Planet of the Apes - TV Series

March 21, 3085. Two astronauts land on a strange planet run by apes with human characteristics, including the very savagery that brought the decline of the human race. The astronauts arrived here by travelling through a time warp and after a short stay they realize they are actually stranded on their own planet, Earth, several years in the future. Roddy McDowall returns from the successful films as the star of this television series which had a very short life of 14 episodes

  • Roddy McDowall ........ Galen
    James Naughton ........Pete Burke
    Ron Harper ............ Alan Virdon
    Mark Lenard ........... Urko
    Booth Colman .......... Zaius

Episode One - Escape From Tomorrow

Directed by Don Weis, Written by Art Wallace, Air Date 13/09/1974

After passing through a time warp, astronauts Virdon and Burke crash land back on Earth in the year 3085 and find apes are now the dominant species.


Episode Two - The Gladiators

Directed by Don McDougall, Written by Art Wallace, Air Date 20/09/1974

Burke and Virdon find themselves fighting to the death when they`re captured by an ape prefect who holds gladiator-style fights between his humans.

Episode Three - The Trap

Directed by Arnold Laven, Written by Edward J Lakso, Air Date 27/09/1974

Burke and General Urko are forced to work together when they are buried alive underground in an ancient San Francisco subway station during an earthquake.


Episode Four - The Good Seeds

Directed by Don Weis, Written by Robert W Lenski, Air Date 04/10/1974

When Galen is injured, the three friends take refuge with a peasant ape family whose son believes the humans have put a curse on their precious possession - a cow.

Episode Five - The Legacy

Directed by Bernard McEveety, Written by Robert Hamner, Air Date 11/10/1974

While exploring a ruined city, Virdon and Burke find a filmed message from scientists of their own time which may help them discover what happened to their civilization.


Episode Six - Tomorrow`s Tide

Directed by Don McDougall, Written by Robert W Lenski, Air Date 18/10/1974

When Burke and Virdon are captured in a fishing village that employs human slave labour, they must prove their worth as fishermen or be sacrificed to the gods of the sea - the sharks.

Episode Seven - The Surgeon

Directed by Arnold Laven, Written by Barry Oringer, Air Date 25/10/1974

When Virdon is gravely wounded, Galen risks contacting his old sweetheart Kira, who is now a surgeon, and sharing a forbidden book on human anatomy with her.


Episode Eight - The Deception

Directed by Don McDougall, Story by Anthony Lawrence, Teleplay by Anthony Lawrence, Ken Spears and Joe Ruby, Air Date 01/11/1974

While Galen and Virdon hunt down a band of murderous ape dragoons, the ape daughter of the dragoons latest victim falls in love with Burke - unaware that he is a human.

Episode Nine - The Horse Race

Directed by Jack Starrett, Written by David P Lewis & Booker Bradshaw, Air Date 08/11/1974

In exchange for a condemned human`s freedom, Virdon agrees to race a chimpanzee Prefect`s horse against Urko`s - who has never lost a race.


Episode Ten - The Interrogation

Directed by Alf Kjellin, Written by Richard Collins, Air Date 15/11/1974

Burke faces two equally horrifying options when he is captured by Urko`s soldiers; either be killed by Urko or be used in a brainwashing experiment by a prominent ape doctor.

Episode Eleven - The Tyrant

Directed by Ralph Senesky, Written by Walter Black, Air Date 22/11/1974

The three fugitives risk an encounter with Urko when they attempt to foil the plans of a tyrannical ape who is suing bribery to gain total control over a district of human farmers.


Episode Twelve - The Cure

Directed by Bernard McEceety, Written by Edward J Lakso, Air Date 29/11/974

Working with an ape doctor to save villagers stricken with malaria, Burke and Virdon race to concoct a cure before Urko uses his own cure - burning down the entire village.

Episode Thirteen - The Liberator

Directed by Arnold Laven, Written by Howard Dimsdale, Air Date - never aired during the original run

When Virdon and Burke are captured by a tribe of humans who turn fellow humans over to the apes as slaves, their own hope is to convince their captors to rebel against the apes.


Episode Fourteen - Up Above The World So High

Directed by John Meredyth Lucas, Teleplay by S Bar-David & Arthur Browne Jr, Story by S Bar-David, Air Date 06/12/1974

Burke and Virdon help an imprisoned man build a hang glider for the chimp scientist who spared is life, unaware she plans to use the flying machine for her own deadly purpose.