Curzon Dax`s first lengthy encounter with the Klingons came during his experiences as a Federation negotiator at the Korvat Colony in 2289. These early peace negotiations were conducted in a very delicate manner by representatives of both sides, but the chief negotiators were Curzon Dax and Captain Kang of the Klingon Empire.

Curzon first drank the Klingon beverage baghol with Kang there, and the two underwent a blood oath ceremony of joining - undoubtedly a clever diplomatic move on Dax`s part, but there was no doubt that the relationship between the two men was special. Their friendship, however, was formed over a period of time, and started out poorly. On the first day of negotiations at the Korvat Colony, Curzon walked out on Kang`s long-winded speech.

This move by Curzon was not simply meant as a rude gesture, but was a carefully calculated maneuver to anger Kang in the hope that it would form a bond between the two. The ploy was successful; despite Kang`s anger at Curzon`s disrespect it opened the door to an understanding between them. Kang developed a respect for Curzon that grew over time. He considered that Curzon was the only Federation diplomat he ever met who could appreciate Klingon nature; he even began to feel that there was a bit of Klingon nature in the Trill.

The bond between Curzon and Kang continued to grow. Kang eventually named his firstborn son Dax, and made Curzon his godfather.

During the negotiations at the Korvat Colony, Curzon Dax also met the legendary Klingon commander Koloth, Jadzia Dax later relates that Koloth was the hardest man Curzon Dax ever faced across a negotiating table. Never satisfied with any proposal, no matter how favorable to the Klingons, Koloth was nicknamed D`akturak - Ice Man - by Curzon.

Curzon Dax`s bond with the Klingon Dahar Master Kor was formed at the same conference at the Korvat Colony. Kor was the most accepting of the Trill`s changing nature, and the two remained close, throughout Dax`s lifetime.

In 2290, Kang, Koloth, and Kor faced the Albino, a notorious and powerful criminal who was responsible for raiding Klingon colonies. They were successful in stopping the raids, but the Albino escaped and later murdered their firstborn children with a genetic virus.

The three Klingons and Dax swore a blood oath to track down and kill the Albino, but unfortunately Curzon dies in 2367, before the oath can be fulfilled. Kang later remarks that Curzon deserved to die in battle, rather than in a hospital.

Dax is joined with its new host, Jadzia, a Starfleet lieutenant, directly after Curzon`s death in 2367, Kang, Koloth, and Kor have no knowledge of this until they come aboard Deep Space Nine in 2370, with the news that they have, at least, found the Albino. At first, the three Klingons are skeptical, but are eventually convinced that their old friend, Dax, is now joined with Jadzia. Jadzia accompanies the three to Secarus IV, where they mount an attack on the Albino`s fortress. Kang kills him, but he and Koloth lose their lives in the battle. Jadzia and Kor return to Deep Space Nine.

These events lead Jadzia Dax and Kor to renew their friendship, and afterward they visit each other often. In 2372, Jadiza accompanies Kor on a quest for the legendary Sword of Kahless. Together with Lt Commander Worf, they find the sword, but eventually decide to transport it into deep space because of the possible political ramifications that would arise from the revered relic`s reappearance. Jadzia and Kor remain comrades over Klingon bloodwine and Kor`s legendary stories.

Jadzia Dax has an interest in all things Klingon. She has studied the art of the bat`leth, and is proficient in battle with this weapon. She also knows all of the words to the Klingon folk song Ak`la bella doo, and frequently visits the Klingon restaurant on Deep Space Nine.

Since the Klingon Starfleet officer Lt Commander Worf has been stationed on Deep Space Nine as Strategic Operations Officer, he and Jadzia have developed a close friendship which has grown into love. They often exercise together, using Worf`s challenging holosuite calisthenics programs. Worf`s upbringing by humans has often distanced him from his Klingon heritage, and Jadzia often has as much practical experience of Klingon rituals as Worf does.

Jadia`s knowledge of the Klingons and their ways is widely known among her friends. When Quark is trying to generate romance with his Klingon ex-wife, Grilka, he turns to Jadzia for help and advice. The information she and Worf give him, on how to prepare a romantic dinner and a holodeck program based on Klingon legends, leads to success.

While serving on General Martok`s Klingon Bird-of-Prey, Jadzia manages to raise the morale of the crew by bringing several barrels of bloodwine aboard. She quickly earns their respect by making it known that she will not be pushed around by anyone. She helps Worf remembers his duty to bring Martok to his warrior senses when the general is clearly having trouble facing the challenge of battle after his two-year imprisonment at the hands of the Jem`Hadar.

Whether or not Dax`s affinity for the Klingon species will last through ts next host is not known, but it seems likely there will continue to be interaction between Dax and the Klingons throughout the symbiont`s many lifetimes.

  The long association between Dax and the Klingons is begun by Curzon and continued by Jadzia. She enjoys many aspects of Klingon culture, including the imposing designs of Klingon clothing.

  At first, the Klingons are dubious of taking Jadzia along on their hunt for the criminal who killed their sons. But she soon proves her worth, and her right to have her part in their revenge.

  Dax is well used to the effect drink can have on Klingons. Curzon could hold his own against these heavy drinkers, and Jadzia knows enough about the effects of bloodwine and warnog to know when kang is exaggerating.

  Jadzia is as well versed in Klingon mythology as most members of their race. She understands the importance of the Sword of Kahless, and what its discovery could mean to the Klingon Empire.

  Lenera Khan gives Jadzia a Klingon earring, saying that Jadzia and Torias Dax were always more `Klingon` than her. In the 2280`s, a previous Khan host was married to Torias Dax.

  When Quark is attempting to woo his Klingon ex-wife, Jadzia gives him some hints. She has had at least as much experience with Klingon women as Worf, who was raised by humans.

  Jadzia and Worf start as friends, but their relationship gradually develops into love. They eventually marry in a traditional Klingon ceremony.

  The crew of General Martok`s ship remember Curzon Dax and ask if Jadzia is related to him. They respect Curzon, who is known to have been a great friend to their people.

Profile on Dax

NAME  : Dax

LIFE FORM : Trill symbiont. Joined with Curzon, a trill female, from 2285 to 2367, and with Jadzia, a Trill female, from 2367.

KLINGON RELATIONSHIPS : Kor, Koloth, Kang and Worf.

KLINGON PURSUITS : Dax has gained an appreciation of Klingon opera and exercise programs, as well as a taste for Klingon food and beverages.

REMARKS : Curzon Dax`s name is famous among Klingons, who still hold for him an enormous respect not usually accorded to members of other races.

FIRST SEEN : Emissary [DS9]