GARY COLE - Captain Matthew Gideon

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being Mike Brady from The Brady Bunch Movie and 10 being Sheriff Lucas Black from American Gothic, how dark is Captain Gideon ?, "Right now," laughs Gary Cole, "from what I can see, on the surface, he might appear to be a five, but I think he's probably more like a seven, maybe even an eight one  bad day. I think he's aware of that, and there's the possibility of being self-destructive, that his attitude could adverse effects on a lot of things, so I think he keeps it at bay, but that's the main conflict within himself, based on an incident from his past."



DANIEL DAE KIM - First Officer John Matheson

"I have a lot of images for him," claims Daniel Dae Kim about his character, John Matheson, the Excalibur's telepathic first officer. "I think the predominant image is of a dormant volcano. I think he's someone that tries to look serene and placid on the outside, but I think in the future you'll begin to see it bubble up and maybe even explode. I see a guy who's torn between two worlds, the world of telepaths and the world of mundanes. Each are very distinct, and if you're not one or the other, you're not treated the same. The way I see it right now in my mind is that he was taken away from his childhood, so he wasn't allowed to experience a lot of things, and I think that plays into why he wants to be an officer on this ship. I think there also some social things he hasn't experienced yet, so that's going to be an interesting area too."





There's a line in an early Crusade script that seems to sum up Max Eileron, the IPX archeologist. "I can't remember it exactly'" says David Allen Brooks, "but it basically come down between being a Han Solo who wasn't afraid, but he's also like Yves Saint Laurent. He`s very specific about his aesthetics and how things are going to be handled, and then when I read that he was really brilliant, I thought, oh, he's totally isolated in his childhood. He has no social skills, so grandiosity plus no social skills gave me this interesting character, between this effete, very bright, highly cultured, Yves Saint Laurent, and then this action figure who can handle himself, and comes from this competitive, angry place.

"He's also an agnostic, and I'm interpreting him to be quite well placed at the top of the line of the IPX Corporation. His joy is in learning and in power; he has to overcome his social skills and his poor emotional upbringing in order to have power, so that's what he does, and that's what he is."



MARJEAN HOLDEN - Dr Saran Chambers

Dr Sarah Chambers has a very personal reason for signing on as the ship`s medical officer. "I've got a page-and-half synopsis of her back story," explains actress Marjean Holden, "where she comes from and why this mission is particularly crucial to her, which is because she has relatives on Earth that are in quarantine, and if she doesn't find a cure, she's basically looking at it as, "if I don't find a cure, my family die, my life line dies with it, so it's very real for me, I think that's really good, because Gideon is very much all-out, he's got the cahones to go out there and say, Screw everybody else, I`m going to go out there and do it whether I die or not, because it's important for him, and my character is like, Yeah, I'm right there with you, pal! and will do anything she can and not be afraid of going out there and looking for that cure, and putting myself in danger to find it."





"What's interesting is what jumped off the page for me about this particular role was that it's absolutely not a standard SF character," notes Peter Woodward of the enigmatic technomage, Galen. "In just the few scenes he has [in A Call to Arms], it's clear that he's very whimsical and he has a sense of sadness and a sense of humour certainly. There's a lot of power in him, but also a lot of guilt maybe; that's the kind of thing I'm going to be finding out as the series is created and written, but what I found interesting about it is the character himself was much deeper and more interesting; he wasn't just a cipher, somebody who was just there to serve the plot and move the scenes along. Clearly, the character had a huge amount of history and a large amount of firm thought by Joe the writer."



CARRIE DOBRO - Dureena Nafeel

For Carrie Dobro, much of her character was already in place by the time she made her first appearance in A Call To Arms. "Dureena is who she is, and those scenes are very much the nature of who she is. She's beating up all these people in the beginning of the movie, when they catch her on Babylon 5 and she thinks it's because she stole a purse, and she takes down five guards, and then she sees Sheridan and immediately attacks him because she holds him responsible for the death of her planet, I don't think she strikes out at people just to strike out, but I have no idea where that's going to go; your guess is as good as mine!"