken to a closed hotel where it seems that his captors are not aliens, but the minions of crime syndicate boss Peter Kalter.

First ABC transmission : 30th January 1968

Special Just Stars : Peter Kalter (J D Cannon), Mike Calvin (Chris Robinson), Mr Weller (Larry Gates), Cort (Roy Poole)



Episode 21 - The Peacemaker

"For two years, David Vincent has been waging war on two fronts; one against the alien invaders, the other an attempt to enlist allies in high places while there is still time. Now finally with the help of some friends in the military, David Vincent is opening the second front.."

A captured alien in an underground base is allowed to commit suicide; Colonel Harmon is then approached by invaders who plan the return of their man.

First ABC transmission : 6th February 1968

Special Guest Stars : General Concannon (James Daly), Sarah Concannon (Phyllis Thaxter), Colonel Archie Harmon (Lin McCarthy), The Alien Leader (Alfred Ryder).



Episode 22 - The Vise

"For two days, a senate sub-committee has been meeting to consider the nomination of a man-named Arnold Warren for an important post in the international Space program. David Vincent has reason to believe that Warren is an alien. He has 24 hours to prove it."

Vincent meets Jim Baxter who is doing a clearance report on Warren. Baxter is suspicious, but Baxter's wife is anxious that Warren is given the post; Warren is black and America's negro society needs such people in important positions.

First ABC transmission : 20th February 1968

Special Guest Stars : James Baxter (Raymond St Jacques), Celia Baxter (Janet MacLachalan), Arnold Warren (Roscoe Lee Browne), William Gehrig (Austin Willis), Ollie (Louis Gossett)



Episode 23 - The Miracle

"News of a miracle finds David Vincent and draws him to a small New Mexico town. Here, according to legend, the Virgin appeared to two Indian children and wept... years later a young girl was presented a gift by a vanishing stranger, a gift that is in fact the heart of an awesome new weapon aimed at Mankind..."

Beth Ferguson is given a crystal by a dying invader, and the crystal becomes the centre of a sacred shrine.

First ABC transmission : 27th February 1968

Special Guest Stars : Beth Ferguson (Barbara Hershey), Harry Ferguson (Edward Asner), Father Paul (Arch Johnson), Ricky (Robert Biheller), Johnny (Christopher Shea)



Episode 24 - The Life Seekers

"A critically wounded officer. A garbled account of glowing, vanishing assailants. A phone call from a physician who has come to believe in invaders from Space - and David Vincent moves into the centre of a widening dragnet."

Investigating the report of Officer Joe Nash, Vincent is spotted by the alien couple who have escaped the police roadblock. Vincent is contacted and told that the pair are marked for death - by their own kind.

First ABC transmission : 5th March 1968

Special Guest Stars : Keith (Barry Morse), Capt Battersea (R G Armstrong), Claire (Diana Muldar), Capt Trent (Arthur Franz), Officer Joe Nash (Stephen Brooks)



Episode 25 - The Pursued

"The Sycamore Guest House, Arbor City, Massacheusets; scene of a vicious, senseless killing, David Vincent has been summoned here by a woman he'd never met. Her name : Anne Gibbs ... marked for death by creatures from an alien planet."

A frantic woman trying to evade two men attempts to meet Vincent, but then stabs a hotel receptionist who tries to cll for the police to help her. Vincent finally meets the alien woman, victim of a failed experiment.

First ABC transmission : 12th March 1968

Special Guest Stars : Anne Gibbs (Suzanne Pleshette), Hank Willis (Will Geer), Sheriff Halloway (Dana Elcar), Charles McKay (Richard O'Brien), Corwin (Gene Lyons)



Episode 26 - Inquisition

"Minutes after the violent death of one of Washington's most beloved senators, David Vincent and Edgar Scoville are hustled to the office of special assistant to attorney general, Andrew M Hatcher."

Hatcher believes that the death of Senator Breeding - to whom Scoville and Vincent were presenting evidence against government minister Arthur Coy - was in fact engineered by Scoville because the Senator was about to withdraw defence contracts from Scoville's companies.

First ABC transmission : 26th March 1968

Special Guest Stars : Andrew Hatcher (Mark Richman), Joan Seeley (Susan Oliver), James Boland (John Milford), Stanley Frederickson (Robert H Harris), Robert Breeding (Alex Gerry)





Nolan Wood is released after serving a sedated sentence for the manslaughter of an ecologist in 1988. Travelling to the Mojave town of Barstow to see his estranged wife and son, he finds himself accepting a lift from a man who takes over his mind and has him kill Dr Josh Webber - a medic who has identified a non-human blood type which he took from an accident victim who vanished in a blaze of light at his hospital. Wood's son, Kyle, realises that there is something strange about his step-father, and Josh's girlfriend Dr Ellen Garza finds herself caught in a nightmarish conspiracy..

First Fox transmission : 12 & 14th November 1995

Starring : Nolan Wood (Scott Baklua), Dr Ellen Garza (Elizabeth Pena), David Vincent (Roy Thinnes), Jerry Thayer (Richard Thomas), Amanda Thayer (DeLane Matthews), Lt Coyle (Terence Knox), Kyle Thayer (Mario Yeddia).