After their cube is disabled in the Nekrit expanse, a group of former Borg are forced to establish a new community without the advantage of the collective consciousness which bound them together.

At some point in 2367 a Borg cube travelling through the Nekrit expanse is disabled, apparently by an electrokinetic storm. Because the equipment on the cube is no longer functioning, the Borg`s collective consciousness collapses and the members of this hive regain their own senses of identity.

The former Borg are on extremely diverse group and include members of several races from the Alpha Quadrant, who were assimilated during the Borg incursion in 2366. Among them are humans, Klingons, Romulans, and Cardassians.

The 80,000 former Borg transport to the surface of a nearby Class-M planet, and, free and grateful for the opportunity to re-experience their own thoughts and memories, attempt to start life anew.

Many of the former Borg find ways to remove most of their cybernetic Borg appendages and slowly become something akin to their own selves.  Their natural skin pigmentation returns and their memories re-emerge. However, many of the former Borg belong to races which have historically been enemies. Without the unifying force of the Borg collective consciousness they struggle to coexist, and several of the races begin to fight among themselves. Before long, the colony has descended into anarchy.

A group of individuals from different races share a vision of a cooperative, productive, communal society. They work together to create a new life and begin to grow all their own food in a cooperative garden. However, desperately short of supplies, the other former Borg are determined to overpower them, and the cooperative is forced to defend itself.

The former Borg are unable to remove all of their Borg components, and they are still equipped with neural processors, which were implanted in their nervous system. The group is able to temporarily reinitiate the connection between their minds using a portable transponder, to create a `mini-collective` between a small group.


This link enables them to communicate with each other telepathically and to send healing neuroelectric energy to one another`s organic ot inorganic body parts. It seems the members of the cooperative are unable to take advantage of their Borg abilities while still maintaining their distinct personalities. Those joined to the collective share one another`s thoughts and memories. The connection they have to one another far exceeds the intimacy generally experienced by humans, and can be quite erotic.

Each new mind which is added to the group, even temporarily, extends the interior world of the cooperative. Each individual brings new energy, hope, ideas, knowledge and memories.

Horrified by the chaos around them, the cooperative plans to force the disparate reaches on the planets to live in harmony by re-establishing the neural link between all the former Borg of the planet, re-creating the collective. The cooperative believes this new collective will not be dominated by the Borg`s desire to assimilate other races and that it will be able to utilize the Borg`s unique ability to cooperative and solve problems to build a new society.

In order to re-establish the collective, the group must re-activate the neuroelectric generator on the abandoned cube and redirect it towards the planet. Within a few minutes this will generate a strong enough neuroelectric field to link all the former Borg in the new collective. However, the members of the cooperative have no means of returning to their vessel. When the USS Voyager`s Commander Chakotay crash-lands on their planet, they are finally given the opportunity they need.

Chakotay is briefly linked to the cooperative`s mini collective to heal wounds he sustained in the crash. Afterwards, there is a residual link between him and the members of the cooperative which allows them to temporarily control him. When the cooperative comes under serious attack, they use this ability to send Chakotay to the cube, where he succeeds in restoring power to the neuroelectric generator.

With the generator active again, all the former Borg are joined in a new collective, which instantly destroys the Borg cube.

The new collective seems to have its own agenda and does not seem to be governed by typical Borg `idealogy`. It is clearly not connected to the rest of the Borg collective, and seems to have no desire to asimilate the crew of the Voyager, it even apologizes to Commander Chakotay for taking advantage of him. However, it remains to be seen how this new collective will function.

In 2273, the Borg are attacked by an aggressive race of aliens, whom they call Species 8472. Members of this race use organic ships and cannot be assimilated.

The Borg collective consciousness links the thoughts of all its members. They act as one, and are dominated by the Borg`s desire to assimilate other races. However, when  the Borg cube is disabled the members of its hive are separated from each other and from the rest of the collective, and they regain their individual personalities.

Riley Frazier is a human female who was assimilated  by the Borg at the Battle of Wolf 359. She was once a member of Starfleet, but is now determined to forge a new life with the Borg cooperative.

Orum is a Romulan medic. He has put aside his differences with the Federation to join Riley as a leader of the cooperative.