Captain Apollo - Richard Hatch Lt Starbuck - Dirk Benedict Commander Adama - Lorne Greene Captain Sheba - Anne Lockhart
Lt Boomer - Herbert Jefferson, Jr Colonel Tigh - Terry Carter Athena - Maren Jensen Cassiopea - Laurette Spang
Boxey - Noah Hathaway Count Baltar - John Colicos Wing St Jolly - Tony Swartz Omega - David Greenan
Rigel - Sarah Rush Dr Salik - George Murdock Dr Wilke - John Dullaghan Lt Greenbean - Ed Begley Jr
Imperial Leader - Dick Durock Lificer - Felix Silla Imperious Leader <voice> - Patrick Macnee Luifcer <voice> - Jonathan Harris

Created by Glen A Larson - Executive Producer - Glen A Larson

Episode 1 - 3 : Saga of a Star World

After almost a thousand years of war, the Cylon Empire opens a peace initiative with the 12 Colonies of Man. However, as the powers negotiate a treaty, the Cylons launch a devastating attack against the Colonial Empire. In just a few hours, the 12 Colonies of Man are virtually annihilated and the Colonial Fleet decimated. Under the leadership of Commander Adama, the Battlestar Galactica rounds up the survivors of the attack and leads a fleet of 20 vessels on a quest to find the mythical Thirteenth Colony of Mankind, Earth.

The fleet seeks refuge on the ore planet Carillon. A series of mysterious disappearances make Apollo and Starbuck suspect that they have walked into a trap...

First US transmission : 17th September 1978

Special Guest Stars: Serina (Jane Seymour), President Adar (Lew Ayres), Sire Uri (Ray Milland), Sire Anton (Wilfrid Hyde-White).


Episode 4 - 5 : Lost Planet of the Gods

Boomer and Jolly contract a strange disease which swiftly incapacitates all of the Viper pilots, with the exception of Starbuck and Apollo. After training a group of female pilots to take over Viper patrols, the two Colonial Warriors attempt to guide the fleet through a magnetic void. On the other side of the void, Commander Adama is shocked to discover Kobol, the legendary world where humanity originated ...

First US transmission : 24th September & 31st October 1978

Special Guest Stars : Serina (Jane Seymour), Lt Deitra (Sheila de Windt), Lt Brie (Janet Louise Johnson)


Episode 6 : The Lost Warrior

Apollo crashes on a planet where a damaged Cylon has become a gun-slinger for a powerful land-baron, LeCerta. Apollo decides that the only way to break LeCerta`s reign of terror is to confront the Cylon in a duel..

First US transmission : 8th October 1978

Special Guest Stars : Vella (Kathy Cannon), Puppis (Johnny Timko), LeCerta (Claude Earl Jones)


Episode 7 : The Long Patrol

Test-flying a new ultra-fast, but defenceless, Viper, Starbuck is attacked and crashes on the prison asteroid Proteus. Mistaken for an escaped prisoner, the Colonial Warrior is arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.

First US transmission : 15th October 1978

Special Guest Stars : Robber (James Whitmore Jr), Croad (Ted Gehring), Assault (Sean McClory), Adultress (Arlene Martel)


Episode 8 & 9 : Gun on Ice Planet Zero

Baltar forces the Galactica towards a planet housing a gigantic pulsar cannon, powerful enough to obliterate the fleet. Realizing the plan, Adama orders Apollo and Starbuck to lead a group of convicts on a possible suicide mission to destroy the cannon ...

First US transmission : 22nd & 29th October 1978

Special Guest Stars : Croft (Roy Thinnes), Thane (James Olson), Wolfe (Richard Lynch), Tenna (Britt Ekland)


Episode 10 : The Magnificent Warriors

A Cylon attack leaves the fleet with another food shortage. During a desperate visit to a nearby planet, the Galacticans are betrayed by the farmers and Starbuck is tricked into becoming the local sheriff.

First US transmission : 12th November 1978

Special Guest Stars : Siress Belloby (Brett Somers), Bogan (Barry Nelson), Buggy (Dennis Fimple)


Episode 11 : The Young Lords

Starbuck crash-lands on Trillion, where the Cylons have eliminated all humans, except for a small band of disruptive children. Encountering the group, the Colonial Warrior insists that the children should mount a rescue attempt for their missing father.

First US transmission : 19th November 1978

Special Guest Stars : Megan (Bruce Glover), Kyle (Charles Bloom), Miri (Audrey Landers), Voice of Spectre (Jonathan Harris)

Episode 12 & 13 : The Living Legend

Apollo and Starbuck discover another battlestar, Pegasus, commanded by the legendary Cain. Cain tells Adama that their combined strength can crush the Cylons, and outlines a plan to attack a nearby Cylon base. When Adama refuses to participate on the grounds that it would leave the fleet unprotected, Cain decides to take drastic measures to see that his plan is implemented.

First US transmission : 26th November & 2nd December 1978

Special Guest Stars : Commander Cain (Lloyd Bridges), Tolan (Rod Hasse), Lt Bojay (Jack Stauffer)


Episode 14 : Fire in Space

A Cylon attack leaves Galactica engulfed in fire. With Adama critically injured and Boomer, Athena, and Boxey trapped between burning rooms, Apollo and Starbuck desperately search for a way to extinguish the fire before the entire ship is ablaze.

First US transmission : 17th December 1978

Special Guest Stars : Chief Fire Officer (William Bryant), Fireman (Jeff Mackay)

Episode 15 & 16 - War of the Gods

Investigating the disappearance of a viper squadron, Apollo, Starbuck and Sheeba explore a desolate planet where they find a lone humanoid, Count Iblis. Once aboard the Galactica, the Count wins the trust of the fleet`s population, thanks to his charismatic personality and ability to perform seemingly-impossible tasks. As the Galacticans become increasingly convinced that Iblis is the one to lead their flight from the Cylons, Adama and Apollo begin to wonder who their mysterious guest really is.

First US transmission : 14th & 21st January 1979

Special Guest Stars : Count Lblis (Patrick Macnee), Lt Brie (Janet Louise Johnson), Captain Bojay (Jack Stauffer), Old Man (Kirk Alyn)


Episode 17 : The Man with Nine Lives

An elderly con man, Chameleon, has been marked for death by a trio of bloodthirsty Borellians. In a bid to escape their clutches, Chameleon seeks refuge on the Galactica by claiming that he is Starbuck's long-lost father. While 'Father' and 'Son' undergo a series of tests to see if they are related, the Borellians board the Galactica as part of the Viper pilot training programme.

First US transmission : 28th January 1979

Special Guest Stars : Chameleon (Fred Astaire), Siress Blassie (Anne Jeffreys), Maga (Lance LeGault), Bora (Robert Feero)


Episode 18 : Murder on the Rising Star

A fight erupts between Starbuck and his sport rival, Ortega, which ends with Starbuck threatening to kill his fellow Colonial Warrior. When Ortega is murdered shortly after, the finger of suspicion points immediately to Starbuck.

First US transmission : 18th February 1979

Special Guest Stars : Flight Sergeant Ortega (Frank Ashmore), Pallon/Charybdis (Luman Ward), Elias (Newell Alexander)


Episode 19 & 20 : Greetings from Earth

Apollo and Starbuck find a spaceship containing two adults and four children in suspended animation. Following an almost fatal attempt to wake the aliens from their cryogenic slumber, Adama instructs Apollo, Starbuck and Cassiopea to steal the supposed Earthlings` ship and ensure that it reaches` its original destination.

First US transmission : 25th February 1979

Special Guest Stars : Michael (Randoph Mantooth), Hector (Bobby Van), Statesman Geller (Murray Matheson)


Episode 21 : Baltar`s Escape

The Council of twelve appoints Siress Tinia, to supervise all of Commander Adam`s activities. As Adama tries to overcome this latest challenge to his authority, Baltar teams up with some fellow prisoners to implement an ambitious escape plan.

First US transmission : 11th March 1979

Special Guest Stars : Siress Tinia (Ina Bolin), Commandant Leiter (Lloyd Bochner), Laga (Lance LeGault), Bora (Robert Feero)


Episode 22 : Experiment in Terra

Apollo and Starbuck's pursuit of an Eastern Alliance ship en route to terra is halted by the race of super beings who helped save the Galacticans from Iblis, Their representative, John, asks Apollo to help avert a war on a nearby planet that would destroy Terra. Apollo agrees and finds himself on the alien world, in the guise of a man who was believed to be dead.

First US transmission : 18th March 1979

Special Guest Stars : Brenda Maxwell (Melody Anderson), Dr Horning (Kenneth Lynch), John (Edward Mulhere)


Episode 23 : Take the Celestra

Starbuck runs into his long-lost love, Aurora, and learns that she has been serving aboard the Celestra. Paying her a visit, Starbuck and Apollo find themselves in the middle of a mutiny against the Celestra's tyrannical commander, Kronus.

First US transmission : 1st April 1979

Special Guest Stars : Commander Kronus (Paul Fix), Charka (Nick Holt), Aurora (Ana Alicia), Damon (Randy Stumpf)


Episode 24 : The Hand of God

When a long-range Viper patrol detects a Cylon basestar directly in the Galactica's path, Commander Adama decides the time has come to stop running and take the offensive. Using Baltar's ship, Apollo and Starbuck embark on a dangerous undercover mission to infiltrate the basestar and sabotage its scanners.

First US transmission : 29th April 1979