The main purpose of the United Federation of Planets is to bring together life forms on worlds across the galaxy. But for some colonists, space travel has opened up a new possibility; the chance to recreate their homeworlds on planets far away from Earth.

A United Federation of Planets colony is set up on the planet Caldos in the late 23rd century after one of the earliest terraforming projects. With extensive viaduct systems and a weather control station, the early settlers mold Caldos into a planet capable of sustaining human life.

All Federation colonists look to the future, but Caldos is also firmly rooted in the past; it uses the Scottish Highlands region of Earth as its social model, based on a period roughly analogous to the early 20th century.

The cornerstone of every building was brought from the Scottish cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. The buildings themselves are constructed in the Victorian Gothic style, with large houses and beautiful churches surrounded by traditional graveyards where burials take place as they have for centuries on Earth. Modern-day technology is kept out of sight in favour of appliances which fit in with the mood of the colony; log fires and oil lamps are used to provide heat and light, and home cooking is still considered better than the use of replicators.

The founders of the colony went to great lengths to make the people feel they were really a part of Scotland. They didn`t just want to imitate the country; they wanted to recreate it. and they appear to have succeeded in their goal. As well as families which can trace their families back through generations of scots, Caldos has attracted settlers from many races which are not native to Earth.

In orbit around Caldos, the USS Enterprise transfers energy down to the weather station on the surface in the hope that this will stabillize the extreme conditions the colony has recently been experiencing. These inlude heavy rainstorms and tremors.

All kinds of people are drawn to the planet by the culture and heritage, and many of them are won over after visiting the real Scotland, such as Mr McEwan, who so falls in love with Glamis Castle on a trip to Earth that he afterwards makes his home on Caldos and rises to the position of Governor.

Houses on the planet are lovingly recreated inside and out. Enclosed behind iron gates, imposing homes are filled with natural wood furniture and family heirlooms which date back generations. Colonists such as Felisa Howard still keep handwritten journals and photographs of their families. The people dress in traditional Scottish garb, with flowing woolen cloaks and tartan designs.

Many of the colonists, especially those who can trace their families back to the real Scotland, still speak with thick Scottish accents, and some believe in superstitions which would be considered old-fashioned by most Federation citizens. But the colony is by no means backwards. The weather control center is as modern as the interior of any starship, with the computer consoles and data readouts one would expect to find in any Federation engineering facility. Numerous displays along the walls provide up-to-the-minute reports on weather conditions across the whole planet.

People of many races have been attracted to Caldos by its beauty and sense of history. Governor McEwan fell in love with the real Scotland on a visit to Earth, and now dresses in traditional Scottish garb even though he is obviously not descended from humans.

The church is central to the community, as it would have been in the early 20th century. It is a traditional building, administered by a priest who still dresses in the traditional manner, and its churchyard contains the remains of colony members who chose to have their bodies interred traditionally in hand-dug graves beneath granite gravestones.

Although far from earth, Caldos is a community which will never let its past, nor the love of a land many colonists left decades ago, be forgotten.

Beverley Crusher loved her grandmother very much, and has a great respect for the life she led on Caldos. Before she joined Starfleet, Beverly lived with Felisa on the colony following her mother`s death.

Other Federation colonies are also based on ethnic communities. Irish settlers colonize Bringloid V, then move to Mariposa when their world is threatened by solar flares.

Native American descendants colonize Dorvan V in the hope of preserving their culture from western influence.