Sheriff Lucas Buck - Gary Cole Gail Emory - Paige Turco Dr Matt Crower - Jake Webber Dr Billy Peele - John Mese
Selena Coombs - Brenda Bakke Meryl Temple - Sarah Paulson Caleb Temple - Lucas Black Deputy Sheriff Ben Healy - Nick Searcy

LUCAS BUCK - Buck is Trinity's strange and mysterious sheriff (that's Buck with a Bas the sheriff himself says). Lucas has dark powers that make him no mere mortal: he may have made a pact with the devil or other dark forces in the past.

Anyone entering Trinity, good or evil, is well advised to note who is in charge. Lucas has a hold over the residents and visitors of Trinity, though Good sometimes does triumph over Evil. He helps out the townsfolk in many ways but expects his help to be repaid. Refusing to do so is not advisable.

Lucas's main battle is with the spirit of Merlyn Temple, and he is on a constant quest to ensure Caleb Temple follows his path.

GAIL EMORY - Gail is Caleb and Merlyn's cousin. She is a reporter and has returned to Trinity to keep an eye on Caleb and to investigate the death of her parents. They died in 1976, locked in the Trinity newspaper building when it caught fire.

Gail knows that Lucas found her parents' bodies and suspects that he had something to do with their deaths. She is also attracted to Lucas and is slowly developing feelings for him, but she never lets her guard down and won't rest until she discovers the truth.

There's more in store for her than she realises.

MATT COWER - Matt is the local doctor and a graduate from Harvard. He moved to Trinity to start afresh losing his wife and daughter in a car accident whilst driving under the influence of alcohol.

Matt is in a constant battle with Lucas over Caleb. He is the boy's other father figure, and he tries to dissuade Caleb from following Lucas's ways. He does not like Lucas one bit, and has attempted to find proof of what he has done and show him for what he really is - but this is one area in which he is destined to lose.

SELENA COOMBS - Selena is a deadly as she is attractive and oozes sex appeal. She teaches at the local school and is also Lucas's partner. She is attracted to men with both power and charm, and has an appetite for inventive and dangerous sex. Selena uses her beauty and her body to get what she wants, and does anything Lucas tells her - until certain events change her loyalties to an extent. Try as she might, however, she cannot escape Lucas and Trinity
MERLYN TEMPLE - Merlyn is Caleb's older sister. recently deceased (her neck broken by Lucas, who was 'doing what was best for her'), she has returned as a spirit to guide Caleb on the right path and stop him from following Lucas's influence.

As she learns to cope with life as a spirit and get used to her new-found powers, Merlyn finds it increasingly difficult to guide Caleb. She grows angrier and more vindictive, and this works to turn Caleb against her on occasion.

CALEB TEMPLE - Caleb is Lucas's son, conceived when his mother was raped by the sheriff. The boy seems to have some of his father's powers - powers which are growing stronger each day.

Caleb is beginning to accept the fact that Lucas is his real father. Currently living at a boarding house, he walks a fine line between Good and Evil, torn between Lucas and the spirit of his dead sister, each trying to persuade him to follow a different path.

Although Merlyn and the other good people of Trinity are doing their best to show Caleb right from wrong, Lucas is biding his time and does not always lose the battle.

Episode 1 - American Gothic (2 parter)

Things go horribly wrong on Caleb's birthday when his father, Gage, attempts to kill his own daughter, Merlyn. The sheriff finishes the job properly, leaving the deputy troubled by what he has witnessed. At the local hospital Caleb is befriended by Dr Matt Crower, but the sheriff also has an interest in him. Gail Emory, on seeing the news about the death of his cousin, travels to Trinity.

Things become really mysterious when Gage Temple is found dead in his cell. Caleb starts to see messages written in blood and meets the spirit of his dead sister. Dr Crower attempts to dig up information on the Temple family and the sheriff, who is not all he seems, goes after Caleb.

First US transmission : 22nd September 1995

Special Guest Stars : Gage Temple (Sonny Shroyer), Rita Barber (Lynda Clark), Dan Truelane (Michael Burgess)



Episode 2 - A Tree Grows in Trinity

Caleb is still on the run from Lucas and meets his sister along the way. He finds an abandoned cabin to stay in during the night, but also finds a mysterious, tongue-less man. Strange things happen around the coroner when he falsifies an autopsy on Gage and Merlyn Temple. Matt Crower continues his investigation into the Temples' deaths. Meanwhile Merlyn is having to cope with life as a spirit.

First US transmission : 29th September 1995

Special Guest Stars : Manuel Fanto (Arnold Vosloo), Harlan Jeeter (Ron Perkins), Dr Daniel Truelane (Michael Burgess)


Episode 3 - Eye of the beholder

Things go wrong for Matt when a patient wakes up during an operation. Lucas attempts to influence the decision on Caleb's future in many ways, including having a `friendly chat` with Dr Daniel Truelane, and sending a gift, a mirror, to his wife, Cheryl Truelane. But when the mirror is broken it brings bad luck to the Truelane's, Meanwhile Caleb is led to a boarding house by his sister and meets the owner, whilst Matt's past is brought up.

First US transmission :6th October 1995

Special Guest Stars : Sheryl Truelane (N'Bushe Wright), Dr Daniel Truelane (Michael Burgess), Loris Holt (Tina Lifford).



Episode 4 - Damned If You Don`t

Lucas pays a visit to Carter Bowen to get the services of his daughter, but Carter leaves it too late to sign the consent form and his wife gets electrocuted. But it's not over yet and Lucas has more in store for Carter than he realises when a man with a dangerous past comes back to Trinity. Meanwhile Merlyn is sad to see the direction Caleb is taking when Lucas gives him some money to complete a school project. Gail sees her parents' old car in a junk yard and finds something of importance.

First US transmission : 10th October 1995

Special Guest Stars : Wash Sutpen (Muse Watson), Poppy Bowen (Brigid Walsh), Carter Bowen (Steve Rankin), Etta Bowen (Judy Simpson Cook)



Episode 5 - Dead to the World

Gail visits an old childhood friend but discovers that she died many years ago in a car accident, and threat the car or body was never recovered from the river. She finds a letter which leads her to Lucas and manages to find the car which is pulled out of the river, but that there is no body inside. Meanwhile, Caleb and Boone are in the archery contest and Lucas helps Caleb by giving him a new bow. Ben finds out that his ex-wife's husband has been beating her and confronts him about it, but when things go wrong Lucas decides to help.

First US transmission : 13th October 1995

Special Guest Stars : Janice Gallagher (Linda Pierce), Holly Gallagher (Melissa Suzanne McBride), Waylon Flood (John Shearin)



Episode 6 - Potato Boy

In a town where everyone seems to be having problems. Caleb is told the story of the Potato Boy by his friends, a boy who has a beautiful singing voice, but is both terribly deformed and blind. Merlyn tells him that the Potato Boy is just lonely, but he does not understand. Caleb begins to form a bond with Lucas and Selena. Selena goes to meet a priest at a church but has problems trying to see him. Ben sees a psychiatrist about his problems with Lucas.

First US transmission : unaired in the US

Special Guest Stars : Loris Holt (Tina Lifford), Rev Coombs (John Bennes), Potato Boy (Trip Cogburn), Potato Boy Vocalist (Zander Heinen), Mrs Russell (Sara Lynn Moore)


Episode 7 - Meet the Beetles

Caleb and Boone find a skeleton among the ruins of his old house which turns out to be the bones of a recently deceased man, Hack Weller. Lucas discovers that Weller's wife has called her brother to investigate and he suspects Lucas has something to do with it. Gail, doing her own investigations, finds out a few interesting things, When another person goes missing the finger points at Lucas again, Caleb has his own problems when he sees how own grave and also receives a large sum of cash.

First US transmission : 29th October 1995

Special Guest Star : Lt Drey (Bruce Campbell), Fred Bender (Mark Joy), Curtis Z Webb (David Lenthall), Boone (Chris Fennell).



Episode 8 - Strong Arm of the Law

Trinity's citizens question Lucas's power when a few men come into town and set up a protection racket, and Lucas is seen not to be doing anything about it. People are being beaten, threatened and even murdered. Gail's investigation almost turns her into a victim of the gang. Talking to the gang seems to be having little effect, so one by one Lucas dispenses with his won brand of justice. Meanwhile Caleb's powers seem to be growing.

First US transmission : 3rd November 1995

Special Guest Stars : Barrett Stokes (Matt Craven), Earl McKeever (Joseph Lindsey), Just Eddie (Jim Gloster), Lowell Stokes (Richard Edson), Boone (Chris Fennell), Cecil Perkins (Dean Whitworth).



Episode 9 - To Hell and Back

Matt has a flashback to the night he accidentally killed his family. Lucas finds out that Matt's contract at the hospital is up for renewal. Whilst trying to save a woman in a recent car accident he begins hallucinating and sees his wife, and later on, his daughter. Lucas offers Matt a way out which he takes, but Lucas has ulterior motives for helping. After watching a horror movie Caleb, Boone and Rose see a neighbour dragging a sack across his garden. Unafraid, Caleb heads for the neighbours house and sees the man digging a hole.

First US transmission : 3rd July 1996

Special Guest Stars : Mr Rivvit (W Morgan Sheppard), Lilly Crower (Andi Carnick), Boone (Chris Fennell), Dan Truelane (Michael Burgess), Rose Russell (Evan Rachael Wood)



Episode 10 - The Beast Within

A local robbery brings Lucas and Ben in contact with Ben's brother, Artie, who ends up taking Lucas hostage, Lucas convinces Artie to go to hospital to have a gunshot wound attended to, but Caleb and Gail are there and Caleb recognises Artie from a nightmare he's been having recently. They are held hostage along with Matt who discovers a bomb sown inside Arite's stomach which will go off at 11pm. Lucas and matt plan an escape while Ben attempts to talk his brother out of doing something even worse.

First US transmission : 3rd July 1996

Special Guest Stars : Artie Healy (Jeff Perry), Rita (Lynda Clark), Salesman (Rick Forrester)


Episode 11 - Rebirth

Merlyn, unhappy with the afterlife, discovers a way to come back to life by borrowing the life of an unborn child. Caleb is at first happy to have his sister back, but soon realises that she is spending more time with her new boyfriend. Ray, than with him. Lucas uses this to his advantage and succeeds in beginning to turn Caleb against her. When the mother of the unborn child goes into labour Caleb attempts to convince Merlyn to return the life, but she refuses to do so as she is in love.

First US transmission : 3rd January 1996

Special Guest Stars : Ray (Danny Masterson), Kirsty (Amy Steel), Mrs Russell (Sara Lynn Moore)



Episode 12 - Ring of Fire

Gail continues her investigation into the death of her parents, hoping to find evidence of Lucas's involvement. She decides to search Lucas's house but finds nothing, although Lucas finds her. Gail eventually asks him to tell her the truth and he agrees to show her what really happened, but at a cost. However, each time more details are revealed Gail wants to know less and less about the truth. Meanwhile Selena gets jealous that Lucas is spending more time with Gail than with her.

First US transmission : Unaired in the US

Special Guest Stars : Evelyn Gardner (Collin Wilcox Paxton), Gage Temple (Sonny Shroyer), Christine Emory - 1975 (Sandi Fox), Peter Emory - 1975 (John Keenan), Young Gail (Jana Drve)



Episode 13 - Resurrector

Caleb decides to give his sister a funeral/farewell party, but when she appears she is not quite the same Merlyn as before. Ben is involved in a shooting incident with a man which is caught live on radio b talk show host Mel Kirby. On interviewing Ben, Mel catches what he says on tape which could implement Lucas and Ben in further ways. Mel plans to sue the tape to ruin Lucas, but Lucas has other plans for Mel.

First US transmission : 10th January 1996

Special Guest Stars : Mel Curby (Greg Travis), Loris Holt (Tina Lifford), Gloria Curby (Irene Ziegler), Boone (Chris Fennell), Rita (Lynda Clark)


Episode 14 - Inhumanitas

Lucas plots to bring down a lawyer who sued the sheriff's department for $600,000. A priest wants to destroy his church and himself with it, but cannot find the will to do so. Merlyn appears and asks for his help in protecting Caleb, although tensions are growing between the siblings. She also tries to help the lawyer from doing the wrong thing. During all this Merlyn lets Lucas know that she is coming for him and eventually there is the first major confrontation between the forces of Good and Evil.

First US transmission : 17th January 1996

Special Guest Stars : Father Tilden (Pat Hingle), Brian Hudson (Tim Green), Barbara Hudson (Ruth Reid), Bertie (Wayne DeHart)



Episode 15 - The Plague Sower

When an unknown plague sweeps through Trinity and the panic is growing, the citizens blame Lucas. Dr Billy Peele arrives to investigate the outbreak and has his first confrontation with Lucas. Matt is infected with the plague. As Gail falls for Lucas, a relationship forms between Selena and Billy. Then Gail falls ill as well. Lucas attempts to convince Merlyn to help stop what's happening, but in the end an argument between her and Caleb helps her see the correct path to take.

First US transmission : 24th January 1996

Special Guest Stars : A E Tippett (Michael Harding), Nurse Erichfreund (Robin Mullins), Reporter (Patt Noday), Daniele (Margo Moorer)



Episode 16 - Doctor Death Takes a Holiday

Matt discovers the real cause of Merlyn's death. Whilst in the street he stops a woman (Mrs Smith) attempting to shoot Lucas. The woman faints and e takes her to hospital. Lucas sees a judge about getting Matt instutionalised and although he refuses at first Lucas soon makes him realise the error of his ways. Matt starts reading books on the occult and Mrs Smith manages to turn him around to see her side of things and to kill Lucas. Ben and Gail rush to the sheriff's station to stop matt.

First US transmission : 31st January 1996

Special Guest Stars : Mrs Smith (Veronica Cartwright), Loris Holt (Tina Lifford), Judge Streeter (Will Leskin), Charlotte Streeter (Tamara Burnham), Brenda (Nancy Saunders)



Episode 17 - Learning to Crawl

Caleb is accidentally electrocuted and has an out-of-body experience during which he meet Merlyn who ties to convince him to stay with her on the other side. However, Lucas appears and convinces him otherwise. Back in the land of the living Lucas takes Caleb on a fishing trip, but the cabin they are staying at is the same cabin where a man is being held hostage. When the other gang members arrive Lucas deals with the situation in his usual fashion. Caleb finds that his powers are growing with a bit of help from Lucas.

First US transmission : 4th July 1996

Special Guest Stars : Ted Parker (Red Raimi), Deputy Floyd (Alex Van), Cody Parker (Stuart Greer), Jeri McIntyre (Regan Forman)


Episode 18 - Echo of Your Last Goodbye

Investigating a foul smell coming from an abandoned house, Ben starts to see things, including the death of Merlyn at the hands of Lucas. In fact she keeps popping up whenever he goes and keeps at him to search for the truth. With Gail's help they build up some evidence against Lucas with regards to the death of Caleb's mother. Caleb is having trouble with Tina, a school bully, and after talking to Lucas, decides to deal with her is own way.

First US transmission - unaired in the US

Special Guest Stars : Tina (Tanya Rollins), Boone (Chris Fennell), Deputy Floyd (Alex Van)



Episode 19 - Triangle

Gail discovers that she is pregnant, but an ultrasound reveals not a normal baby to her eyes, but some sort of evil monster. Gail panics and attempts to leave Trinity, but Lucas stops her. She realises that there is only one way out. Lucas is also unhappy about the way Billy and Selena are carrying on together and attempts to do something about it. In the meantime Caleb drifts further from Gail and closer to Lucas.

First US transmission : 10th July 1996

Special Guest Stars : Nurse Stacie (Robin Mullins), Pilot (Deacon Dawson).



Episode 20 - Stranger

Lucas calls upon a dark spirit, the Boston Strangler to kill Merlyn. He leaves for a convention the next day, leaving Ben in charge. However the Strangler cannot resist temptation and has other targets in mind; soon a nurse is found dead and Ben must find the killer before there are other victims. Gail is attacked by the Strangler but survives. Caleb, Merlyn and the Strangler have a showdown in Caleb's room where Caleb finds his powers are getting stronger and stronger.

First US transmission : unaired in the US

Special Guest Stars : Albert DeSalvo (Gareth Williams), Deputy Floyd (Alex Van)



Episode 21 - The Buck Stops Here

Lucas captures Caleb's interest in the picture on the dollar bill which has a temple and an all-seeing eye. When Merlyn appears he explains to her what Lucas told him which worries her. Selena plots to kill Lucas with help from Billy. Yancy, a pharmacist, also wants to kill Lucas and learns of his Achilles' heel, his third all-seeing eye. When Lucas is attacked mortally wounded the suspicion falls on Billy who is arrested. Caleb changes from this point onwards and dispenses his won form of justice against the killer.

First US transmission : 10th July 1996

Special Guest Stars : Dr Les Narone (Jim Antonion), Yancy Lydon (Brent Jennings), Rita (Lynda Clark), Deputy Floyd (Alex Van), Nurse (Dani Miller)


Episode 22 - Requiem

Caleb, acting more and more like Lucas, frightens Ben and even threatens Merlyn. Billy, suspicious about Lucas's death, runs some blood tests. Caleb moves into the Buck mansion where Selena offers her services and lets him know of Gail's pregnancy, which angers him. He decides to eliminate the competition as there can be only one with `the power`. Meanwhile Billy and Ben open Lucas's grave to find him alive. Lucas heads off to the hospital to deal with the doctor who faked his death. Finding out about Gail's impending doom he rushes to his house, but he cannot defeat Caleb on his own and help comes from an unexpected source.

First US transmission : 11th July 1996

Special Guest Stars : Dr Les Narone (Jim Antonio), Rita (Lynda Clark), Deputy Floyd (Alex Van), Ashley Narone (Lindley Mayer), Grave Digger (Don Henderson Baker).