Season One

Three years ago it came, forever altering the future of Science Fiction television. The brainchild of Gene Roddenberry, Earth:Final Conflict (or E:FC for short) was put on hold by the Trek maestro when a chance beckoned to take Kirk and company to the big screen. Years after his death, Majel Barrett Roddenberry discovered his manuscripts and began developing them into a series.

The first season was extremely well received. Debuting where Star Trek had first built up its cult following, ie in US syndication, E:FC was picked up by enough networks to ensure its transmission across more than 90% of the States. With such an impressive pedigree behind it, it was unlikely to fail, but what impressed most was the quality of the story telling and depth of characterization, which other shows of its kind lacked.

There's certainly a lot of praise in the first season. Firstly, there's the coherency of the storytelling. You barely notice a story arc building, but its subtly reveals itself and throws a few surprises in along the way, whether it's the revelation that a Taelon lived for centuries on Earth in the Secret of Strandhill or the idea that extrasensory powers are a result of this same Taelon's meddling with the human race's natural development.

Basic tenets of the show are also set up to be explored at a later date: the dangers of portal technology, and Taelon technology in general, Zo'or's position in the Taelon hierarchy; even the Skrill race hold some secrets of their own. Yet all the stories are relatively self-contained with a careful mixture of action and interaction that would become skewed as the series progressed. A particular highlight is Sandoval's Run, a tale in which we see what the implantation of a CVI can cause a human to lose when Sandoval's Cyber-Viral Implant breaks down and he tries to reclaim the llife he's lost and the wife he had had committed. Von Flores is on excellent form as all his usual control breaks down.

Wrath of Achilles is outwardly a simple tale of Jonathan Doors' efforts to bring down the Taelons with the old Independence Day method of downloading a computer virus into their systems. What seems like an escape as Boone and Sandoval try to stay alive in a Taelon building is more a look at just how far Doors is willing to go for his beliefs. His remorse gives some much-needed depth to the character, and is one of many tales that demonstrates that the characters aren't just black and white, good or bad.

William Boone - Kevin Kilner Captain Lilli Marquette - Lisa Howard Da'an - Leni Parker
Special Agent Ronald Sandoval - Von Florres Augur - Richard Chevolleau Jonathan Doors - David Hemblen
Dr Belman - Majel Barrett Roddenberry Zo'or - Anita LaSelva Joshua Doors - William De Vry

A1 - Decision

When there is an assassination attempt on the American Companion. Da'an, Police Captain William Boone's actions cause the alien to offer him a job with them. However, when his wife is killed, Boone joins an undercover resistance group to find out who was responsible.

A2 - Truth

Boone is determined to find out who killed his wife, whatever the cost. Was it the Taelons, or did the Liberation have a hand in it ?

A3 - Miracle

A girl who lost her hands in an accident has them replaced by the Companions. The `miracle` makes people believe the Companions are gods. But when the experiment goes wrong. Boone must protect Julie from Taelon agents trying to cover up their failure.

A4 - Avatar

James Pike, one of the earliest humans to receive a CVI, is convinced he is some kind of angel of vengeance, and starts murdering people with Taelon connections. Boone and Lilli must stop him.

A5 - Old Flame

A past lover of Boone's reappears, but who is she really, and will Boone blow his cover when she asks to be taken into the resistance ?

A6 - Float Like a Butterfly

Boone and Lilli visit and Amish community, believing that its members may be suffering from Companion Reaction Syndrome, However, the real problem seems to be butterflies created by an alien device.

A7 - Resurrection

Jonathan Doors announces on television that the Liberation exists and he is alive. Blaming Da'an for their embarrassment, the Taelons replace him with the scheming Zo'or.

A8 - Horizon Zero

When Lilli's shuttle is stolen by a friend whose Space mission to mars has been cancelled by the Taelons. Boone has to help the Resistance make the most of the stolen shuttle without breaking his orders to find it for the Taelons.

A9 - Scorpion`s Dream

A man who spends his time engineering Skrills goes out of control when one of his pets attaches itself to him and he is unable to control it.

A10 - Live Free or Die

Da'an is held for ransom by a group of renegade soldiers who claim the Taelons sacrificed their unit during radical bioengineering experiments.

A11 - The Scarecrow Returns

The Liberation experiment on the probe they brought back from Paradise with terrible consequences. Meanwhile, Sandoval tries to retrieve the device.

A12 - Sandoval`s Run

Sandoval's CVI breaks down, but before a new one can be implanted, he releases his wife from an asylum and goes on the run. Boone is sent to bring him in any way he can.

A13 - The Secret of Strandhill

The grave of Ma'el, the first Taelon to visit Earth is discovered in Ireland,. and Boone and Lilli are sent to retrieve information buried with his remains.

A14 - Pandora`s Box

Boone has a vision of Captain Johnson, who he believed dead, and is asked to join in war game exercises with a Taelon who has been injected with human DNA.

A15 - If You Could Read My Mind

A psychic has managed to infiltrate the Taelon Commonality, and tells Boone she has important information she wants to share with the Liberation.

A16 - Wrath of Achilles

Doors gets Augur to design a computer virus to infect Taelon buildings. Unfortunately he does his job too well, causing Lilli and Da'an transport to crash, and Boone and Sandoval to become trapped in a building trying to kill them.

A17 - The Devil You Know

A massively powerful Taelon weapon is stolen and Lilli is captured trying to retrieve it by a man who seems to know her.

A18 - Law & Order

Rho'ha is put on trial for the murder of a human, but Zo'or seems to be working to a different agenda.

A19 - Through the Looking Glass

Taelon technology allowing interdimensional travel loses a deaf boy in transit, but when he reappears he can hear. Boone is determined to find out what happened to him.

A20 - Infection

A deadly Taelon disease is unleashed by a group of white supremacists and Dr Belman races to find a cure.

A21 - Destruction

Rayna appears to Augur to warn him that the Taelon probe is about to reveal Liberation secrets to the alien visitors and must be destroyed. Therefore, a crack team is sent to a Taelon lab in Russia to do just that.

A22 - The Joining

A alien with connections to the Taelons arrives on Earth, and Boone and Sandavol are sent to stop it.... or die trying.