Crusade Leading Actors


Crusade was a short lived 13 part series, a spin off from Babylon 5 that got cancelled.

1       War Zone

Sent to seek a cure for the Drakh plague, Gideon heads after a Drakh ship that may contain valuable information

First US transmission : 9th June 1999

Special Guest Stars : Trace Miller (Alex Mendoza), Senator McQuate (Tim THomerson), Aide (Chris Comes), Captain Henson (Don Fischer), Drakh Captain (Mark Hendrickson).


2      The Long Road

An old Technomage friend of Galen's is attempting to stop his planet being mined for minerals that may provide a cure to the Drakh plague.

First US transmission : 16th June 1999

Special Guest Stars : Claire (Alison Lohman), Lt Meyers (Scott Paetty), Barkeep (Mik Scriba), Captain Daniels (Marshall Teague), Alwyn (Edward Woodward).


3      The Well of Forever

Galen asks Gideon to allow him to find the famed Well of Forever, but when the search is unsuccessful, Galen commandeers the Excalibur.

First US transmission : 23rd June 1999

Special Guest Stars : Mr Jones (Michael Beck), Navigation (David A Saunders)


4      The Path of Sorrows

Rescuing a strange globe from a planet, Gideon, Matheson and Galen are forced to confront their various past failings in order to obtain forgiveness.

First US transmission : 30th June 1999

Special Guest Stars : Jenson (Mark Blankfield), Bruder (Gary Graham), Isabelle (Sophie Ward)



5      Patterns of the Soul

The crew discovers that people left Earth during the Drakh battle, and that they would be infected with the virus, spreading it around the galaxy.

First US transmission : 7th July 1999

Special Guest Stars : General Thompson (Peter Deanda), IPX Official (Sharrise Baker), Robert Black (Brian Thompsons)


6      Ruling from the Tomb

When visiting the Mars conference on the Drakh virus, Gideon learns of some religious zealots who wish to carry on the Drakh's work.

First US transmission : 14th July 1999

Special Guest Stars : Trace Miller (Alex Mendoza), Lieutenant Carr (Juanita Jennings).


7      The Rules of the Game

Gideon comes to Babylon 5 to negotiate the rights to land on the Lorkan homeworld, leading two Lorkan extremists to take drastic action to stop it.

First US transmission : 21st July 1999

Special Guest Stars : Cynthia Allen (Jamie Rose),Polix (Tim Choate), Rolf Mueller (Sal Landi).


8      Appearances and Other Deceits

The Excalibur falls foul of propaganda specialists, determined to make the ship's image more heroic back home.

First US transmission : 28th July 1999

Special Guest Stars : Mr Welles (John Vickery), Janey (Luanne Ponce), Kevin Sprach (Wayne Wilderson)


9      Racing the Night

The crew search a long dead world that may have been involved in a similar Drakh attack on earth.

First US transmission : 4th August 1999

Special Guest Stars : General Miller (Madison Mason), Kulan (Brenan Baird).


10     The Memory of War

Finding another dead world that appears to have suffered the same Drakh virus, Galen warns Gideon not to go to the planet, as everyone who ever has has died.

First US transmission : 11th August 1999

Special Guest Stars : Sogayu (Susie Park), Duncan (James Parks), Technomage (John Saint Ryan), Belan (Ron Campbell)


11     The Needs of Earth

Captain Gideon breaks out a prisoner who apparently has found a way of downloading all the information of his race, covering centuries, in the hope of finding new medical knowledge to use against the plague.

First US transmission : 18th August 1999

Special Guest Stars : Natchok Var (Tony Amendola), Nix (Bill Mondy), Patron (Mark Hendrickson)


12     Visitors from Down the Street

The Excalibur picks up two guests who declare that humans have been meddling in their planet's affairs for decades, all behind an elaborate government conspiracy.

First US transmission : 25th August 1999

Special Guest Stars : Lyssa (Francoise Robertson), Kendarr (Josh Clark), Durkani (Harry Van Gorkham)


13     Each Night I Dream of Home

Dr Chambers is close to unlocking the Drakh virus, with the help of Dr Franklin. The Drakh learn this and launch an all-out assault against the ship.

First US transmission : 1st September 1999

Special Guest Stars : Doctor Stephen Franklin (Richard Biggs), Senator Reding (Lance Le Gault).


Captain Matthew                                                 Gideon Gary Cole
Technomage                                                         Galen Peter Woodward
First Officer Lieutenant John Matheson               Daniel Dae Kim
IPX Xenoarchaeologist Max Eilerson                     David Allen Brooks
Dr Sarah Hoffman                                               Marjean Holden
Dureena Nafeel                                                   Carrie Dobro