Created by the unplanned detonation of the Genesis Device, the incredible Genesis Planet gave life - and took it away.

In 2285 Dr Carol Marcus and her scientist son, David, complete their research on the amazing Genesis Device. When activated, the device deconstructs whatever matter it comes into contact with the then reconstructs it in new forms, according to the device`s pre-programmed matrix.

Genesis can therefore be used to instantaneously terraform a dead planetoid, turning it into a Class-M planet ready for colonization.

But the device falls into the hands of the criminal madman Khan Noonien SIgh, who detonates it in, the midst of a fierce battle with his old adversary, Admiral Kirk. As a result, the device reconstructs the matter in the Mutara Nebula into a new planet.

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 escapes the area just before it is caught in the Genesis effect, but Captain Spock is killed. Entombed in a torpedo casing, Spock`s body is consigned to space and miraculously lands in lush jungles which are forming on the new planet.

Starfleet declare the Genesis Planet off-limits until it is investigated, and Dr David Marcus and Lt Saavik are sent to the planet`s surface to begin surveying the terrain.

They are followed by a crew of Klingons led by Commander Kruge, who has learned of the Genesis Device and wants to uncover its secret because of its potential as a weapon.

CLose behind the Klingons is James Kirk and his renegade crew, who have hijacked the Enterprise in order to retrieve Spock`s body.

On the planet`s surface Marcus us and Saavik discover Genesis to be experiencing rapid changes in climate and violent earthquakes. Instead of flourishing, the planet is rapidly disintegrating. Marcus fears this is because he used unstable proto-matter in Genesis` matrix.

Pained cries lead them to a young Vulcan child who can only be Spock, somehow  rejuvenated by the Genesis effect. Like the planet, the boy is ageing rapidly and seems to be undergoing great physical turmoil.

Before Saavik and Dr Marcus can transport Spock aboard their ship,. it is destroyed by Kruge, who beams to the surface and captures them. When the Enterprise arrives, Marcus is murdered and the Klingons capture the Enterprise - which Kirk has set to self-destruct.

Kruge confronts Kirk on the planet. Despite the evidence all  around them - the volcanic activity and the wild weather - he does not believe what Marcus told them; that Project Genesis is a failure.

While Genesis breaks up around them, Kirk and Kruge fight to the death. Finally Kruge falls into a lava pit, and Kirk manages to beam up to the Klingon Bird-of-Prey - now under the control of his own crew - before the final, explosive break-up of Genesis. The galaxy`s newest planet is no more.