The Earth Alliance

A commonwealth of independent states comprising more than two dozen worlds in fourteen solar systems, the earth Alliance`s members include Earth, Mars and Io.  The Alliance was rocked by internal unrest in 2260, when President Clark was accused of murdering his predecessor, Luis Santiago, Clark used force to quell resistance among the Alliance and subsequently adopted an isolationist policy towards all alien races.

Earth Alliance organisations include its military wing. EarthForce, and the Psi Corps, which regulates Human telepaths.



The Minbari Federation

One of the oldest and most technolically-advanced races, the Minbari are divided into three castes ; religious, warrior, worker. In 2260, the Minbari ruling body, the Grey Council, was disbanded by Delenn, dividing the Minbari castes. While the rligious and worker caste decided to join the Army of Light, the warrior caste refused, as its members object to contact with alien races.

The Minbari believe in reincarnation and the rebirth of soul, which led the Grey Council to conclude that Mindari souls were being reborn - in part or in full - in Humans, during the earth-Minbari war. Because it is the Minbari`s greatest taboo to kill one another, the grey Council ordered its people to surrender to the Earth Alliance.

There are three basic Minbari laguages and 97 sub-tongues. The Minbari homeworld, Minbar, is rich in crystaline deposits.



The Narn Regime

The Narn were a peaceful and agrarian race before the centauri arrived on thier world.  They were then enslaved for more than a hundred years, until the centauri war driven off Narn in 2228 following a long war of attrition. Once they were free, the narn vowed never to be conquered again and established themselves as the Centauri republic`s greatest foe.  After a series of aggresive moves against the Centauri, the Narn Regime was brought to its knees by a war with the Centauri and their secret allien the Shadows.  The Narn ruling body, the Kha`Ri, surrendered to the Centauri following a brutal attack on the Narn homeworld. Now, Narn is part of the centauri Republic and ruled by a Centauri-appointed government.



The Centauri Republic

A once mighty empire, the Centauri Republic began to decline during the mid-22nd century as a result of its own decadence and over-ambition. Consequenctely, the republic was forced to withdraw from many of the worlds it had once conquered, including Narn. Thanks to Ambassador Londo`s alliance with the Shadows, however, the Republic reclaimed much of its former glory by conquering Narn and many non-aligned worlds in 2259 and 2260. The Centauri Republic is ruled by an Emperor, who is traditionally based on centauri Prime.

The Vorlons

The Vorlons, along with the Shadows, are the last of the First Ones - a collective term given to the oldest races in the galaxy. While most First Ones moved beyond The Rim (the boundary of known space), the Vorlons waited to resume their battle with the shadows.  The Vorlons have ravelled widely and taught younger races how to respond to them.  They believe in order, and see themselves as paternal shepherds of younger races. The Vorlons prize their privacy; none of the younger races have been allowed into their space, and they will not discuss their motives or actions with anyone.

The Shadows

As the oldest race in existence, the Shadows have fought the First Ones since the beginning of time. A thousand years before the construction of Babylon 5, they were defeated in a Great war by a coalition including the Vorlons, other First Ones and the Minbari. They then went into hibernation, to rsume battle in the mid-23rd century.

The Shadows are shrouded in mystery; indeed they are not even called the Shadows, (their real name is 1,000 letters long and is virtually unpronouncable by Human terms). However, what is known is that they use bio-organic technology, their ancestral homeworld is Z`ha`dum, and they believe in evolution through conflict.

The League of Non-Aligned Worlds

An alliance of worlds not allied to the major alien powers. Members of The League of Non-Aligned Worlds include the Drazi, the Vree, the Pakmara, the Llort, the Abbai, the Ipsha and the Tokati.