Captain Troy - Kent McCord Lietenant Dillon - Barry Van Dyke Commander Adama - Lorne Greene Jamie Hamilton - Robyn Douglass
Colonel Boomer - Herbert Jefferson Jr Dr Zee - Robbie Rist (E1-E3) Dr Zee - Patrick Stuart (E4 - E10)  
The Superscouts : Mike Brick, Jeff Cotler, Nicholas Davies, Ronnie Densford, Georgi Irene, Tracy Justrich, David Larson, Eric Larson, Michelle Larson, Jerry Supiran, Eric Taslitz Created by - Glen A Larson C-Producers - Jeff Freilich, Ben Kadish Special Effects - Universal Hartland



Episode 1 - 3 - Galactica Discovers Earth

Galactica reaches the Thirteenth Colony, Earth, but it is technology backward and cannot help defeat the Cylons. After much debate, Adama orders the fleet back into Deep Space to keep the Cylons away, and sends two officers, Captain Troy and Lt Dillon, on an undercover assignment to advance the planet`s technology. As Troy and Dillon try to become accustomed to life on Earth, another Galactican, renegade scientist Xavier, decides that the only solution to their pre-dicament lies in the Past. Arriving in Germany during World War II, Xavier introduces the Nazis to state-of-the-art Colonial technology in an attempt to speed up Earth's technological development. With he help of an American reporter, Jamie Hamilton, Troy and Dillon must stop Xavier from altering Human history.

First US transmission : 27th January, 3rd and 10th February 1980

Special Guest Stars : Xavier (Richard Lynch), Professor Mortinson (Robert Reed), Stockwell (Christopher Stone).


Episode 4 - 5 - The Super Scouts

The Cylons launch a surprise attack on the fleet, forcing Troy and Dillon to take a group of children to earth, posting as scouts on a camping trip. Three of the children become critically ill after drinking water which has poisoned by a local chemical plant. Can troy and Dillon find a cure for the "Super Scouts" and convince the plant's owner to mend his ways?

First US transmission : 16th & 23rd March 1980

Special Guest Stars : Colonel Sydell (Alan Miller), Dr Spencer (George Deloy).



Episode 6 - Spaceball

Troy and Dillon fight for their lives in Deep Space after Xavier tricks them into going there in a sabotaged Viper. Xavier tries to find the Super Scouts, who are hiding at a baseball camp for underprivileged kids.

First US transmission : 30th March 1980

Special Guest Stars : Xavier (Jeremy Brett), Colonle Sydell (Alan Miler), Billy (Paul Koslo)


Episode 7 - 8 - The Night The Cylons Landed

Cylon android Andromus, and a Centurion crash-land on Earth, where they pose as a pair of costumed party goers! With Troy and Dillon in pursuit, the Cylons attempt to seize control of a New York radio station and inform a nearby Basestar of the Earth's location.

First US transmission : 13th & 20th April 1980

Special Guest Stars : Andromus (Roger Davis), Colonel Briggs (Peter Mark Richman)



Episode 9 - Space Croppers

The Cylons destroy the Agroships, leaving the Galacticans facing a critical food shortage. Troy and Dillon enter a partnership with an American farmer, Hector Alonzo, and enlist the support of the fleet's foremost authorities on agriculture. Unfortunately their efforts swiftly enrage a local land baron, John Steadman, who is willing to do whatever it takes to put Alonzo out of business.

First US transmission : 27th April 1980

Special Guest Stars : John Steadman (Dana Elcar), Hector Alonzo (Ned Romero), Trent (Bill Cort), Gloris Alonzo (Ana Alicia)



Episode 10 - The Return of Starbuck

Dr Zee tells Commander Adama about a dream he had of a Colonial Warrior stranded on a barren planet with only a Cylon for company. Realizing that the warrior was actually Starbuck. Adama asks him to reveal the fate of the long-lost Viper pilot.

First US transmission : 4th May 1980

Special Guest Stars: Lieutenant Starbuck (Dirk Benedict), Angela (Judith Chapman), Cryus/Cy (Rex Cutter).